• Reminders: Letters to Celestia Contest and Interview and Brony Thank You Fund Raffle

    We have a few events ending in the next few days, one dedicated to the upcoming Nicole Oliver interview, and the other from the Brony Thank You Fund.

    First off, head on over here for information on how you can submit your letter to Celestia for a chance at Nicole Oliver herself reading it aloud for all to hear during her interview on Thursday night.   You guys better make it good!  It's not every day we get a chance to make Celestia say silly things!  The deadline is tonight at midnight.

    And in the second corner, the Brony Thank You Fund signed poster raffle ends tonight as well!  All proceeds go toward getting someone a CalArts scholarship,  and for just 10 bucks you have a chance to win a gigantic official poster signed by just about everyone. 

    Except Trixie. Wru Kathleen Barr!