• Plushie Compilation #10

    Woah, a Pinkie Pie plushie... that never happens.

    This one is pretty heavily dominated by Fluttershy.  You guys must really like her or something...

    2 Fluttershy
    Source / Ebay

    3 More Fluttershy

    Source / Ebay

    4 Gala Fluttershy

    Source / Ebay

    5 Singing Gala Fluttershy

    Video Demonstration

    6 Rarity


    7 Spitfire


    8 Doctor Whoof


    9 Derpy Hooves


    10 Derpy Hooves Derpin

    11 Derpy Hooves With a Mail Bag


    12 Twilight Sparkle

    Source / Ebay

    13 Bonus Pillows

    I wasn't really sure where to put these, so have some pillows in a plushie compilation.

    Source / Ebay

    Source / Ebay


    1. I'm liking all the Derpy and Fluttershy, I want that Derpy pillow really bad.

    2. I've been eye balling that one fluttershy off ebay for the past several days trying to consider bidding on it... But 760 dollars for a plush... I dunno lol...

    3. dat derp pillow is amazing

    4. What's not to like about Fluttershy? She's cute and stylish without even trying.

      That Derpy pillow... teensy bit creepy to be honest.

    5. Of course we like Fluttershy. Have you forgotten the old best pony poll? Fluttershy won, then you said Twilight was crying and Fluttershy didn't "even want the attention!"

    6. Oh not again, I have to restrain myself so badly everytime one of these pops up. I would really like a plushie.

      They are all so brilliant.

    7. Pinkie Pie do want can has please?

    8. #1 and #4 are ABSOLUTELY incredible. Why can't Hasbro sell identical plushies like those? WHY?!

    9. #4 is AWESOME.
      *Checks the price*

    10. I hope Hasbro is taking notes. I know they probably aren't, but one can dream right? (cause there's no way I can afford $700 for a plushie)

    11. Number 4 is at $770 but it started at $10.00. What the hell bronies? :/

    12. The average quality of these things just keeps going up.

    13. $770...all the bronies in this interweb are crazy. It's an amazing plushie but good god.

    14. Wow, #4 is of amazing quality. As of now, it's at $770 with a day left... I wonder how far the bidding war will push the price at the last 10 mins. I'll guess $1100.

    15. See this 770+ fluttershy plushie, Hasbro?
      Did you see the $600 wonderbolt dash figurine?
      Did you see the $4900 life size rainbow dash?

      Do you see the money you could be raking in? Take a look at the anime industry, and rip off what they do (high quality toys, DVDs and the like). That's how you'll profit off bronies.

    16. #4 is absolutely incredible. I want it soooo bad! D:
      curse you rich bronies...

    17. Meep, plushies! <3 I never do tire of these compilation posts...

      I have to say that Pinkie Pie plushie is quite cute, and is really a treat to see (I can understand why we see so few representations of Pinkie, as her hair presents a worthy challenge to render properly). And I believe I've commented on that #4 Fluttershy plush before but I shall say it again: one of the finest examples of craftsmanship I have seen in a fan-made plush, if not indeed the highest. Color me impressed.

      And what I wouldn't give for a Rarity plushie, of course... I'm still intending to sew one myself someday but haven't had the extra money for the materials and such, especially since I'd prefer to make her with minky. Someday, though!

    18. Man, if Hasbro made plushies like number 4, they would make a fortune!

      ...hint hint, Hasbro...

    19. Fluttershy plushies are great. <3

      That one Fluttershy is up to $770 right now. Oh my. Like I said, WAY too much spare spending money. lol

      So many plushies. Seems like a lot of people are trying to cash in big on the expensive plushie craze right now.

    20. wow... I can't believe how high the price has gotten on the fluttershy! I mean, it's wonderful looking and screams quality but that's SOOO much money.

    21. Wow...that Gala Fluttershy has gone up $150 since I saw her last night. And now that she's been posted here, I fully expect the competition to get even more fierce. She is lovely though. I wonder if some of these plush artists would sell their patterns to Hasbro if approached.

    22. $770 for a plushie...these bronies either have really good jobs or their parents are loaded. Maybe both.

      I freely admit to throwing down a lot of my hard earned cash for nerdery, but...never that much for a single item. Even though that Fluttershy is amazing.

    23. It sucks when you make your gala Fluttershy and then that masterpiece comes out 4 days later.

      But she was my first plushie and I'm proud of her!

    24. Omg I need the Pinkie plush!
      And wut $770 for the Fluttershy plush? That's so very much, but the creator deserves it ^^

    25. Of course we like Fluttershy! She's like the epicentre of all things cute!

      Though it's a shame that these plushies get so darn expensive..

    26. @Kateasaurus

      As an artist and fellow seamstress I can certainly empathize (we have all been there), but you should be very proud of your Fluttershy as well, and especially if she was your first effort! I really hope you'll keep at it, after all you can only improve as you go along. ^_^

    27. thats the best pinkie plushie ive ever seen!

    28. @WhiteDiamonds Oh I plan to for sure. I can only go up from here! :D

      Plus I actually got asked for a few commissions so I gotta work on those when my wrist heals from falling like a spaz.

    29. I wanna sleep on the Luna Pillow!

    30. Oh snap, gotta have #4. I wonder if I can even buy-

      oh... Well, pics are free!
      >Saves picture

    31. @Kateasaurus

      Aah yes... cursed carpal tunnel. I know artist/seamstress are not usually thought of as physically taxing occupations, but sometimes they can be!

      And glad to hear it. I look forward to seeing your future works then. ^_^

    32. That Pinkie plushie is great, the mane and tail must be an absolute nightmare.

      One thing I've learned from that gala Fluttershy is that, although I might not be willing to pay out$700+ for one, if that was mass-produced, I would buy it. in. a. heartbeat.

      And kateasaurus, your Flutterplush is also cute as hell.

    33. You know, I can't afford these amazing plushies, so one day I'm going to master my sewing skills (namely once I find a machine) and make me a darn pony so I can finally have one.

    34. Dat fluttershy plushie, its so detailed! i WANT IT!!!

    35. I've never wanted a plushie before... Then number 4 happened! <3

    36. I'm getting that derpy pillow.

    37. It looks like the phantom is going to rip off pinkie's head

    38. ima need to buy one of these someday...


    40. Singing Gala Fluttershy Maker!


    41. me: mom I don't want an MLP toy
      mom: thats good
      me: I want an MLP plushie to hold
      mom: ._.

    42. @gillnavisingh Read the details, silly! I'll ship to Canada, I just had no idea what shipping was going to be.

