• Gameloft My little Pony Name Share Post

    The Gameloft pony game released a few days ago, and aside from the completely insane costs of unlocking ponies, it has been rather successful.  It is slowly making it's way up the iOS charts, coming in at top 10 for the game section.  Unfortunately the numerous compatibility issues with Android seem to have stifled it quite a bit over there.

    If Trixie was working on commission, she'd be making a fortune. 

    Anyway, we haven't tossed out a share post since Android popped up, and a few people are reporting that their previously incompatible devices are now working so I figured I'd get one going. 

    Head on down to the comments and toss your name in.  If you wanted to add some of us from EQD, both me and Xyro are playing it now:


    Neither of us are on much (mainly because Trixie requires a stupid amount of gems to gamble for), but we are on sometimes!

    And another note, Gameloft accounts are cross-platform, so feel free to drop your iOS account too.