• Twilight Sparkle Won't Outlive her Friends - And Clarification

    Someone worried about the age-old idea of Twilight Sparkle having to bury her friends in the future due to her new immortal status has been dismissed by Meghan McCarthy herself.  Whether this be a hint that Twily is not immortal, or that the Elements of Harmony have extended lifespans, remains to be seen.   I did just see 30 or 40 fanfictions explode though!

    And a bit of a clarification since we too have been getting a lot of Equestria Girls submissions about things that have already been debunked:  Despite what Hasbro said in their convention announcements, this is, at this time, just a straight to DVD movie.  And since people were also surprised yesterday when Jim Miller's Linkedin Profile listed the movie, EQG was in fact worked on by DHX. 

    Have a bit of an opinion section too, based on what swarms of people have brainstormed, including a few people that work closely with Hasbro: 

    Why does Equestria Girls exist at all?  What reason did Hasbro have in creating a spinoff with humanized ponies that no one actually wanted?  Apparently, they are chasing after the success of Monster High.  Hasbro wanted their own version of this toy line, and what better magical girl series to use than their most popular one?   This isn't 100% confirmed, but so far it's the best explanation I have seen.  Hopefully it's just temporary though! We need pony!