      Let's just leave it at the price I have, I'll cover the rest if a Canadian bidder wins. :D

    43. I would buy that Luna pillow. Too bad it's going to sell for way more than it's worth.

    44. Dat commie pillow...


      And dat Doctor plushie /)^3^(\

    45. And of course the auction for the Derpy pillow goes up almost immediately after it ends. >_<

      Oh well, for anyone interested there's a second one that's up here:

      If at all possible could someone capable of editing the blog change the link for the pillow to that one? ^_^;

    46. Unless I sew my own plushie, I don't think I'll ever get one. Everytime I see a plushie on eBay, it sells for over $300+ dollars. There was a nice Rainbow Dash auction yesterday which had her at $150 for two days, then right before the auction ended, it stopped at $660. :o Yea...

    47. I made the Luna/Trixie pillows. Considering I've only started sewing a little over a week ago, I think they've come out better than I originally thought I was capable of. Wanted to start those off with an auction just to see if other bronies were interested in the idea, since it's not a plushie pony. But I plan on making more and doing whichever pony I happen to get commissioned for. Also planning on a full size pillow with cutie mark on one side, and the tail design on the other. I'm just calling it "Dat Flank" size for now...for the lulz. I also want to make and offer CMC capes as well as Trixie's cape/hat. Maybe I can make plushies one day if I can ever come up with patterns...and skill, can't forget skill. Just trying to help get more show quality stuff out to fellow bronies. And with that being said, Thanks Seth for including them in here.

      Also, Kateasaurus, your Fluttershy is awesome, especially for your first one. I could only hope my first attempt could turn out that well. Since that may be the only solid way that I could ever get a pony plush. Unless I luck up and get a commission spot.

      #11 Derpy is pretty cool. I like the size and how they did the mane. Looks soft and brushable without it being yarn

      And I'm surprised there aren't more Pinkie plushies. But, that one is very well done... *sighs* I want them all. lol

    48. @SgtGarand I surprised the hell out of myself with her to be honest. I'm so happy with her and will definitely make myself an army of gala ponies when I pay off those pesky student loans. :shakes fist:

      I'd love to see how the dat flank pillows turn out when you make them. Sounds soooo cute!

    49. I found #4 on eBay before I saw this article. I bid on it until it hit $800. A friend just had a birthday and she's loco in the coco for Fluttershy, but that's IT for my budget. Bronies have some serious disposable cash! What is Hasbro thinking not marketing to us??
      @Kateasaurus What happens to the sing-y part when the batteries run out? I know I'd end up selfishly keeping it for myself so I can have it sing to me over and over and over again. I'd like to bid on it, but knowing she could eventually be silent forever would send me spiraling into a deep depression I just don't think I could ever escape...
      The Twilight Sparkle is well done... but I noticed on the eBay listing that a "future pony" is Rainbow Dash. Totally waiting for that one.

    50. @SlowMotionKarma The voice box is in a pouch on her so you can easily take it out and replace the batteries when they eventually die. Plus the batteries are easy the find and inexpensive.

      And if you get sick of her gala solo you can record whatever you want! But I happen to love what she sings now. :P

    51. WARNING: the faint of heart should not look at this


    52. Oh damn, I'm liking the Trixie and Luna Pillows. Very nice.

    53. @Kateasaurus @WhiteDiamonds

      how niceto se crafters supporting other crafters-artist/seamstress
      working on this ponies can be a really big challenge! keep it up!

      hope you´r wrist gets better, i think the photo i saw on the mlparena was yours? take care.

    54. Lots of great plushies. I especialy like the Pinky Pie, Gala Fluttershy, and Mail Derpy.

    55. I love the Gala Fluttershy and Dr. Whooves!

    56. Pinkie Pie plushies do happen, Remember mine seth? It's totally awesome.

    57. The Galashy one is great!

    58. Number 1 and Number 4 are awesome. And number 4 is up to $1060 now!

    59. gracias por publicar mi peluche de pinkie pie!
      thanks for publish my pinkie pie... SOON I WILL SELL!!!! ( and twilight sparkle too)

    60. In 24 hours #4 has doubled in price, with three hours left. I think I'm going to have to steal a peak at work to find out what she ends at. INSANE these bronies. RICH, or in serious credit card debt, and crazy. I need to drop out of school and start making plush.

    61. @Chikapaw!

      Thank you dear. ^_^ And yes, encouragement is one of those things that is so easy to give, and yet can make a world of difference to a person (or pony, as it may be). So I do my best to give of it freely!

    62. This comment has been removed by the author.

    63. Hour and a half left on number 4.

      $1400- So wish I could make somethign like that.

    64. #4 blows me away. A drawing couldn't be any more accurate.

      I also like the last few. When in doubt, make cushions.

    65. I won #4!

      I love having a real job. No regrets.

    66. I am like, so amazed by the beautifulness of Gala Fluttershy (#4). I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO HAVE THIS -cry-. If it is ever up on eBay again, i will buy it.

    67. I've been having a discussion about religion for the last six hours. That doesn't count the six hour discussion about religion I had yesterday with the same person.

      Never talk about religion.

      Now I'm Here



    68. And the beat goes on...

      Fluttershy plushies, sweet!

    69. Talking about religion seems like a great way to start arguments and lose friends. If you're able to talk about it in a calm and collected manner, then more power to you. But since this is the internet, that rarely works. Only friends that are rational. I've also learned that talking about politics or pretty much any topic that has multiple sides ends up into fight when talking to someone who has a different opinion than you.

      Anyhoo, congrats on the new post everyone.

    70. All these plushies ended up selling for ridiculous amounts of money. And if you look at plushies now, the price is still relatively high. Looks like if you wanted a plushie, you should spend the last two years learning how to sew. At the very least, you could have created the entire series of plushies by yourself and then go "Wooo! I made things!"

    71. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms765LHxASI

    72. @Dublio

      The discussion (or discussions) I had was calm and collected. Of course, most of it was one sided, and it felt like I was being interrogated. Needless to say, I don't really want to do that again. I've had conversations just like that with members of my own family and I didn't want to do the same thing with someone on the internet that I had literally never communicated with before.

      Anyway, to sleep.


    73. Happy birthday, DeRock!

      So yeah, umm, shouldn't we be talking about something? It seems like we're all throwing random things at the post and no response is coming from it.

      BwAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Right as I was typing that, a seagull was crying out rather loudly and was flying judging from where the sound came from. It abruptly was cut short right as a light thud sounded out into the night air. Lol, Mr. Seagull just flew headlong into something.

    74. >discusses about religion for 12 hours with one guy

      How the poop does that even happen? It's hard enough to talk about any one subject for that long, but two sessions of six hours each? Hmm. You've got some amazing endurance.

    75. @Travis Smith the Last Shadowbolt

      For you.

      Get it before the price goes up. Last year's glow in the dark Zecora in the same type of packaging had at least two price increases because it was so popular.



      I must have amazing endurance since I was in excruciating pain for the entire three days of Everfree and still did an apparently commendable job. On a related note, one of my toenails turned black and died during the convention as a result of my awful shoes and I had to remove it last night. My toe now looks weird. So, to summarize, I stood around for at least a couple dozen hours, with virtually no sleep, on unstable knees and feet with huge blisters/open wounds on them, and then pulled out one of my own toenails after discussing religion (as an atheist) for twelve hours.

