• Welovefine Favorite Pony Contest Winner Chosen!

    The Welovefine favorite pony competition has come to an end! It looks like Twilight Sparkle ended up pulling ahead in the final run.  Designer Dora Lerf will be taking home a massive prize pool of $3000 for her Vincent Van Gogh style shirt.  And they said old style art was dead, hah! Us internet kiddies love our classics!

    And for those non artistic types who painstakingly voted on everything, three lucky winners, Steffani Badua, Zachary Lerman, and Raul Loza, will be receiving a tee of their choice from the 15 finalists!  Who doesn't like free stuff? 

    Today's daily deal will be the mens version of the shirt, with the womens version following tomorrow.  That's 15% off, so if you want it, grab it now!

    You can also find their preview/press release after the break!

    We are thrilled to announce that the results are IN from the final round of rating in the My Little Pony "My Favorite Pony" Contests!  Our prize winners in the Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle contests were all beautiful and worthy entries, but only one could be selected by the fans as THE "My Favorite Pony" winner.  The ratings are all in, and the $3,000 grand prize goes to.....

    "The Sparkly Night" by Dora Lerf!

    Dora's fine art-inspired Twilight Sparkle design was the First Place finisher in the initial round of ratings. From all the WeLoveFine staff, congratulations Dora, your design is truly Twilightlicious!
    Also, congrats to the three winners of our drawing from amongst everyone who rated all the "My Favorite Pony" finalists! They each win their choice from among the 15 finalist designs: Congratulations Steffani Badua, Zachary Lerman and Raul Loza!
    Once again, thank you to each and every artist who contributed designs to this competition, as well as every fan who rated their favorites throughout the competition! Your enthusiasm and support for what we do is phenomenal, and we can't wait for the next fun design contest that will be for you prolific and talented Pony artists!
    TODAY (September 14th) the men's version of "The Sparkly Night" will be our Daily Deal for 15% OFF!; tomorrow, September 15th, it will be the womens' version. Buy now or bookmark for later!:
    Purchase Dora Lerf's "My Favorite Pony"
    Grand Prize Winner, "The Sparkly Night":

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