• Poll/Discussion: What Kind of Interview Do You prefer?

    As ponydom expands and things become more complex, interviews and general media evolves right along with it.  Considering the EQD team is all new to the media scene and still learning the ropes, I figured I'd ask you guys this directly. What kind of interviews do you prefer?

    We have discussed it pretty heavily internally.  I have always favored text based, so I can skip around to questions that interest me.  It's difficult to find an hour to really sit down and listen to a full audio one. My fellow EQD peers on the other hand prefer the more personalized experience of an audio interview, and actually hearing the person's voice along with the banter that goes along with it. 

    We have also discussed different interview styles, things like roundtable and direct Q&A.  It's all stuff we would like to experiment with as we keep doing them. 

    So which type do you all prefer? Drop your response in the comments below!