• Nightly Roundup #570

    Evening everyone! I'm done with the doctorate thing for the weekend, so no more gene regulation, cell culturing and labs to teach till next week. Yay! In celebration, have a fluffy teenage Cadance.

    News time everyone! Let's start your weekends off right!

    Japanese Rarity Breakdown Fandub

    With pony coming to Japan I must say I can't wait to see how the songs and voices are treated over there. It's always interesting to see how other cultures and languages tackle the material! Until then, we have fantastic fandubs like this one above.

    Camaraderie is Supernatural Opens Website

    Following in the footsteps of Friendship is Witchcraft, the Camaraderie team has opened their own website to host current and future episodes of the series. Good thing to see these guys back up on the web again! Check out the full details below.

    "Welcome to the new home of Camaraderie is Supernatural! Because, you know, at our old home, our parents pulled the whole “My house, my rules!” ultimatum, and we were like “You can’t control me!”, and harsh words were exchanged, and somebody got cut real bad, and they kicked us out, but that’s okay because they were dumb anyway.

    So here’s the scoop: All episodes from here on out will be hosted on Blip.tv and posted here shortly after they’re uploaded. This way, we can continue to keep CiS online without having to worry about getting flagged by YouTube’s ContentID bots. We’ll also post brief trailers on YouTube to notify subscribers when new episodes become available.

    In addition, we’ll also be using this site to notify users of stuff like new podcast episodes, behind-the-scenes updates, and upcoming convention appearances, so make sure you subscribe to our update feed so you don’t miss anything!

    On that note, HUGE thanks go out to Psyguy, both for hosting our new website and for giving us a place to upload our episodes! Couldn’t have done this without you, man.
    So settle in, everybody, because Camaraderie is Supernatural is back in business!"

    WeLoveFine LED T-Shirts In Action

    Been wondering what the LED shirts from WeLoveFine would look like with actual music being played with them? Well, the video above will hopefully satisfy your curiosity! Looks pretty cool actually.

    She Was Just so Excited...

    Pony Tactics Updates

    The Pony Tactics: Salvation project has updated with some news on their development blog! Looks like they've got some positions open and touch on the story as well as some characters that will possibly used in the project. Follow the link for further details.

    Pony Tactics Blog


    Brohoof Podcast - Episode 41

    Copy Paste:

    littledogs and Jteeth review Spike's latest turn in the spotlight, as well as recap the 2013 convention circuit.

    FiveTeenTaps Unicon + Play Preview


    Successful Meetups

    Bristol Bronies

    Copy Paste:

    What better way to start the month than with a meet? Assembling as usual in Starbucks to greet friends new and old, we made our way into the city centre accompanied by a wonderful soundtrack provided by our group's human speaker. We packed into Subway as usual and caught up on the latest pony gossip as well as debating a wide range of issues, such as what pencils taste like and who is best filly, before ending the evening in Krispy Kreme where the human speaker very generously bought us all doughnuts and were indeed gratefully consumed. Apparently there was an awesome serenade about owls, but I missed that. Horseapples :(

    The Bristol Bronies welcome any and all newcomers. If you live vaguely near Bristol, UK then come along and join in the madness!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    BronyTale Contest

    Copy Paste:

    We at BronyTale (http://bronytale.proboards.com/) are running a mascot contest to celebrate our first anniversary as a website. As a very open Friendship is Magic roleplay, we want a mascot that captures the spirit of imagination, freedom, and fun, and we are therefore opening up this contest to the general public. You can email your entries to [email protected]. For specific contest rules, please see our contest page here:

    Now, what is the prize for the winning artist? A custom of their newly-created pony! A little token of appreciation from those of us here at BronyTale for helping to make our site the best that it can be.

    This is a very exciting time for us, as not only did we turn one year old last month, but we’ve also switched to ProBoards v5 and overhauled our roleplay section. In addition to a standard Friendship is Magic roleplay experience, we have also added sections for non-canonical (or “un-showlike”) pony roleplays, a swords-and-sorcery section set at the very beginning of Equestrian history, and sections for both Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns and the Universities of Canterlot and Vanhoover! You can make almost any sort of character that you have the mind to, so check us out!

    [email protected] Contest Update

    Copy Paste:

    As some of you have been well aware for a couple of weeks, the [email protected] website has been down. Long story short, there were complications that were beyond our control. However, the competition and everything related to it has been unaffected, and all competitors are still being recorded.

    In any case, the site has gone back up, so head on back to our forums at http://www.bronyathome.org/forums/


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    Valentine Perler Ponies
    Smarty Pants Plush