• Discussion: The Mane 6 And Two Others Are Now All Alicorns

    Welp, it finally happened.  Twilacorn sold so well, Hasbro has decided to turn all the the ponies into alicorns! Luckily for you, they wanted to avoid the drama of the past and ask the overall pony loving audience for advice!

    Each character will now have the following:
    • An empire taking up one location from this map
    • A form of government 
    • A specific type of culture (environmentalists, industrialists, or whatever you can think of) 
    • One major export to trade with other pony empires. 
     They are also adding two fan favorites to the list.

    Your job as super ultimate pony fan is to three of the ponies, and fill out the list above.  An example would be a Great and Powerful Trixie dictatorship located on the Unicorn Range dedicated to worshiping everything she does, that focuses on mass producing merchandise adorned with her gloriousness, and exporting it around the Equestria.   A recipe for success if I do say so myself!

    Hit the comments with your pony empires.