• 30 Minutes in Second Life BronyTown

    I have no clue what I am doing and my pony has a missing leg.  This Second Life thing seems pretty cool though! I decided to head on over to Bronytown and chronicle my journey live on EQD via screencaps.  It has since ended, but my curiosity is already planning a trip with friends for another excursion. 

    Check out a bunch of completely random nonsense as I explore the world after the break!

    Also Trixie.  They have a Trixie guys.

    Oh god what is this thing

    Hey, she's kinda cute!

    Looks like I found Applebloom and Surprise.


    I think I'm in love with an Oc pony.  Who is this square she is hanging out with?


    She ran off while I was trying to take more screenshots. I can't find her now!

    In my quest to find the Great and Powerful one again and ask her out on a date, I ran into Colgate.

    AHA, Found you!  I don't think she likes my pony though, hes a little broken. 

    This pony has had way too many waffles.

    It looks like they turned Luna's castle into a rave.

    Is that a Pinkie Pie canon?

    I seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties

    .., This is the third time I've Wut'd

    And I think that about wraps it up for tonight!  I'll check this place out for real with a few others in a few days!  My character seems to be stuck floating in mid air in sitting position with a snapped neck anyway.