• Discussion: What Celebrity/Voice Actor Do You Want to Make a Cameo Appearence?

    Hasbro has once again dropped a blank check in your lap and asked you to hire someone for a celebrity cameo.  It seems their pre-teen audience needs a bit of a boost, and the best way to do it is via Hollywood! Luckily outside of their slight nudge toward pop idols, they are giving you full control over the decision.  Being the intelligent pony lover that you are, you quickly shred the Justin Beiber contact card they taped to the back of the check, and start brainstorming. 

    So which celebrity cameo would you like to see? It can be as major as dropping a couple hundred thousand on Morgon Freeman, or grabbing one of the voice actors out there from your favorite video game.   The choice is yours!

    Hit up the comments with it.