• More Season 3 Hype - Will Anderson's Executive Producer Note

    It sounds like the musical scores in season 3 are going to be even more epic than the last two.   Will Anderson dropped this over on his Deviant Art page from the executive producer of FiM:
    Pretty damned solid Will!
    You're makin it hard for me to find stuff to call.
    I suppose this is technically the last episode for you this season. Wish we could celebrate somehow. It's been a solid, solid season for music score. You and your team are definitely killin it, and i'm sure the Bronies will feel it too. They're gonna have youtube videos where they extract the dialogue and SFX and just listen to the score!

    Thanks for an awesome third season!

    We were actually taking about this particularly in reference to the score for (omitted). We all agreed that you really took the scores for season 3 to a new level... so thanks for all your work this season!
    There were already a ton of incredibly memorable scores hidden in the background of Friendship is Magic.   Hell, we even had a section in progress before the season ended.  I'm looking forward to filling it up!