• Nightly Roundup #560

    Pinkie pie would be proud of this cake.
    This roundup.... it has so much cake. How many of you would be interested in doing a pony cake event here on EQD? Maybe we can run it after the Snow Pony event?

    Let me know in comments! Anyway, have some roundup!

    EQD Birthday Video!

    Bronyhub created us a quick birthday video!  We are a day late on posting it, but thanks! ^^



    Every roundup makes me want cake.

    Life as we Know it Laser Show

    We haven't had one of these in the roundup in a while!  Trippy!


    Voice of Equestria Ep. 27

    We're still alive, we swear!  (Despite the efforts of the internet gremlins)  A bit shorter of an episode than usual this week, but we do have a special guest:  community voice actress Hannah May!  She couldn't stay for the whole episode, but we've also got some pretty interesting news and some really cool things to share.  Come check it out!


    Ponyville Roundup #17

    Ponyville Roundup episode 17 Keep calm and flutter on discussion

    After a unintentional 2 week (podcast episode wise) break we are back. Didn't mean to take a break but opps.

    The Brony Show 82

         Hey Everypony! We have another awesome episode of The Brony Show coming at you live. 
    We have Kar Red Roses, the head of the up and coming Big Apple Ponycon (www.bigappleponycon.com). He'll be coming on live to talk to us all about the incredible fun that is the New York Pony Convention. Be sure to show up so we can ask your questions live from the chat right to him. Along with that we also are going to comment on the latest and greatest MLP episode with the newely reformed villian. Along with that we have the latest in news and the greatest in videos from all of you, the brony community.

    Be sure to come and check it all out, starting with Renegade's preshow fanfic reading at 5PM PST/ 8PM EST. Along with that we also have Crimson's Oatmeal Galore Afterparty right after the show to give you more pony fun all over at www.thebronyshow.net. Also be sure to check out our archives over at www.youtube.com/bronyshow."
    Lunar Fever Podcast

    Good evening every pony, this is DJ Octaviapus, here with the newest episode of The Lunar Fever Podcast! This time around we sat down with the king of happy hardstyle:  Foozogz, for a live interview on Luna Radio (http://www.Lunaloves.us/) about all things music, and his views on the fandom, and what it’s like to be an inspiration to the newer artists.

    Luna Radio will also be hosting an interview tomorrow (Jan 21’st) with pony-famous musician Omnipony, for a look into how he works his magic. The interview will be live tomorrow at 10pm EST.

    Thanks to Filly Radio (http://www.fillydelphiaradio.net/) for mirroring the podcast.

    Cantercast Weekly #3

    Show Notes

    This week we interview, the one, the only..RINA-CHAN! We also talk about what superhero powers the mane six would have; who's the most boring and compelling  of the mane six. 
    Tune in next week at youtube.com/cantercast as we interview one of the bronycon staff members. and tune in every monday through friday 12pm ET as well as every sunday at 9:00pm ET to find out the latest news and going ons in the brony community!

    Successful Meetups

    Zagreb Meetup

    A mini meetup that we didn't announce where we planned only to make a smaller snow pony and watch the newest episode, ended up being a longer meetup where we made a giant Pinkie Pie! It took us over 4 hours of hard work, a lot of shoveling and a lot of repairing but it was all worth it! Pinkie Pie she brought a smile to the faces of many people passing by and a lot of people even took pictures with her! Our group took several pictures and here are some of them!


    Merch/Ebay StuffTrixie plushie
    Spitfire Plushie