• Blast from the Past #1

    The pony community has grown a lot since I joined the fandom in February 2011. Back then we were scared if there was going to be a season 2, scared when pony was banned from 4chan and the Something Awful forums. Things were rough and we were small, but during that time we still had the creativity that we have now, the creativity that brought in so many pony fans.

    Today I introduce a new series, the Blast from the Past series! This series will feature some old videos and music that the early MLP:FiM fans grew up on. Hopefully those of you who came later can come to appreciate them and share the fun we had when we joined the fandom!

    Check out all the info after the break!

    First Video - At the Gala x Last Night Good Night: Developed by Bufbaf over at NeoGAF's pony group back in May 2011, it became the first thing I ever submitted and accepted to EqD. Check it out above!

    PonyCraft II

    PonyCraft II was one of the first pony related video game vids back in the day. Making the front page of EqD back in early March 2011 the video soon gained fame across the internet and drew in many people to view the pony madness.

    Night of Pony

    Night of Pony came out around the same time as PonyCraft and was another instant pony hit! Combined with it's catchy song and syncing it became a very popular pony video throughout the summer and beyond. To relive it or see it for the first time, check above!

    My Little Pony AMV Epic


    The last video I have to share with you is the video I discovered on a web forum back in February of 2011 that got me into ponies. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to get the vids that might have helped the other blog ponies get into ponies as well!

    If you have any further suggestions for old and popular pony vids for future editions, send them to [email protected]! I'll try to answer back as soon as I can. I hope you enjoy this edition and either discovered something new or relived a pleasant past memory. Seeya next edition!