• Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 11

    Sometimes, the best decision means not having to choose. It's a shame we don't get to make those very often! Indeed, choosing can be an incredibly tricky thing, but you've persevered through this event and made quite a few decisions of your own. Why, just tonight you've finished 479 more! I do think that today's server derp dragged this number a little lower than it ordinarily would have gotten, but let's keep things in perspective: this is still higher than the highest participation output for any pony event outside of this incarnation of the NATG. And it brings our total up to a perfectly unprecedented 8422 images. Just... jeez.

    So, what with the server collapsing for... reasons we don't exactly know, I can imagine there are a bunch of you reading this right now and thinking, "Darn it! I thought it was down, I wanted to submit a pony waffle!" Well, please allow me waylay your fears by announcing the first of our make-up galleries. Opening officially on Day 15 (a scant four days away!), a separate submitter for missed entries will open up. Allowing you to get a picture in even if technical difficulties or non-technical difficulties prevented you from doing so before! Any previous theme will be accepted, even if you'd like to draw a new one for those. So get ready to stand up and be counted.

    But to submit for today, just head here. And if you've got a question, comment, concern, or kumquat, feel free to send them to [email protected]!

    In honor of our technical difficulties, I present to you the following theme for tonight: Draw a pony fixing something/Draw a pony on the mend! Special thanks to Derpy for finally plugging our server back in. I guess she needed the outlet for her waffles or something, I don't know.

    And then, finally, today's gallery is a bit sticky. It turns out you guys are a big fan of waffles, coated in thick, rich, delicious syrup with a side of cinnamon ice cream, warm and fluffy and... I... excuse me. I have to go.