• 300 Million People Accidently Stumbled into Ponyland

    Or more specifically, a couple hundred thousand refreshed the site way too many times!  Happy 300 million hits everyone!  As always I'd like to thank the swarms of people who have stuck with us over the last two years.  We have an armada of freelance reporters, the fanfic and music review teams, the comment bombarding super fans, the swarms of artists, musicians, video editors, and the average pony fan just looking for something to check out all contributing to this awesome fandom.  You guys kept it going, and hopefully we all have another year of crazy pony shenanigans to look forward to!

    With season 3 ending relatively soon, I'm sure the next break is going to be an interesting one.  Hopefully the 4th will begin sooner than they usually do, or I might lose my mind!

    And with that, onward to another year!  It's not like we actually need episodes to keep this train going, right?

    Have a sample of what we plan to do with EQD in a few weeks.  Hope you all like snoop dog lion and bling!

    Click for 20% Cooler EQD
    And as always, thanks to the artists of the MLP Vector Club for the banner vectors!