• Discussion: What Would the Mane 6 Do in the Real World?

    The mane 6 have been teleported to earth, but forgot to keep the portal open for a way back.  Unfortunately for them, the components for the spell are found only in Equestria.  After the initial surprise at these colorful talking ponies, and many an offer for their hooves in marriage, the mane 6 find themselves wondering what to do in this strange new world.

    Rainbow Dash has tried kicking clouds, only to fly right through them.  Fluttershy was nearly mauled by a bear, Pinkie Pie's bakery didn't do so hot with all of these obnoxious diets, Applejack couldn't compete with modern mechanical farming, and Twilight is having trouble finding a library that isn't already filled up or closing down due to this internet thing.

    Time to fill new roles! What career path should each of the ponies take on earth?

    Hard mode: Twilight can't do science, Rarity can't do fashion.