• TPM - Hurricane Sandy Livestream Fundraiser Event

    The Traveling Pony Museum is holding a livestream fundraiser event on Sunday for all the victims of Hurricane Sandy (Or is it Superstorm Sandy? I can't tell what they are calling it these days!). 

    Head on down past the break for scheduling and all information on how you can join in!


    Greetings everypony from the Traveling Pony Museum and the staff of Ponies Live! Now.

    Many of you may know that we live on Long Island and, with the destruction of our south shore, would like to bring needed supplies to local towns.

    To do this we will be holding an 8 hour live gaming session of Left for Dead 2 on Sunday November 11th from 4pm to Midnight, EST here : http://www.twitch.tv/ponyslivenow

    Some of the supplies in demand are pet food, baby supplies and non-perishable foods. Inky Notebook has a 15% store discount at Petsmart as an employee and will be able to purchase and transport the pet food and other in demand supplies.

    $10 will buy ONE 17 lb bag of dry dog food.

    $10 will buy ONE 12 lb bag of dry cat food.

    We are also raising money to buy baby supplies such as diapers, wipes, powder, blankets, hats and canned food.

    $10 will buy a package of diapers

    $10 will buy a childrens hat and glove combo pack.

    $15 will buy a package of diapers, baby powder and a package of wipes.

    $15 will buy a large family sized blanket.

    $1 will buy a box of dry pasta.

    .50 cents will buy one can of food.

    Many pets, children and adults have become homeless due to Hurricane Sandy and now face these cold winter months with very little. Only a few shelters have become available and many are in desperate need of supplies for the people and pets they are housing. Any little bit of help will go a long way. Please join us for the livestream and give a little hope this season to those who are in need.