      I must be a masochist or something.

    76. Oheydar! I've been busy and stuff but finally got around to getting to our new home.

      Ouch! Thanks for helping us out though. I kind of had to do miscellaneous stuff for AV since we ran into some problems with ProPresenter, which controlled what's on the screens.

      I'm flying into Washington DC (then taking a train to Baltimore) on the 31st for BronyCon (doing AV there), then spending the following monday in New York City (found a boltbus fare there for under $20), then finally flying to Atlanta Tuesday morning to see my sister. I'm planning on seeing stuff that I missed last time around when I was in NYC 4 years ago, then catch the Musiquestria concert in the evening in Manhattan.

      This is probably the last summer I will have before I start internships for my last year or 2 of college (hoping to major in electrical engineering) so I'm trying to do as much as possible this year.

    77. @Lupon

      Security received zero complaints, and lots of thanks, so I'd say we did a good job all around.

      Most of the damage to my feet was sustained while I was guarding the main room for five hours on setup day.

      Those shoes, man.

      Anyway, I need to call it an early night, since I need to get up early to buy shorts for physical therapy.


    78. @Lupon

      Ah, ProPresenter, the fun that was had with you during my A/V class....


      This is why you should try on your brand new shoes first before going on a trip with them. Like, wear them for a day or two before taking a leap of faith.

      Ya wanna know what embarrassment is? Embarrassment is taking your best friend out to a restaurant and being about 75 cents short from the bill total.

    79. 'oly crap downtown is crowded tonight. Good thing I turned off of Harbor Drive and crossed onto the 5 freeway while I could, Gaslamp is just a sea of people....

      Yeah, I knew that people were at Comic-con, but I didn't expect THAT many to be overflowing the downtown area three+ hours after closing and- ooh, a secret Metallica concert. I understand completely now why Gaslamp was crowded and there were a bunch of screaming angry people mixed in with a bunch of camparitively calm metalheads.

    80. @Bombedrumbum

      That's the thing, I wore those shoes for a week before I went to Seattle and they seemed fine. That's why it's so annoying/frustrating that they turned to to be this bad for my feet.

    81. Your feet have been betrayed, my boy!

    82. Note to self: Don't go to a con and stand for eight straight hours. At the end of the day, I might break my feet and not realize it. Since I have diabetes, I have to take extra care of them, cause I've lost a bit of feeling in my legs. :o

    83. Note to whom it may concern: sit down every once in a while. Sure, avoid carpal tunnel syndrome if you can, but be reasonable with your body activity.

    84. I can't make this stuff up:

      I was in the room next to the door in my house, eating chicken with some barbeque sauce and watching The Great Escape. I'm towards the end of the movie, and I hear the familiar sound of my neighbor's iron gate clanging open. I just continue eating my chicken, and I hear some muffled voices outside, but continue to watch the classic film.

      Next thing I know, I hear the gate open again. I think nothing of it, until I take a huge bite of chicken and my doorbell rings. I go up to the door and look through, wondering just who it might be, as I really am not expecting anybody at 6PM. My parents are out for the night to see a jazz band or something, and my brother is doing who-knows-what, probably eating his share of the chicken.

      What I didn't expect was the Spanish Inquisi- umm....

      What I mean to say, is that I was surprised that there were two people in front of my door. A girl maybe my age and her younger sister, who's maybe six or seven. They both have backpacks on and I can't really remember which one was lugging the suitcase.

      With chicken still hanging out of my mouth, I run to go get my brother, who is already walking to the door with my dog in tow. Apparently he put the pulled-out chicken between two buns and was nonchalantly eating it (he hasn't shaved in days). He said, word for word, "Now who in the world could that be?"

      I go into the kitchen, out of view of the door and listen as my brother opens it. The older girl explains that they need a ride to the airport, as their flight was moved by two hours and the taxi service wouldn't come. My brother, who can't drive, says that my parents are here and he'll go get them and offered to let them inside. He also asked if they're fine with dogs.

      He ended up closing the door, turning around, and started walking away.

      Well, finally clearing my mouth of chicken (and my brother still eating his), my brother walks past me to go upstairs and I stop him by letting him know that ou parents are not in fact home. He turns around on one heel and does a strange look, burger next to mouth.

      He was even invited to go, the saxaphone player is his knee doctor...

      So yeah, I let him know and he goes back to the door to inform them. He says "I was not informed of this, but apparently my parents are not here right now." He bids them farewell and shuts the door.

      I catch a look of them as they leave, and it turns out that they were, in fact, Comic-Con goers.

      This whole time, I wanted to let them know that they could really just WALK to the airport, but whatever, maybe it would have taken too long.

      So yeah, Comic-Con goers came to my front door asking for a ride to the airport. How they got here when we're on the other side of the airport relative to downtown I will never know.

    85. My parents just came home and I yelled to my brother that NOW they're home.

      My dad just tells me that they just got off of the phone with him, and I'm like "Oh, so he told you what happened?" He says no, then I say as I'm walking away that he almost let strangers in.

      I then heard my brother, without skipping a beat, say out of his room "They aren't strangers, they're our neighbors!"


      But the Comic-Con................? What...?

    86. @Bombedrumbum

      Bombe, weird stuff always happens to you. It shouldn't be surprising anymore. If/when the aliens finally make their presence known, I would not be surprised if they show up at your front door just like those Comic-Con goers.

      @Dublio and Bombedrumbum

      I tried to sit down as much as was reasonable. Of course, I chose not to when I had the chance at several critical junctures during the con (like when I was guarding the elevators for hours on end). Ultimately, it didn't really matter to the state of my feet since they were destroyed before it even began.

      But yes, try to get off your feet as much as possible during an event like that, since you don't know when the next opportunity will arise.

    87. Not having air conditioning sucks. Instead, I must rub popsicles all over my fat folds. Nomnomnom.

    88. Well, it's confirmed. I'm going to BronyCon. I won't be staffing, so I'll probably just be incredibly awkward the entire time. That's going to be the last Brony event I attend this year. Hey, three in one year isn't bad at all.

    89. @Bombedrumbum

      Yeah, I saw it too. I started to get really excited, because it looks awesome... and then, my misgivings about S3 and some of S2 came floating back to me like the Ghost of Christmas Past or something. My hype train was nearly derailed, but I'm still hopeful.

      So, anyone want to talk about some SPOILERS?!

    90. I expect fun things to happen in season 4, but luckily we don't have to worry about it for five more months. Cause we know when season 4 hits, this fandom will change, ever so slightly.

    91. @Dublio

      The fandom is in a constant state of flux. It fluxes up, down, left, and right all the time.

