• Nightly Roundup #271

    Oh look! My original Great and Powerful Trixie has cloned herself once again.  It seems like every time I open my door a new one shows up!

    Thanks to Eliza for the new custom! And her awesome plushie accessory.

    Have some roundup, including more of this at the end because I like looking insane.  

    Bronystudy Update on "The Dark Side"

    Aww, the dark side isn't that scary. I have to deal with it every day in the mailbox!

    Have some copy paste:

    Greeting everypony! We (the researchers at Bronystudy) wish to thank all of the Bronies who have taken part in our surveys. The response (close to 12,000 Bronies) has been stunning and we are busy studying the data. We have an additional request. We have received many inquiries from parents (and others) about how to insure that individuals visiting the Brony community can avoid the "dark side"... of the community. As such we have created a very brief (9 items) feedback form to collect suggestions from the Brony commnity that we can then offer to these parents. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us. The survey is here. Also please share this site with your Brony friends! Thank you again for all of your help!

    Past Sins Print Book Update

    Copy Paste:

    The PastSinsPrint-project still accepts people who want a copy and/or help.
    The book design is on it's final stage, layout nearly finished.

    Everyone who wants to buy a professionally designed copy of Past Sins by Pen Stroke printed in mid may should sign the pledge at this site so that we have a number of how many prints we'll need.

    All the information is bundled here

    We are searching for a Brony who owns a print company / has access to one that can print small print runs (200-500) and ships internationally.

    PONIES - The Anthology II Trailer

    Looks like its going to be pretty epic!

    They actually released a ton of teasers for this one. Check them out below!

    I'm Bad at Making Announcement Videos, by JHaller2

    Rainbow Dash Mugen Fighting System Update

    More dash fighting for all you fighters out there to fight with.

    MLP: The Brony Edition "Journey of the Spark Looking for Animators/Artists

    Copy Paste:

    The project is a feature length animated musical following the escapades of the Mane 6, along with Princess Luna, going off on an epic journey across Equestria to rekindle their fractured friendship. The project is set to be on the scale of an animated film blending the emotion, adventure, and character development of "Friendship is Magic" while also retaining the humor of The Brony Edition. So, we're looking for a lot of fresh talent to help us bring the project to life. The script is still going through development, so the production of the movie won't start until we stop accepting applications in Mid-May.

    We're currently accepting applications for Storyboard Artists / Background Artists / Animators and they can learn all the details about the positions on our website here:

    More positions (such as music composers, etc.) will open up as the production goes along.

    Some examples of our series, such as our episodes and song parodies, can also be found here

    For anyone interested in learning more about the project, we're willing to share more details! Thank you!

    Abridged Series Needs Voice Actors

    I hope we have enough voice actors for all of these projects!

    Check out this one here.

    And the ponychan thread here.

    They need:

    Voice Actors(tresses).
    -Pinkie Pie
    -Rainbow Dash

    Irish Television Pony Video

    I'm not too sure about this "coming out the stable" thing... but it's a pretty good video outside of that.

    Seriously, its not "coming out the stable". Stop that right now! I demand it, Trixie demands it!

    Oh wait, she is still drunk.

    Check it out here

    Equestrias Got Talent Competition

    Another crazy competition has popped up! Check this video out for all the information on it, and hit the forum thread for more depth!

    Starcraft 2 pony Mod Update

    A while back we mentioned some people working on a Starcraft 2 pony mod. They released an update on their progress. Find it here!


    Saturday With BronyBros episode 6


    My Little Fortress Chapter 9


    Ponycast Episode 10


    Friendship is Madness

    Saturday, at 7:30 PM EST

    That one Bronycast

    Episode 10
    Mystery Pony Theater 20,000 Episode 9

    Bronycomms Episode 10 / 11


    Sorry about there being no commentary last week, Fertro had to move houses so he didn't have the time to come over and record it.

    At least that means there's two commentaries to enjoy this week!

    Don't forget, commentary livestreams happen Wednesdays at 11:00pm EST!

    Episode 10
    Episode 11

    UK of Equestria Podcast


    That One Bronycast

    Episode 1
    Episode 2

    Babble with the Bronies



    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Belgian Meetup #3

    Since the last one was so amazing we decided for more. On the 28th of April we will meet again in Antwerp! We will gather at the train station of Antwerp at 12:00. We will raid Antwerp by walking through the city. Later we will get in a room with a giant screen so we can stream the very last episode of season 2.
    So Bronies! Join us in this epic journey through Antwerp !


    New Jersey Facebook


    O'Fallon Meetup


    My Little Clan Gaming




    Ponies and Dungeons


    Tusla Meetup

    When: Wednesday, March 21st

    Where: The votes say Joe Momma's Pizza (subject to change)

    Time: 11am-2pm (also subject to change)

    Notes: After lunch, we can vote on where to go afterwords for something fun to do.

    Here's a link to our group.


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Pattern
    Blindbag Custom Commissions


    All it needs now is some used chewing gum sculptures and mane clippings.

    I'm starting to look like a fanatic thanks to you people!

    (Thanks for the Trixies though!)