• Nightly Roundup #431

    Considering how Fancy Pants is dominating in the current poll I guess it's appropriate to have him for the header tonight. Have some bonus Rarity as well since Fancy isn't complete without having someone to be gentlemanly towards.

    News you guys! Check it out after the break.

    Even More Tattoos! 

    Tattoos are certainly the in thing at the moment! They are a little hard to resist. After all, who wouldn't want to carry a pony with them everywhere they go?

    Getting to Know a Little About Tabitha

    While it may not be too pony related, it's still nice to see stuff about people who work on the show. Plus it's rather funny at times so there is that!

    It's Not Cake, but it's Sweet at Least

    Check out the rest here.

    Water Ponies Invade Land!

    This is seriously awesome! I don't think I've ever seen this done before with pony art. Man you guys are creative.

    My Little Miner Update!

    The really awesome game My Little Miner: Disturbance is Magic has recently released Beta 2! The game features a bunch of improvements, some glitch fixes, and a mounting ability! A high score system has been created as well for you competitive types out there. Check out the video link and the website link below.

    Youtube Video

    Ponibooru Film Night!

    Copy Paste:

    It's Friday, so you know what that means. Yep, another Ponibooru film night! We're giving the gamers in us some light as we watch Super Mario Bros.. Can the two plumbers stop the interdimensional dinosaurs from taking over the world? You'll have to come along and see for yourself!

    Your hosts for the night will be:-
    Harlequin Jester
    and special guest for this week, Feral Socks.

    Same time and place, everypony. Come find us at: http://www.livestream.com/DeeperMadness 7PM EST/Midnight BST on 7th of September/8th September.


    New Podcast! - STLBronycast - Episode 1

    Episode Link
    Bluescreen Bronies Interview Meredith Sims

    Copy Paste:

    We have an interview scheduled for 11am EST with Meredith Sims (@vasnapdragon on Twitter) on our Livestream http://livestre.am/2ejYp. We will be doing a basic interview followed by audience questions as long as they are not over the current state of in progress projects like Fighting is Magic. Questions can be fielded on our Twitter (@BSODBronies) to help filter out bad questions in a possibly chaotic Livestream chat.
    Let's Blind - Episode 24

    Copy Paste:

    The Let's Blind is a first-reaction commentary based off each episode of Friendship is Magic second season.
    It runs on a system, where the episode gets judged before and after an episode with speculations and ratings.

    Follow me on twitter: @TKancsarProduct
    The Lightning Round - Episode 15

    Copy Paste:

    This is the 15th episode of my My Little Pony podcast The Lightning Round. I'm gonna tell you the biggest news of the last week and highlight some of the best media.  This week we have an interview with Ponyinabox Productions.  Special thanks to Joel Linsk for the wonderful opening theme and Azure Doodle for the new title card.  For all the links on this weeks show check out the show notes here: 



    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Shuttershy.org Looking for Friends!

    Copy Paste:

    Shuttershy.org is a new community site for bronies with an interest in photography as a hobby or artistic medium, featuring discussion forums, a Flickr group, and a news blog.  We aim to develop a community around photography within the MLP fandom, to showcase excellent photos by our members, to nurture the talents of photography enthusiasts of all skill levels, and to bring photography as a creative medium to a position of prominence within the fandom.  Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of skill level or camera equipment, all you need is an interest in learning and having fun with fellow photo enthusiasts.  The news blog will also be an excellent way to keep up with conventions and meet-ups, since they’ll be featured heavily.  To check it out, visit http://www.shuttershy.org/.
    Fantasy Football League - Corrected Information

    Copy Paste:

    There was some confusion that I wanted to update on another post with your permission, the link I gave was giving some people trouble.

    This is the official link to join fantasy football and here are the details for our MLP league:

    League number: 885905
    League name: Friendship is Magic
    League password: mylittlepony

    So far we have a total of 11 entries, I only need 1 or 3 more to make the league official. The plan is to offer T-shirts from WeLoveFine, MLP DVD sets, and posters to the top place winners.

    Our league draft is still scheduled for next Friday Sept 14th at 7:00 PM.

    El Paso, Texas Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    El Paso, Texas ComicCon upcoming meetup (9/15/):


    Quebec Expo Donnacona Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    There will be a meetup in a small town in Québec called Donnacona and this weekend its the EXPO Donnacona a event that happens once a year in donnacona and this year There will be a meetup FOR BRONIES :D.The meetup will last 1 night and one day: The 8 september and the 9 september at 6:00PM hour of New york(Québec).
    For all the info on the meetup go to : http://mlpforums.com/topic/31950-quebec-donnacona-meet-updo-not-move-this-thread-plz-this-has-been-send-to-eqd/#entry743078
    If you want to Join the Meetup send an email to: [email protected]


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Twilight Sparkle Pillow
    Fluttershy Blanket
    Pinkie Plush Scarf