      I remember way back when before season two premiered and people said it was over because Lauren Faust wasn't working on the show any more. And when season two first premiered and people said it jumped the shark because the Mane Six defeated Discord with the Elements of Harmony. Then when Mare Do Well premiered and people said it jumped the shark because one episode didn't live up to their expectations and "could have been written better." Then it jumped the shark when Derpy got a speaking role because that was "pandering." Then it jumped the shark when people complained about Derpy getting a speaking role because "the fandom looked a gift horse in the mouth" (completely false, by the way). Then it jumped the shark when Cadence was announced to be an Alicorn. Then it jumped the shark when Shining Armor was announced to be Twilight's brother because "we've never heard about him before." Then it jumped the shark because Cadence and Shining Armor had a perfect fairtyale wedding and- HOLY CRAP IT'S AN ESPIONAGE PLOT PERPETRATED BY THE LEADER OF A LOVE-ABSORBING INVADING ARMY THIS IS AWESOME. Then people complained because Scratch's eyes are magenta, not bright red. Then it was over when a picture of Alicorn Twilight popped up at a marketing event. Then it was over because Cadence and Shining Armor became the sovereigns of the Crystal Empire and "we've never heard of that place before, why is it so important now?" Then it was over because those episodes heavily implied that Twilight would become an Alicorn. Then it jumped the shark because Trixie and Discord were "redeemed far too easily, also those episodes felt rushed." The it was over when it was announced that, yes, Twilight was going to become an Alicorn. Then it jumped the shark when Twilight became an Alicorn. Then it was super over when Equestria Girls was announced. Then it was over when the description for the Sunset Shimmer pony toy was revealed. Then it was over when The first trailer for Equestria Girls was released. Then it was ever so slightly less over when the second Equestria girls trailer was released. Then it was over when the Equestria Girls dolls were revealed. Then it was over when Equestria Girls released.

      Now it's over because there were a few (honestly pretty minor) spoilers revealed at a Comic-Con panel.

      The fandom will prevail. The "drama queen" types will always announce that everything is over as soon as anything new, or anything they don't particularly like, happens. Sadly, they have been drowning out the more rational, reasonable voices that tell them to wait until they actually see things before judging them, or personally not agreeing with a choice, but being willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

      Season four could be virtually unanimously hailed as the greatest season ever and there would still be detractors who complain because "that Applejack episode could have been written better" or somesuch.

      To summarize.

    92. @Millennial Dan


      I'll just go through these quickly. Pinkie Pie musical episode? I'm surprised it hasn't been done already. Flashback to Luna's fall and the rise of Nightmare Moon? Hopefully it will live up to every Brony's dream. Power Ponies? I could take it or leave it. That seems like it might be one of those "non-canon because it's all a dream" type episodes.

      Now, Scootaloo being bullied because she can't fly. I commented about this yesterday and I'll repeat it here. "It seems that the Scootaloo episode could go one of two (maybe three) ways: either she learns how to fly in that episode and that silences the bullies, or she doesn't learn how to fly and accepts that flight is not the defining trait for a pegasus, or a supposedly "inherent ability" like flight for pegasi and magic for unicorns does not make them who they are. That could (and I hope will) lead into Scootaloo never learning to fly and accepting that she is disabled, but that doesn't make her "worse" than anypony else." Effectively the "it's okay to be disabled" episode. I really hope they follow through with that, since it was supposedly Lauren Faust's original idea for Scootaloo's character development.

      Aside from that video, the associated panel has confirmed that Derpy will be back, and she'll be returning to her tried and true "background sight gag" status, which is all I ever wanted after the garbage that happened surrounding her. Related to that is the supposed conformation that Derpy (and apparently all the other background ponies) will not, and likely never will get her own episode, because they don't have the time to have episodes about the Mane Six AND background ponies. That's fine by me. Focusing an episode on a particular background character (or background characters) would probably just lead to another "jump the shark" or "the show is over" accusation.

      Babs Seed apparently won't be in season four, but whatever. She lives in another town that they very rarely show, so it would probably feel too contrived to justify bringing her back to Ponyville again and again. Now, traveling to Manehattan might work better for that...

      Several characters that haven't had songs before will have songs in season four, apparently including Luna and maybe Scratch. Luna song, yes. Scratch song, eeh. She's a DJ. DJ's ain't sing. Of course, if you are a character on My Little Pony, you must be on call to sing 24/7.


      Since Amy Keating Rogers has returned to writing for the show, I'm pretty confident that any episodes she writes will be done very well. SHE NEEDS TO WRITE THE SCOOTALOO EPISODE.

    93. @MyBoyJ

      I could stand to hear a little more whining about Putting Your Hoof Down, it didn't even make it on your drama list! I must not be doing my job. :P


      I reaaaaaally hope you're right about AKR writing the Scootaloo episode, and that it goes exactly as you described. A lot of people think that the only way she can ever be happy is to be a clone of Dash, but life doesn't work that way. I would be happy to see them go a little deeper.

      There was one thing on the panel that bugged me, though I'm probably in a firm minority on this one. Andrea Libman said Pinkie's writing would be "hilarious", and that a lot of funny stuff "happens to" Fluttershy. I want Fluttershy to happen to the world, not the other way around.

    94. "I want Fluttershy to happen to the world" Watch out, world, you're gonna get Fluttershy'd.


      "...complain because 'that Applejack episode could have been written better'"

      Of course you say episode. Singular. Don't think I didn't catch that.

      And it better be written well. If she's getting one episode, then it sure isn't going to be like The Last Roundup, that's for sure.

      Or it'll be the best episode in the series. Like the Trixie episode that broke Seth, if the AppleJack episode does really well then it'll break Bombe.

    95. @Millennial Dan

      I said my piece about Putting Your Hoof Down shortly after it first aired. Personally, I feel that it was okay, but it could have used a bit more build-up and maybe a bit more development in its resolution. One of the themes running throughout the show is the Mane Six not living up to their Elements of Harmony and/or subverting their established personalities. We've seen generous Rarity being selfish, loyal Dash endangering others to glorify herself, logical Twilight being swept up in unreasonable fears, honest Applejack being caught in half truths, and kind Fluttershy being cruel seems to fit into that larger theme.


      I have to agree with you about "stuff happening to Fluttershy." That seems to suggest that since she's shy and uncomfortable in social situations that it would be funny to ramp that up by "doing funny things to her and watching her react to them."


      I didn't really mean that there would be just one Applejack episode this season. Even though season three was half the usual length, she still had two episodes, and Apple Family Reunion was, in my opinion, one of the better episodes of the season.

      What's wrong with The Last Roundup?

    96. @J I was saying that it had better not be like The Last Roundup in that it was an AppleJack episode but she was outshined by somepony else and that the episode itself was hardly ever seen.

      I mean, come on, AppleJack was suposed to be the main feature...

