• (Afternoon Edition) Nightly Roundup #279

    I couldn't stay awake last night to do the roundup, so have it in the afternoon instead!

    Trixie doesn't care, shes just chillin.

    DustyKatt Show on Everfree Radio

    Copy Paste:

    The first episode of EFR's live audio/video show Stay Brony, My Friends with DustyKatt premieres Monday 7:00 pm CDT on our Livestream. Stay Brony, My Friends will be a recurring show, airing weekly, and features DustyKatt interviewing guests, playing videos and interacting with his viewers in our IRC channel.

    In this premiere episode, DustyKatt will be joined by special guest d.notive and viewers will get the first look at his new “The Manliest Brony in the World” video!

    Everfree Radio 

    A Note on Older Gen Ponies

    It seems we angered the older gen people a bit with our April Fools gag, and we do apologize for that!  It wasn't our intention to insult any of you.

    There were also a pretty large amount of negative comments about the older ponies. I admit, I was also to blame for some of them (Celestia/Twilight weight jokes for example).  I ask that the actual g4 bronies who took part in the harassment please cut it back now that the event is over.   The older gen folks were here first, and have hundreds of talented artists in their ranks.  Bombing their Deviant Art pages and forums is just straight up uncool.

    Welcome to Ponyville Game Teaser

    A new adventure style game is in the works. They have released a demo video to give you all a taste of what is to come. Check it out below!

    The Amazing Adventures of Doctor Whooves Preview

    Another Doctor Whooves radio style show is currently in the works! Check out their video here!

    Pony Perplexity Group

    A group over on a bunch of websites is offering fanfiction drawings for all you crazy authors out there.  The only thing they ask for is a link to the artist and credit to the actual Pony Perplexity group.

    Check out their pages below!


    Top Ten Videos of March Voting Begins Now!

    You know the drill! watch the video and go vote!

    My Little Dashie Voice Actor Audition #4

    All you dashie fans out there might want to look into this one.  Check out the video here!

    Ponies Invade Another University! 

    We can't stop, we just keep growing! It's unbelievableeee!

    Check it out here!

    Tumblrpony Wiki Page

    A new wiki has popped up that spotlights all those crazy Tumblr pony blogs.   Check it out here if you need a new one to follow!


    Voice of Equestria Episode 6

    Copy Paste:
    Silverlight and Scorch_Mechanic are back with Episode 6, and they grabbed Dalken Starbyne again to fill the third spot.  Tune in for discussions on lots of stuff, including an outstanding CMC episode and a couple of really awesome looking fan projects that are in the works!


    Everfree Radio Review: Ponyville Confidential

    Copy Paste:
    Hey everyone, EverFree Radio has released their review for the newest episode, Ponyville Confidential. Additionally, they are announcing their new live show Stay Brony, My Friends that will air weekly and features DustyKatt interviewing guests, playing videos and interacting with the IRC channel; it also features special guest d.notive, a popular community musician; viewers will get the first look at his new The Manliest Brony in the World video!



    Successful Meetups

    NC Meetup

    (Looks like their image links are broken, i'll leave them anyway just in case they update or soething!)

    Copy Paste:
    The NC Bronies in the Triangle area (ncbronies.com) had our 3rd "official" meet, to great success. We're not sure on the peak numbers, but over the course of 9 hours we had around 60-70 come in to party. We played a few games for prizes (revamped pony-style), watched episodes, rocked out, and generally were awesome bronies together. Some of us even lasted from noon to nine PM straight!

    The following are pictures of some of our escapades (I'll let you decide what you like-- we forgot to take an official meet photo)
    Picture of the last survivors of the night!: http://imgur.com/KBS0D
    About half of our room: http://imgur.com/MNC7L
    Suddenly, DJ Pon3!: http://imgur.com/nzGez

    Long Island Meetup


    Copy Paste:
    The folks from the Traveling Pony Museum, Everfree Radio, and even Purple Tinker herself stopped by I-CON 31 to provide Long Island with some
    awesomeness at the sci-fi/anime convention I-CON 31! ! Even MONSTER PIE makes a guest appearance. You will also notice Dr. Who (aka. Timey Whimey) on the right, who held a packed My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Panel two years running.

    That book you see being held is the famous hand-made, hand-painted work from eBay which sold earlier this month for over $700, and is currently making its way on display around Equestria, Phillydelphia, and Manehattan! :D

    Anaheim California Meetup

    Their copy paste was huge! So I told them to put it in a document.  Check it out here.

     KC Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    On Friday, March 30th, about 10 or so Bronies met up at Legends 14 theatre in Kansas City, KS to see the Lorax. After grabbing food at (and getting kicked out of =P) the local McDonalds, we all raided Hot Topic for pretty much all of their pony swag. We all migrated to the theatre to watch the Lorax (which everypony agreed that it was awesome!). When the movie was done we all went our seperate ways. We will have more events soon! Thanks to everypony that showed up!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    North Carolina State University Group

    Copy Paste:
    North Carolina State University is looking for more members to join the officially registered student organization BONC (Bronies of North Carolina). You need to be a currently registered student of NCSU (undergrad, grad school, doctoral-- doesn't matter). Starting next semester, we plan on meeting at least once a month, and helping to host the more periodic Triangle Area's larger "official" meets. For more information, contact, and our constitution, please go to our site:

    Cracow, Poland Meetup

    When: April 14th, 2 PM
    Where: Dworek BiaƂopradnicki, Cracow, Poland.
    Ticket: 8PLN

    Polish info
    English Info


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Purse
    Fashionable Applejack Plushie