• Random Merch: Socks, Soaps, and Mores

    Hot Topic has added a whole bunch of new socks to their growing assortment of absolutely everything pony.  If anything, but them and toss them on your plushies!   Thanks to Sawyer for the images.

    Onward to random merch, after the break.

    Jumbo Cadance Books

    It looks like more Jumbo sized coloring and activity books are popping up! These were found at a dollar store, I'm sure they will be floating around everywhere soon enough though.

    Thanks to Jesse for the image.


    And finally, over at Walmart in the Christmas section, we have another set of bathroom stuff. The Pinkie is handsoap, and the set of three comes with Body Wash, Shampoo, and Lotion.  Thanks to Izzy for the images.

    That concludes this edition of random merch!  Trixie is best pony.