    97. @Bombedrumbum

      Once the initial rush of "OH MY CELESTIA DERPY SPEAKS!" wore off, Applejack was still the star of that episode, at least on subsequent viewings. As you know, The Last Roundup is probably my favorite episode, even if you don't count Derpy's scene. It has very good writing, pacing, and humor, and the lesson about not being so hard on yourself if you fail is universally applicable.

    98. @MyBoyJ

      Yes, there is certainly that little running theme of them acting against the grain of their normal behavior, but I remain of the opinion that PYHD took it way, way too far. I just can't picture the Fluttershy that had been established up until then becoming so personally offensive to her friends. I can see her being frustrated to the point of lashing out, but that one scene was... something else.

      I really enjoyed Apple Family Reunion as well, even if the premise wasn't entirely different from some of Applejack's previous forays, such as Applebuck Season and The Last Roundup. That gal really is addicted to responsibility. But regardless, I liked the mellowness of it. Not every episode has to be completely outrageous, after all!


      I've heard an audio clip going around that implies a body-swap episode. I don't know if there's any truth to it, but I have this weird feeling that at this rate, FIM will have burned through every well-known trope known to man before season 6 is ever thought of. Doesn't mean they won't be great fun though.

      Also, as a side note about that Luna/NMM thingy; Equestrian History is srs bsns amongst the nerdiest of us. Don't blow it McCarthy!

      Also, what did you guys think of that new Apple Family song? I thought it was pleasant to see that the writers continue to espouse the almost peculiar strength of the Apples' familial relationships. I know most people have families that are summarily less than perfect, including some of us, but I think the Apples give people something to emulate in that regard.

      Oh, and who else here thinks Diamond Tiara is the most adorable little evil thing ever? Eh?
      Just me? Welp, okay then.


    99. Remember The Best Night Ever, the season one finale episode?

      Yeah, Fluttershy's little snap with the "You're....going to LOVE MEEEE!!!" was perfect, and is one of the best break of character's that I've seen anywhere.

      The Apple Family song? Wait, you mean that song from The Last Roundup, or something that got released as SDCC?

      Oh Dan, you Flutterfan....

    100. @Bombedrumbum

      I have well over a thousand Fluttershy pics in my dA favorites gallery, if you include the group shots. Basically...

      And yeah, I would definitely agree that Best Night Ever pulled off that element much better.

      Soooo, anyway. . . .

    101. @Dan

      If we're going for statistically "best", then Princess Celestia is the best pony.

      In terms of favorites, however, Fluttershy is actually my least favorite, with AppleJack up top. What were you saying again, Dan?

    102. @Bombedrumbum

      Celestia, wut? How do you figure?

      I was going to tell you just how terrible your favorites lineup is, but I was advised better of it.

    103. Playing Fallout (and probably any RPG) games have made me realize that I don't play the game to beat the boss and stuff so much as carry around tons of loot and garbage to sell to vendors for money that I refuse to spend. I've seen some strategies for this, and I must say that I'm quite impressed with what I'm seeing. Like, kicking/carrying around corpses and stuff with infinite storage across the wasteland and shooting vendor junk into the distance with the Rock-It Launcher. To put it in the words of another person, it's like they wanted us to be crazy. I don't get all the pictures I see of people storing their stuff like this. I just keep it all in my locker for easy storage and quick accessibility.

      Oh, and I just found this little thing (courtesy of a kind replier on Imgue to one of my Fallout comments). So far, this one's my favorite. I always wondered how the NPCs felt with the immortal Vault Dweller.

      ANYWHO- @Dan

      I mean, Celestia is the most powerful pony, so yeah, she's the "best" in terms of statistical ability.

      And, umm, I'm not hating on Fluttershy, I'm just saying that Applejack is my favorite and I like the other ponies more than Flutters. Not saying that I don't like her, I just don't like her as much as the other ponies. Except maybe the progressively more douche-y Rainbow Dash. I liked Season 1 the best, okay? The cahracter development has kinda screwed Dash over in terms of how nice and caring for her friends she is. Loyalty? Bah.

    104. Geez. Lots of stuff while I was gone. Anyhoo, there are always doomsayers in every fandom. We shouldn't have to worry about that for at least another year, since it will take a while till we've seen all the season four episodes. I'm glad that they're not likely to touch the background ponies cause they're probably not going to make episodes that cater to every fan. Fanfics allow us to create worlds that the show can't elaborate on, so at least give us the background ponies. <3

      Forever <3 Lyra.

    105. @Bombedrumbum

      Actually, in terms of raw magical ability, I think Luna's still got the rest of the ponies beat. It seems that she was too much for Celestia on two separate occasions.

      Funny you should say that, because, when S1 first aired, Shy was easily my favorite, but I liked them all pretty well back then. I was not quite the sad, jaded, slightly argumentative longtime G4 fan you now see, heh.

      Video games. Feels like I haven't even picked up a game controller or logged onto Steam in forever!

    106. @Dublio

      This is true enough, although the fandom has plenty of fun with canon personalities as well!

    107. I don't care if Twilight got wings or not, she can't automatically already be the most powerful being at this state in the game, cause that would be too easy. If anything, they kinda treat her exactly the same as when she didn't have them (by what people tell me in the comics). What I'm wondering the most is, does she keep her long hair too?

    108. @Dan

      Heh, I noticed that you haven't been on Steam in triple-digits of days.

      Speaking of it, I have to say something about Fallout: Deathclaws. My first and only experience with them in a game was when I had first stepped out of Vault 101 and was walking around the wasteland. I was armed with only a 10mm pistol. I finished it off in a couple of shots next to a nearby survivor who I ran into. I could easily outrun the deathclaw, and it posed less trouble than a bloatfly.

      Until one of them mauls me like a giant in Skyrim, I will not be afraid of them.

      Luna? Eh, okay, whichever pony is the most powerful is the best pony, happy? In terms of physical strength, Big Mac is the best.

      I just like AppleJack over Flutters, and Flutters has been my least favorite since the very beginning. lol.

    109. Remember during that Sleepover episode in season one, how Twilight did something to her hair (I think curlers or comb or something)? Well, I wonder what she'll do if she gets that galaxy particle effect hair. In reference to the previous post, Madmax would brush it.

    110. My headcanon is that Luna has a lot of power that's locked away but she can't use it due to the whole Nightmare Moon thing. In times of extreme emotion, she gains immense power but also have the con of it taking over her if she's not careful enough.

      Only because I regularly think of fics where she uses her NMM powers to take on villains. On a related note, it's sorta like Soul Nomad.

    111. In summary, this. This never applied to me.

      My headcanon is not all that imaginative. I just stick to the show to be honest :P

      I do think that sans-EoH, Discord is the most powerful being. Even moreso than King Sombrero.

      At least Discord has a sense of logic, twisted as it is. Like, he doesn't hurt anybody, just inconvenience.

