• Herd Census 2013 State of the Herd Report

    After a boatload of polling, the next Herd Census report has been released!  Quite a few really interesting tidbits of information have popped up.  Head on down past the break for everything!

    After a month of furious number crunching, the first report from the 2013 Brony Herd Census is now complete.  The "2013 State of the Herd Report: Basic Statistics" contains the basic information gathered for every questions in the survey.  Later reports will look at more in-depth relationships between various factors, such as how gender and age affect attitudes about the fandom (and, of course, favorite pony.)

    The report can be downloaded as a PDF document by going to http://www.herdcensus.com.  Over the next few days, the full set of charts from the report will also become available on the Herd Census site, in a gallery section.

    Some highlights from the initial report:

    - The Brony herd has aged slightly from 2012, but is still young, with a mean age just over 20.
    - 24% of Bronies reported being in a serious relationship in the 12 months
    - Mexico now has the 6th largest concentration of Bronies, bumping down Sweden and Finland.
    - Bronies have a significantly lower degree of divorce in their families, compared to the US average.
    - 64% of Bronies are full time students
    - Only 2.4% of Bronies cosplay regularly
    - Nearly three quarters of Bronies have never attended a meetup
    - More than 90% of Bronies believe that the term 'Brony' applies to either men or women
    - 46% of Bronies listen to Brony music nearly every day
    - One rare personality type accounts for 28% of all Bronies
    - Applejack is not among the 6 favorite characters of the fandom (but you'll need to read the report to see who took her place in the "Mane Six")