• Story: The Steadfast Sky (Update Complete!)

    [Adventure][Friendshipping] Wow, oldschool fic completion time! Hope you are up for a long one.

    Author: The Grey Potter
    Description: The tyrannical Shadow Stallion oppresses Equestria, coating the land in a thick layer of clouds, tightly controlling the population. Three children, the unicorns Celestia and Luna, along with a Draconequus, Discord, must live up to their fate. They must find the Elements of Harmony and take up their rightful place as Equestria's new gods and saviors.

    The Steadfast Sky (New - Part 50!)
    The Steadfast Sky (Alternate)

    Not Quite Hearth's-Warming Special

    Additional Tags: Speculative Equestrian History, First Person Introspection, long

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