• Music of the Day #71

    Music of the day tme! We have a whopping 20 tracks tonight from all sorts of genres as usual. Head on down below to check them all out!

    [1] Source
    Sonic Rainboom - Interstellar Alicorn

    [2] Source
    With Good Reason by Among The Herd
    Genre:  Vocal - Metalcore

    [3] Source
    Neighsayer - Everything Will Be Fine
    Genre:  Instrumental - Electronic

    [4] Source
    ViFFeX ft. DanielPony - A Star's Echo
    Genre:  Instrumental - Newage

    [5] Source
    Replacer &I feat. Feather - Until The Sun (TuXe's Dubstep Remix)
    Genre:  Remix

    [6] Source
    Idemand - Hush Hush Quiet ( Remix n Stuff )
    Genre:  Remix

    [7] Source
    I Bring Da LULZ - The Mare From Canterlot
    Genre:  Vocal - Parody

    [8] Source
    "Majesty Within" by CommandSpry ~ Sleepycoaster's remix
    Genre:  Remix

    [9] Source
    Circles - M Pallante - Lunestia: A Bronyrock Opera, Act I
    Genre:  Vocal - Rock

    [10] Source
    [MLP music] A Long Way Home (by Patrick Poe)
    Genre:   Instrumental - Piano

    [11] Source
    Babs Seed (End of Our Days Mix)
    Genre:  Remix

    [12] Source
    Lullaby for a Princess/Luna's Soliloquy Duet -Full-
    Genre:  Vocal - Cover

    [13] Source
    Slendermane - Great And Powerful [HD] (Rainbow & Rooted Teaser)
    Genre:  Instrumental

    [14] Source
    Peculiar Moments (Adventure of the Lunarbolts Soundtrack)
    Genre:  Instrumental

    [15] Source
    Morning in Ponyville, Life in Equestria - eXtaticus Eurobeat Remix
    Genre:  Instrumental - Dance

    [16] Source
    DasDeer - Stage 4 "Whitetail Mountains", Revenants of Chaos
    Genre:  Instrumental - Ethnic

    [17] Source
    Tribute to Meghan McCarthy (Mrs. Robinson Parody)
    Genre:  Vocal - Parody

    [18] Source
    The Return of Disharmony, Part II
    Genre:  Vocal

    [19] Source
    Blaze & Pipsqueak - Dreamin'

    [20] Source
    A Song About Luna
    Genre:  Vocal - Electronic