• Bronies for Good Art Gallery and Charity Auction at GalaCon!

    Our European friends just keep ramping up the excitement this summer as GalaCon announces not only a Bronies for Good Art Gallery but a charity auction event as well! Looks like there will not be a shortage of things to do at GalaCon 2013!

    Check after the break for the full details!

    Fandoms are a wonderful showcase of creativity, and Friendship is Magic is no exception to that rule. The things we love bring out the productive spark in us - it manifests itself in plenty of ways, whether it be composing, drawing, organizing, sculpting, acting, or something else entirely.

    At GalaCon, we are going to showcase as much of that as possible. That’s why we are not only planning for panels and workshops, but also a gallery!

    Inspired by the amazing efforts of the Travelling Pony Museum, GalaCon 2013 will feature an art gallery based on submissions from the community. Want to have your craft, drawing or other project showcased for hundreds of pony fans to see? This is your chance! Click HERE to learn more!

    Additionally, we are opening donations for GalaCon’s charity auction. We welcome anything that relates to My Little Pony and meets the convention rules - fanwork, toys, anything you can spare! Also, if you have a piece featured in our gallery, you can mark it as a donation and it will go straight into the auction at the end of the convention.
    100% of the proceeds will benefit Bronies For Good.
    For further information, read more HERE!

    We had a fantastic auction last year, thanks to the generosity of all donators and buyers, no matter how much or little they could give. Together, we made the lives of orphans in Uganda a little bit brighter. Can we pull it off again? We strongly believe so!

    Looking forward to your submissions and all the best,
    Your GalaCon Team

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