• Convention Compilation - February 1st

    Convention time!  This year is going to be nuts! Have some headlines:

    Fiesta Equestria Announces Kelly Metsger, Maryke Hendrikse, and Sam Vincent
    Big Appe Ponycon Book Cover Contest / Adspace for Sale
    Crystalcon 2013 - Scandanavia's First Brony Convention
    Sac Brony Expo Kickstarter
    BronyCAN Kickstarter Finished

    And press releases below the break!

    Fiesta Equestria Announces Kelly Metsger, Maryke Hendrikse, and Sam Vincent

    Fiesta Equestria! 2013 is proud to announce that Kelly Metsger, the voice of Spitfire, Maryke Hendrikse, the voice of Gilda, and Sam Vincent, the voice of Flim are now confirmed for Houston this June.  
    You can find out more about their voice credits on our growing guest page.

    SaberSpark, PaleoSteno, and ChaoticBrony are coming to FE!
    SaberSpark and PaleoSteno are Youtube personalities you may recognize from their many review and parody videos, or their Everfree Network show Brony Breakdown.
    ChaoticBrony is known around the fandom for his amazing show inspired jewelry. He created both the replica King Sombra crown and the element of magic tiara that the King and Queen of Fiesta Equestria! will receive.

    New music event: Vinyl Scratch’s Dance Floor
    Are you a skilled DJ or musician that needs a chance to break out? Maybe a dancer who is ready to impress the crowd? Well here’s your shot. Located in the Grand Pavillion Foyer and operating all throughout the weekend, our dance floor will be ready and waiting for those who think two concerts are too few. Musicians should mention that they want a set for Vinyl’s Dance Floor when they apply, while everyone else can check out who will be performing on the upcoming dance floor event page. The number of available sets is limited, so don’t be taaaarrrrrddddyyyyy and apply today.

    Dealer’s room registration is live and kickin’!
    The first round of approved vendors and artists can be found on our dealer’s room page, which will be updated as more folks register and are approved. Don’t let your favorite spot get taken! Register today.

    Coming soon
    Information on our cosplay and PMV contests, a Kickstarter with some great rewards, and show style promo videos that will rock your world. Everything is bigger (and only getting better) in Texas!  

    Igneous and the Fiesta Equestria! Staff Team

    CrystalCon Announcements

    We'd like to announce that CrystalCon has recently launched the indiegogo-campaign/ticket pre-order (http://www.indiegogo.com/crystalcon). Everypony who pre-orders their tickets, and takes advantage of this one chance for some pre-order swag, will help ensure that Scandinavia's first brony convention becomes reality.

    Furthermore, CrystalCon has joined ranks with BronyDays, BUCK, Crystal Fair and Galacon in the European Pony Concention Union (EPCU, http://www.eurobronies.org/) and are looking forward to starting off the european convention season. We know there are some hardcore bronys who are planning to go to all five conventions, and we hope to give them a good start.


    PR-representative for CrystalCon

    Sac Brony Expo Kickstarter

    As we have said, we have been working on setting up a KickStarter, and we are now proud to say that it is up and running! We have several rewards for those who help us reach our goal of $2000, so if you or anyone else you know want Northern California's first Brony convention to become a reality as well as get some awesome pony swag, head over and please help is out!

    We hope  to see you soon! Check out expo.sacbrony.com for updates as well!

    Big Apple Ponycon Book Cover Contest / Adspace Sale

    Big Apple PonyCon wants YOUR original artwork for the front cover of our convention book! Beginning (TODAY), we will be accepting submissions for an exciting competition in which your work could grace the cover of the Big Apple Ponycon 2013 program book. In addition to having their art featured on the cover of the program, the grand-prize winner will also receive free admission to both days of the convention and a high-quality framed print of their artwork signed by Tara Strong!

    To enter, just upload your original work to a public portfolio (i.e., deviantART, Tumblr, etc.), and send us a link to it at covercontest (AT) bigappleponycon.com! Entries will be accepted through February 20. Official rules of entry can be found below.

    Reminder: WANT TO ADVERTISE IN OUR CON BOOK? We are presently accepting advertisements! Drop an email to conbook (AT) bigappleponycon.com. This is a great opportunity to advertise your artwork, convention, or anything else you think pony fans will love!


    • All entries must be 8.5” x 5.5”, at least 300 dpi resolution, and be in full CMYK color with a 1/8″ bleed area.
    • Entries must include the theme of New York City and should include at least one of the following: the BAP mascot ponies, Tara Strong's OC, Apple Cider & Chef Sandy's OCs, Katie Cook & Andy Price's OCs.
    • Entries must include the Big Apple Ponycon logo. At the artist’s discretion, the logo may be presented as is, or with the words ‘Big apple’ and ‘Ponycon’ on two lines.
    • The winning entry will be credited with the artist’s name and/or their handle and a link to their deviantArt/Twitter/website on the inside cover.
    • All entries must be submitted prior to February 20, 2013 at 11:59 PM. Any entries sent after this date will not be considered.
    • Winning entries will be selected by consensus of all senior staff members.
    • Applicants do not need to be registered for Big Apple Ponycon to enter!
    • The winning ticket will be transferable!

    All entries become the sole property of Big Apple Ponycon and may be used at Big Apple Ponycon’s discretion, for any and all promotional materials, without payment but with full credit given. Big Apple Ponycon reserves the right to transform, edit, or otherwise change all submitted entries. By submitting your artwork, you agree to the terms and conditions stated above, including the transfer of usage rights to Big Apple Ponycon.

    --The BAP Team!

    Crystalcon 2013 - Scandinavia's Own Brony Convention! 

    Indiegogo here!

    The brony community has grown larger and larger in all parts of the world, and we want to celebrate this by hosting Scandinavia’s own brony convention, CrystalCon! Come meet other bronies from all over northern Europe (and perhaps further) and partake in a weekend of fun and games!

    The convention will feature art, music and other creations of the fandom, lots of games and activities as well as special guests!

    But we need your help to do it.

    Due to the large costs involved in creating a convention of this size, we need to work together to make it a reality. That’s why we decided to start this crowdfunding campaign. If we meet our goal we can be sure to be able to deliver a great, high-quality con experience.
     If we don’t meet our goal, you are fully refunded and you don’t have to worry about it.

    CrystalCon is entirely non-profit, and driven by volunteer work only. The organisation behind it is a registered non-profit organisation in accordance with Swedish law and regulations.

    Three days of fun and friendship!

    CrystalCon will be three days packed with activities suiting all tastes! Whether you want to watch panels with interesting bronies, play games with new and old friends, learn or improve creating art and music at workshops with skilled creators, shop around for custom pony merch or just meet people, there will always be something fun to do no matter your preferences!
    Start off your convention summer with us and make memories for life!

    BronyCAN Kickstarter Finished

    BronyCAN has finished it's kickstarter. An amazing $12,440 or 249% of our indiegogo kickstarter goal was raised. This is 2.5 times our goal. To those who helped, your contributions have inspired us. The entire convention team can't want to take your mandate, and give you a wonderful convention. Together, we will give Canada the national pony convention it deserves!

    For more information check out our main website http://www.bronycan.com/, drop us a line on our twitter @bronyCAN, or connect on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/BronyCAN . Stay tuned for our official announcement of venue and city. We look forward to seeing everypony out in beautiful British Columbia.