• Beach Ball Comics MLP Launch Party in California

    Good news for all you Californians or people willing to travel and hang out with Californians.  Beach Ball Comics in Anaheim will be celebrating the November 14th launch of the first issue of the MLP Comic with a giant party!

    Both Katie Cook and Andy Price (the artists working on the comic) are being flown in for the event.  This is probably your only shot at getting them both to sign one, as they live in completely different states. 

    So get your meetup groups involved, set up some car pooling, and make this event a huge success! The MLP comic wouldn't exist without us, and it's already confusing the hell out of comic stores everywhere.  Lets make sure it releases with a bang and show them that we are interested in seeing more! 

    Hit up the Beach Ball Comics facebook page for updates as November approaches.