    112. My modus operandi for concluding best pony disagreements.

      Discord is absolutely still number one. Simba couldn't even handle the princesses, EoH not required. Come to think of it, makes me wonder how anything will ever be a challenge any more, now that Discord's playing for the home team. Maybe it's hard to motivate him.

    113. @Dan okay, new headcanon: Discord is like Deadpool. He's not a hero, per say, but he has been known to work on the "good" side. Slap on the crazy nature of it all and top it off with the fact that it's hard for him to work with others as they would want it, and you've got it!

      I'm not saying that AppleJack is best pony, I'm just saying that she's my favorite. You can like whoever you want, just don't say it as conclusive that one pony is the best.

    114. @Bombedrumbum

      What difficulty are you playing on that makes Deathclaws so easy to fight? In any case, Deathclaws in New Vegas are much more challenging to fight since they have a very high damage threshold. If you don't have an extremely powerful weapon, or armor piercing ammunition, you're pretty much doomed. On the highest difficulty, some Deathclaws can kill a max level character, with the best armor in the game, in one hit.

      @Millenial Dan and Bombedrumbum

      I can solve this best pony argument.


      In the comics, Twilight isn't an Alicorn. I've read every issue so far, and the comic universe seems to exist either in between seasons two and three or in a completely divergent alternate universe that takes place after season two. At the IDW (the company that makes the comics) panel at Comic-Con, they apparently mentioned that Twilight being an Alicorn in the comics depends on the reception season four gets. Here's how EqD summarized it. "Twilacorn might pop up later after they see how season 4 does." If season four with Alicorn Twilight is received well, then they'll make Twilight an Alicorn in the comics (which seems kind of unusual, given that Hasbro forced that change into the show in the first place.)

    115. @MyBoyJ

      All-pony is hard to argue with.

      That is pretty strange about the comics, I wasn't aware they had said that. I think they should leave Twilight a normal unicorn in the comics though, that way everyone can have at least a little of what they want.

    116. @J I see that she is equipped with Bucks McGee, Applejack's hindleg.

      I'm playing it on Normal... the thing is, another random NPC was shooting at it, and I don't remember what his health was at when I started attacking it.

      I do, however, think that this screenshot of Dom's is befitting. And that Dom killed a Deathclaw with a sniper rifle.

      I haven't even touched NV yet :p

      Wait, we were arguing about who was best pony? I just thought that we were discussing who was our respective favorite pony.

    117. @Bombedrumbum

      Nah, there's no fun in arguing who one's favorite is, because that's a matter of personal taste. It's far more entertaining to have a perfectly nonsensical "best pony" contest.

    118. @Bombedrumbum

      Ah, that was a random encounter. The Deathclaw was wounded when you found it, yes?

      The whole Fallout series has "random encounters" where you occasionally run across one of a collection of encounters that can include (in Fallout 3) escaped slaves running up to you and begging for help, hunters stalking their prey, Talon Company mercenaries or Regulators attacking you, (depending on your Karma) among many, many other things.

      In fact, I'd say that random encounters are the one thing that Fallout New Vegas does objectively worse than Fallout 3. In New Vegas, there are significantly fewer encounters, and they can occur in fewer locations.

    119. The great summer Steam sale is just about over and I figure that I'll leave you with one of the trailers for a game I bought, and finished, during the sale. It is a pretty dang good game that's part 80's homage, part parody, and part originality, and the trailer is a work of art in itself.


      Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon


    120. Nice to see how people's tastes change throughout the seasons. As for me, my favorite background pony is Lyra, favorite CMC is Sweetie Belle, and favorite one of the mane six is... crap. I don't even remember anymore.

    121. For the sake of argument, let's go with Pinkie Pie.

    122. So I went to go wish Dan a happy birthday on DeviantArt and found out that he has favorites folders. Including an AppleJack folder. :D

    123. Forgot to mention that while driving home today- erm, yesterday... anyways, I was driving home from the hospital today as usual only I saw a homeless man pushing around his cart as always, only he was in costume for Comic-Con. He was wearing a full Captain America costume, and he was homeless and semi-fat. He was obviously drunk or on drugs or SOMETHING because he got up on a sign and started doing strange jumping/dancing moves. He even was running rather fast in the small little island on the street around and around, just being crazy. The light turned green, and I admittedly almost caused an accident earlier in the day by closing my eyes for a few seconds (WTF WAS I THINKING THAT IS THE MOST STUPID THING I HAVE EVER DONE SO WHAT IF MY EYES ARE SORE KEEP THE F*CKING EYES ON THE ROAD), and I didn't want to screw anything else up, so I kept my head straight. Okay, in my defense, that was- you know what, that is just unexcusable. The result was not so much me closing my eyes for a moment to relax them (it was a 20mph street and I was coming up on a stoplight), so much as the fact that when it switched to green while I was slowing down, I crossed the intersection and apparently lost track of where I was in my lane and ended up with half of my car in the lane next to mine to the right. Thank GOD I didn't hit the car in front of or behind me..... I feel so bad now, because that's just plain stupid, there's no excuse for it.

      So yeah, drunk Captain America homeless dude.

    124. @Bombedrumbum

      Yay for orbital milestones!


      Thanks Dubs, you too! You know, when it's your birthday. At that time, you too. Yep.


      GESUNDHEIT! And thanks! That is precisely my preferred method of partying.

    125. My birthday was 2 months ago, so you're about 10 months early, Dan. Hehe. :3

    126. Well, I've got a (probably useless) physical therapy evaluation in the morning, so I should be rested for that.

      Have a clearer image of my zebra OC.

      And a classic, and fantastic, PMV.

      This is War


    127. @J HIgh-quality? High-quality. I still am wrapping my headaroudn the double OC. To me, yours will always be Shkle.

      That is indeed a classic PMV.

    128. @J

      That Zebra is made of pure, distilled coolness. One of the most distinct, and yet pleasing to the eye, OCs I've seen in a while. He's definitely a keeper.


      The thing about OCs is that you can have as many as you want! No unwritten rule exists about having only one. Also, there may be some distinction between an OC and a "ponysona", which of course is a particular type of OC.

    129. I heard mary-sue red and black alicorn OCs are the best and the most original too :D

    130. A belated Happy Birthday to you Dan!

      wow, go away for a few weeks and ya'll moved to a new post.

    131. @ClosetBrony

      Hey! Long time no see! How have you been?

      @Millennial Dan

      Thanks! Of course, you can thank the artist for the bulk of the design. This is what the earliest version of him looked like, and I had her tweak it from there.


      I take it that the "high quality" is directed at the OC? If so, thanks.

      Shkle is more the fun, silly, giggle ha-ha OC, while the zebra is more the ponysona that's actually supposed to be an in-universe representation of me. Like Dan said, all ponysonas are OCs, but not all OCs are ponysonas.


      They're so hardcore.

