• Nightly Roundup #535

    I don't know what Celestia is fighting, but she needs to do that combat thing more often cause it's awesome.

    Have some roundup while I go brainwash DHX for a season six Celestia episode. 

    Gingerbread Fluttershy!

    Double the diabetes!

    MLP Secret Santa Group

    Looks for some secret Santa pony style? Head on over here for information on it!


    Copy Paste:

    Less than a week to go before Brony@Home's third bi-annual Folding@Home competition begins! The prizes have been finalised, with an engraved Zippo lighter, any game/game bundle worth up to $60 from Steam, GoG, or Gamersgate, a bundle of 10 Steam games, 15 individual steam games, several goodies from the MLP forums, and 2 art commissions by a pair of talented artists. As it stands, there is currently a greater than 1 in 3 chance of winning a prize, so get your flanks over to the Brony@Home forums, and sign up! All you need is a computer, 10 to 20 minutes, and the following link:


    If you are interested in contributing to other important worldwide projects, check out our other forums for the World Community Grid, Majestic-12, DIMES, and Foldit in the following link:


    LED- Pendants Plan

    Copy Paste:

    Hello, I'm WebMaka from the Equestria Daily chat, and I've been experimenting with making LED-illuminated pendants with things like cutie marks engraved into them. Since several folks have expressed interest in these, I'm making them on a commission basis and as a fundraiser for Child's Play. You can commission your very own version of any artwork I already have prepared - cutie marks for the mane six, three princesses, and several background ponies, as well as several other symbols, road signs, and custom designs - for $15 each plus shipping, with $3 of that going to Child's Play, or if you want something custom such as your OC's cutie mark, you can email me and we'll go from there. For examples, check my DA gallery at http://webmaka.deviantart.com/gallery (most of the designs are posted there). For details, contact info, and a how-to on commission something, drop by http://onesourcefwb.com/userfiles/WebMaka/

    Derpibooru Art Competition

    Copy Paste:
    Derpibooru (http://derpiboo.ru/), one of the fandom's largest image databases (190,000 images and counting (http://derpiboo.ru/stats)!), is celebrating their one year anniversary today - and is running an art competition to celebrate!

    The theme of the competition is "Derpy's Holidays", a nod to the
    site's namesake. Sibsy (http://sibsy.deviantart.com/), senior storyboard artist for the show, and Sethisto, creator and curator of this fine site (http://www.equestriadaily.com/), have kindly agreed to judge the competition, and the Derpibooru moderator team will be voting amongst themselves as a 'third judge'. Up for grabs are a 3D printed Derpy Hooves and t-shirts, along with free advertising space on Derpibooru.

    Entries are open 'til the 1st of January 2013; details on how to enter and a full rundown of the rules can be found here (http://news.derpiboo.ru/post/38620532506/time-for-a-celebration).


    Ponyville Roundup #15

    "Wow the apple family is big... even have some people in the family we not aware were related."


    Blind Readings Episode 9

    Guess what? The Blunderbolts are at it again! Your favorite impersonators take on the episode, Swam of the Century!


    Brony Club Network

    Hi! This time around the Brony Clubhouse Network presents a short Apocalypse/Holiday special to tide folks over until the new year. It turns out our staff was woefully unprepared for the oncoming disaster, but with our Pony Powers combined we can survive anything! Also included for your viewing pleasure: Pony Apocalypse History and Bronies Bother The Neighbors...um, I mean Pony Caroling.



    Successful Meetups

    NC Meetup

    Hello North Carolina Bronies, you enjoy camping, do you enjoy meetups. Why not have both. This May/June I am taking the group up to Morrow Mountain for the weekend. Up there we will enjoy many activities such as swimming, singing songs around a campfire, roasting smores, hiking, playing in a field, and more. Now due to how large this meetup is we all need to pitch in with money, food, tents, and other things. It's not too expensive, around 25 dollars for a site and we plan to share sites, unless you want your own. Basically if you share a site you would only have to pay around five dollars.
    To be a part of this meetup just join us at Team Brony North Carolina on facebook and you will be instantly invited to the event. I am a very active admin so any questions or concerns you may have I will respond almost immediately. That's what makes this group so unique, people will respond and you will be treated like family. 


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Perler Pony Filly