• MLP Birthdays: Ashleigh Ball, Maddy Peters and John De Lancie Art Gathering

    It's time again for some birthday fun for members of the MLP staff, this time for both Ashleigh Ball and Maddy Peters who voice Rainbow Dash/AJ and Scootaloo respectively! If you thought that was coincidental, their birthdays are just a day apart with Maddy's on the 30th and Ashleigh's on the 31st this month.

    Since the MLP Birthday event for Nicole Oliver was so successful, we're going to try and nab some birthday art for these two as well! They don't have OCs, but you can get cracking on some adorable Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo and Applejack art (Don't forget AJ, even though Scoots and Rainbow together is adorable) and then send the finished pieces into us at [email protected]. Please include MLP Birthday: Maddy/Ashleigh/JDL in your email subject line so it can be properly filed!

    Important Update!: Send in your John De Lancie Bday art too since his was yesterday apparently! Discord would never follow conventional things like the proper date anyway!