    132. So, I had my physical therapy evaluation this morning, and I didn't have high hopes for it, given my past experience with physical therapy. The PT asked me why I was there and I told him about my EDS and the various problems it has caused me and he said that I would be the third EDS patient he's dealt with, which surprised me since it's a fairly rare condition. He had me do a few stretches and such that demonstrate the excessive range of motion caused by EDS to confirm the diagnosis (which I had previously seen in my online research into the condition) and he told me that the only effective treatments were preventative and centered around muscle strengthening and stability to minimize future damage. I told him that the doctor who sent me to him (the one I hate) told me that my quadriceps muscles were weak and that was the cause of my recent problems. The PT checked my quadriceps and had me do a few demonstration exercises and said that they were fine, but they could be stronger. In fact, he said that the left one is slightly weaker than the right one, while the left one has been giving me no trouble. These are the same muscles that the doctor said were "significantly atrophied." The PT then showed me some exercises I can do at home that involve nothing more than my own body weight (and a rubber ball for one of them) that he said would help. He also suggested some common sense things that could keep the issue from getting worse, like wearing good shoes and eating a healthy diet. At the end of the visit, I mentioned that I had lost my job over this condition and I would be unable to afford the $50 per visit co-pay (which would be authorized for a total of 60 yearly visits, totaling $3000), and he said "don't worry about it. I want you to pay zero. I'll get the waiver form." And so he did. He worked it out so that I don't have to pay to go to physical therapy. And he actually knew about EDS and how to keep it under control.

      Today gave me the best experience with a medical professional that I've had in a very long time.

    133. @ClosetBrony

      Hey thanks! It's good to hear from ya!


      Wow. That's kind of incredible. Well, I guess that just goes to show that integrity frequently varies wildly from one person to the next.

    134. I agree whole heartily you can have as many OCs as you please. Favorites are each sharing no similer attribute to the others. A ragtag bunch of misfits of you will

      I've always gotten the ponysonas mixed up, I did think every OC was one. Which in that form I've never had one, none of the characters I've created are.
      Renegade is not what I consider myself in universe, wether, what I'd want to be...

      I assumed it was black Alicorns with flaming manes

      Good to hear your finally dealing with someone who knows what they're doing.

      I've been caught up in some issues lately and I just decided to kind of pop in and out but not comment. On the brightside, things are looking good

      Once you have completed every DLC in F:NV, Deathclaws just don't seem as sporty anymore. Cazadors,Lobotomites and Ghost People on the other hand...

    135. Anyhoo, I wrote a nonfiction thing, but I'm not entirely sure if it's brain gibberish or if it could be considered inspiring. Would you all be interested in seeing it by any chance?

    136. @Millennial Dan

      It is pretty amazing, after all the garbage I've had to deal with.

      @Renegade the Last Shadowbolt

      See above.

      Also, I hope there isn't anything too serious going on with you. It's good to hear that things are looking up.

    137. My wisdom teeth were removed today.

      My memory..... Ugh....

      I think I was watching Top Gear.

      Apparently I was wearing my headphones for the surgery. I remember wraring them, starting with Skyrim, then quickly changuming it to some ambient music. I remember gripping the side of the chair very tightly as one of my teeth got shattered, or at least that's what it felt like (a pile driver).

      I don't remember leaving the doctors office. I remember a lot of blood.

      Oh, wait, actually, I do rmeember something. In a parking lot, some woman suggested black tea bags for pressing.

      And now I'm watching Top Gear. I am drugged up, can't remember half of the day, and movement is limited.

      ooh, Travis, what happened?

    138. Oh, I DO remember not being able to focus my eyes properly/entirely.

    139. Ugh, I hate how it still hurts even though they've given you novacaine or whatever equivalent it is. That or I must have been a real wuss as a little kid. I screamed when they drilled into my gums. :(

    140. Well, when my brother did his, it was special. Not only did he have a shattered molar that needed removing (and therefore making his wisdom tooth replace it), but his wisdom teeth were, in his own words, "fused to the bones". Ouch.

      I had some lukewarm clam chowder soup. That is all.

      @Dublio Ah, of goals and hard work.

    141. @Dublio

      Fantastic writing. Utterly fantastic.

      Also, I think anyone would scream if they got their gums drilled.

      I've had two of my wisdom teeth removed and I still need to have the other two removed. I have no idea if/when I'll be able to do that, though.

      In any case, it's time for bed. Goodnight.

    142. @MyBoyJ

      That's great! I'm glad you'll be able to get some competent help finally.

      Did you get on stage during Saturday night's PonyStock @EFNW? I'm watching/listening to it on Youtube and I swear I saw you pass by as part of a "conga" line.

    143. @ClosetBrony

      The only part of PonyStock I attended was a brief spell on Friday night and I saw the conga line, but wasn't part of it and didn't get on stage. You can see me off to the side of the stage in this video a few times around the three hour mark. I showed up during the saxophone part (that guy was on security last year and he was on events this year) and left two sets later. I'm the only security guy with a messenger bag, so I shouldn't be tough to spot.

    144. Aaaaand back to my computer. I've been right busy for a while.

      Huh, so apparently this just came to fimfiction.

      Truth be told, I haven't played a single video game in weeks.

      A few things to say for updates:

      1) Screw seagulls. They have a very annoying bird call, especially the ones that are a constant baying in an upwards crescendo for fifteen to twenty seconds. Eff you.

      2) Well, my Eagle Scout project has taken twenty months, I have had absolutely everything in my power done, and the only thing that's been stopping it for the past year has been incompetency at the hands of the people that I am working with. So, I dropped it. Since then, in the past two weeks, I've picked up another, new project. Everything is planned out, running smoothly, and appoved. My counselor looks like Ryan Stiles and the supervisor for the city answered his business phone with "What'd I break?" (two very awesome people). So yeah, I've been BUSY with this, and it doesn't help that I'm technically supposed to be resting right now.

      3) How many of y'all know about the whole congressman Weiner thing in New York? Anybody? Yeah, well, San Diego's mayor is WORSE. The guy not only has been doing blatantly illegal sexual harrassment practices while in office, but he is also really immature. Like, in the middle of a debate/discussion on the city council, he got a police officer to come into the room and remove the guy who was stating a city policy that "he didn't agree with". And to top it all off, he just looks creepy. I can't evendecide which picture to use, so just have a google search of his name. He's been asked by pretty much everybody on the city council to step down, as well as prompting a statement from the head Democrat in DC about his behavior, and what does he do instead of addressing the issue? He holds a press conference (without answering ANY questions) saying that he's going into rehab for three months and then all of the sound equipment conveniently stops working. I later heard somebody coin the term "ass-grab rehab". Heh.

      Seriously though, screw that guy. With a cactus. Made of paaaaaaiiinnnnnn.

      4) Oh hey, I forgot that I still have a tuxedo in my closet.

