• High Quality Pony Plushies Possibly Heading to Germany

    It looks like all you people way over in Germany are about to one-up the entire world on the Plushie pony scene.  A catalogue on the German site Das Spielzeug apparently has this image buried in their most recent issue. 
    Translated into English by Ian: (only the Pony part)
    It's now 30 years since "My Little Pony" shows up and bringing Girls into the colorful world of friendship. It began just with a little plastic toy of the colorful Ponys. Today it's inspiring with TV Shows and a huge and colorful lines of products. In September, Nici will bring out a 20 piece-set of "My little Pony".
    With that, three very popular Ponys "Pegasus Rainbow Dash", "Twilight Sparkle" and "Pinkie Pie" from the TV Show will be coming to your home for cuddling and loving.
    Under the Pinkie Plush:
    Nici will publish the plush collection in the second half-year of the Ponys from "My Little Pony".
     Outside of the image above, we can't seem to locate it in their February magazine, so I'm keeping it rumor tagged for now. 

    September with a 20 dollar price tag though is pretty exciting! Hopefully Nici is able to distribute them to the rest of the world!