• Discussion: It's the End of the World! Who do you bring?

    The world ended!  Oh no!

    Luckily there are still survivors, in fact, Hasbro has given you a pony summoner to help live through the next 100 years of apocalyptic wasteland!  Unfortunately, it will only let you bring three ponies along with one bag of gear each. You need to build the ultimate team, and figure out a game plan for survival.  Have a list of ponies and their gear:
    • Twilight Sparkle - Volume 1-26 of "The Apocalypse and YOU: How to Survive a Century of Famine and Chaos!"  
    • Applejack - A bushel of apples (including seeds) 
    • Pinkie Pie - A gyrocoptor with enough Equestrian fuel to travel anywhere within whatever country you currently reside in, afterward it becomes useless. 
    • Rainbow Dash - A fresh cloud companion filled with enough water for three ponies and a human for a month.  
    • Rarity - A wardrobe of survival clothing, including a jacket with thick pants, a rain coat, a hazmat suit, and one other outfit of your choice
    • Fluttershy - A guardian bear, and 12 rabbits.  What you decide to do with said rabbits is up to you. 
    • Zecora - Enough tribal remedies and potions to ward off disease for a month. 
    •  Doctor Whooves - An extremely limited Sonic Screwdriver that only opens doors.  The Tardis is MIA, and the Doctor's brilliance has been cut in half because of it. 
    • Berry Punch - A keg of Equestrian cider. Gotta keep morale up right?
    • Vinyl Scratch - an Mp3 player filled with pony music, and a year long battery.  
    • Spitfire - Aviator glasses with specialized focusing lenses to start fire with beams of light.
    • The Great and Powerful Trixie! - A wagon for storage and lodging.  Unfortunately it has no wheels, so you can't travel with it. 
    • A Changeling - It provides no benefits other than the ability to change into any pony you want, minus their gear.
    •  Derpy Hooves -  A boulder somehow falls on your campsite, destroying another ponies gear.  But it's OK, cause you will have Derpy! 
    Pick three and create a survival plan in the comments below!  Your goals in life post apocalypse are entirely up to you!