• Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Scoota-bot / Ask Frigid Drift / Partners in Physical Injury

    Hello again travelers of the Tumblrverse! Welcome to another edition of the Tumblr Spotlight, where we hope to introduce you to tumblrs you may have missed during your journeys into the world of tumblr pony. We've got a unique set of tumblrs for you guys tonight that might be a bit different from our usual fare, but that's exactly what makes the tumblr side of pony exciting!

    First up tonight is Ask Scoota-bot, a tumblr where Scootaloo just so happens to be a robot. Following in the same vein as Sweetie Bot this ask blog serves to answer all sorts of questions that anyone may have for a mechanized equine. Cute, zany, and fun this tumblr is perfect for those of you out there that either love Sweetie Bot, want a another perspective on Scootaloo or are just a robot fan! Simply a little something for just about everyone.

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    Remember folks, this feature can't survive without your help so send in tumblrs you know of or your very own tumblr if you have one! Send your suggestions to [email protected].

    Ask Frigid Drift

    Continuing our run of good OC tumblrs, we have Ask Frigid Drift for you all tonight! A pegasus pony in charge of making snow she's the perfect mare to give a call if you absolutely need a snow day or a white holiday season. As is the norm with a lot of these pony tumblrs, you can expect plenty of cute situations along with humorous answers as well as a fair amount of animated answers! If you're looking for a new pony to get to know, I recommend taking a look into Frigid Drift's world!

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    Partners in Physical Injury

    Finally in tonight's journey through the tumblr pony universe is a tumblr that is a little more serious than the ones I normally feature though still sweet at heart. Partners in Physical Injury stars both Rainbow Dash and her roommate, Bandy, during Rainbow's time in the hospital after she injured her wing. Developing a close friendship with each other, the blog explores the two ponies relationship as well as the day to day activities of patient life.  Yes, in the end it is technically shipping and crack shipping at that, but the tumblr does a wonderful job of giving character to a pony in bandages and pain, and does what our fandom does best: creating a world around the smallest of details. If you're willing to give such a tumblr a chance, you're sure to discover something I hope is delightful!

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