• Nightly Roundup #297

    Just a few short hours away from the season finale if season two.  It's pretty crazy how fast this year went!

    Have some stuff to hold you over while we wait. It's a short one tonight!

    Cake Video

    So cakey.

    Bronies United - The Perfect Stallion

    Yep, that crazy project with a bunch of people singing things has popped up with another! Check it out here.


    Everfree Radio Interviews d.notive

    Check it out here!

    That One Bronycast

    Episode 2 Review

    Episode 9 Review

    Bronycomms Read it and Weep



    Successful Meetups

    BONC Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    The Bronies of Northern California had an awesome party last Saturday night to celebrate having over 300 members in their group. We currently have 352 bronies in our group, with their and we're the second or third largest brony group out there! (SoCal Bronies have 481, and we're third place only if you count BronyCon, with their 3,284 bronies.)

    Krakow, Poland

    Copy Paste:

    It was lazy, sunny mornning, and there were no signs of doses of fun
    approaching. Taking into consideration previous meetups, we were
    expecting 50-60 guests max. Our surprise is indescribable, when over
    100 people showed up, and everyone was loaded with love and tolerance
    :) After initial shock, we managed to control the crowd, and meetup
    might have started. Bronies and pegasisters could participate in
    drawing contest, MLP Trivia and "What's that song" quiz. Besides that
    there were Pony RPG workshops, fans work premiers, and of course
    watching an episode:) After group photo, official part was over, and
    most of us went to pizza and play further, but this is another story



    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Dutch Meetup

    We are glad to announce that we have a date and location for the 5th Dutch National Meet! Although it’s later than expected, the next meet will be on May 12th in Utrecht. It’ll take place in the venue Hal 16.
    Battlefield Server

    Check it here!

    Guild Wars 2 Guild

    I've taken the liberty of creating a pony-themed guild for the upcoming MMO GuildWars 2 named "Royal Night Guards". It's a completely new guild and will be built from scratch so there is not much activity going on yet. But this shall change! This is why I ask you to help us to grow in size.
    A few information: Our main actions will take place on european servers but everyone from around the world is allowed to join us! We focus on everything GW2 will offer us (PvE, PvP, WvW,...) and we will try to do most things together. More infos and application can be found on our site http://royalnightguards.enjin.com/ (most parts are still under construction and will most likely change in the next few days).
    I'd be glad if you helped us to get more members!
    Indiana Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Some of us Indiana bronies on PonySquare are planning a meet-up.  It's going to be Sunday, May 6 from Noon - ??? at Circle Centre Mall in Indianapolis, IN 46204 (mall closes at 6 p.m.).  We're still planning what to do, but perhaps lunch, shopping, and all-around pony chat.  Come join Indiana Bronies on PonySquare for more info :-)

    Tera Online ALL DAY 


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Luna Custom
    Applejack Pillow
    Gummy Plush
    Derpy Custom
    Random Pony Stuff
    Lyra Custom