      5) Why are there two crackers still on my desk from last Tuesday. Oh lawdy I just remember taht I wore frikkin' headphones during the surgery operation. My memory has been weeeeeeird lately and is only just now starting to get back on track.

      6) F*CK YOU, SEAGULLS.

      I like how I've been using a wine crate as a footstool to the side of my desk. Lol, I don't even drink wine, why do I have a wine crate there.....

    145. @Bombedrumbum

      Seagulls, baygulls. it's all the same to me.

      As for those politicians, you know what they say about power corrupting? Sounds like it might be a case of that. Some people go crazy when they get power and they do crazy things while in power. The same thing happens to celebrities all the time (Charlie Sheen anyone?)

      I hope your scout project works out in the end.

    146. I've spotted four dead seagulls near my house today and OH MY GOD AS I'M TYPING THIS A SEAGULL STARTED CAWING. O.o

      Anyways, what I was going to say was that I think that something is happening to the seagulls around here. Lots of feathers EVERYWHERE and corpses, combined with the fact that the shrieks are getting louder and far more frequent, and I think that something is happening.


      Too bad I'm not doing anything about it. Eff you, seagulls.

      Oh, and my female friend finally did it. She did the "no is supposed to mean yes" thing today. I know that I am addressing this to a group of men, but come on, you can't expect a poor bloke to be able to tell what a blank stare is supposed to mean.

      Apparently it meant "feed me", what with the ensuing pasta (Oh lawdy I just realized how bad that sounds). Umm, yeah, the conversation about "just tell me what you want" went for about an hour. By the time it was over, Costco, my preferred food source, was closed, so I had to go to another store to get some sausages and a gallon of milk. $3.99 for generic 1% milk? We need to go more generic. $2.35 for a white plastic gallon jug with nothing but an unassuming "1%" printed on the cap? Sold.

      Oh, you want rosemary for your bread? Sorry, but this bread is going to be as sour as your assumptions by sweet, sweet comparison.

      Sorry mates, but I really needed to say that. Miscommunication is a downright shame.

      As I was looking through this comment before posting it, a seag- no, there's another one. Sigh... two seagulls have flown right past my window loudly shrieking. I mean, this is just.... maddening.

      I swear, it's starting to remind me of Alfred Hitchcock.

    147. @Bombedrumbum

      My first thought about the seagulls freaking out and dying is that there's some kind of disease affecting them. I quite possibly came to that conclusion because I've recently been playing Dishonored, which is set in a city infested with vicious plague rats.

      I am utterly convinced that miscommunication, and a general failure to communicate effectively, is the cause of the vast majority of humanity's problems.

    148. Sometimes it's because people don't put enough effort into proofreading what they type/watch what they say before they say it. Just look at the defense of every person that's bad at spelling and writing. "omg u is gramar nazi mang"

      And of course, it's harder to screen yourself talking since you can't look at what you said before it goes out there. Unlike writing.

    149. @Dublio you know, there's a button next to "publish" that says "preview". I use it sometimes before commenting.

      @J huh, I own Dishonored. And yeah, plagues and whatnot. "The Outsider".

      Sexist joke? MISScommunication? Nah, the fact of the matter is that miscommunication happens in every form of human.

    150. @Bombedrumbum

      I find Dishonored to be fascinating because of the difficult choices you have to make and the general atmosphere of the city that's been ravaged by disease. It also constantly reminds me of the novel The Plague by Albert Camus, which I read in college. That book is incredible; probably one of my favorite books of all time. It's one of those metaphorical, allegorical, philosophical, existentialist books that uses an outbreak of disease, and subsequent quarantine, to explore the human condition. I highly recommend it, if you're into that kind of thing.

      In any case, it's bedtime. Goodnight.

    151. @MyBoyJ

      I tried being productive. I finally decided to purchase CrashPlan unlimited backup to help preserve all my delicate files, but with an upload speed of 2mbps, the estimated time for backup is roughly a month or so. Woah.

    152. @Millennial Dan

      I have an external hard drive attached to my computer that I use for backups, but I should probably use a service like that as well.

      Now, bedtime. Goodnight.

    153. What am I doing to be productive, nobody asks? Well, I'm trying to think of a way to convey my message in an entirely satirical manner!

      Seriously though, I'm actually feeling rather good about myself what with all of the work that I've been doing lately.

      Oh, and just when I was going to compliment the customer service of an online resource, they head the email to me with the wrong name...

      I can't exactly blame the guy, though, as the man went out of his way to help me, even digging through user forums of another company's website to help me. To him: you rock. No, seriously, you are an awesome person.

      Whenever I deal with customer service, I try to be as absolutely polite as possible. I mean, I know that customer service people deal with idiots and jerks and it is their job to not only put up with them but to help them. Ever worked in retail for long?

      Yeah, so to employees like this, who are not only nice, but go above and beyond to help the average customer.... well done.

      I let the guy know that I was extremely thankful and grateful for his support and didn't even draw attention to the fact that he messed up my name. Best customer service by far.

      The local company, Stater Bros., however...

      Let's just say that their weekend manager isn't exactly the most capable person. Try as she might, she just can't do the job. For what she's worth, though, she did give me helpful information (call the actual manager when he gets in tomorrow), so I guess that she's alright. After all, I'm not sure what the exact specifications of her job was (she definitely was filling in, though), so I can't really judge.

      Also, the phone hold music needs some serious quality control. It's worse than a walkie talkie being put next to a cheap radio. It's the audio equivalent of taking a picture with a cheap cell phone.

      Backing up files and folders? Umm......

      What? People do that?

      I've had this computer for some time now, and am only using just over a third of the total space. 465 GB capacity and only using 169 of em.

      Yeah, it could crash, but I just had an entire phone replacement, along with the loss of every single file that was stored on there. Today I looked at it for the first time and realized the PROS to having a ton of cluttered files being purged from existence. I mean, dang, I'm looking through my stuff and realizing just how much I don't need most of these files, and even if I do, I don't need them to this extent.

    154. Oh, and I'm not the only one around here to have noticed the increased seagull aggression. My neighbors have, too.

      So the general consensus seems to be that the birds are killing each other, plain and simple.

      No, seriously, there are a lot of dead birds here and a lot more of injured ones. Heck, I even witnessed a dominance fight this afternoon.

      Lemme tell ya, the mating rituals of the seagulls are NOT pleasant to be around.

      I would tell a story that my neighbor told about him fighting one of the birds, but not only have I forgotten most of it and wasn't paying attention, but I doubt its credibility. therefore, I shall only tell of it, heh.

    155. Bombe, the most recent post has a Saddle Arabia music track and I remember that you were looking for one in particular from a while ago. I have no idea if that's the one, but it might be worth a look.

    156. No.... Not me. It was either Dan or Trotsky, if I remember correctly. I don't think that it's the same track, either.

      Me? I stopped paying attention to about 99% of all brony fan-music, and that statistic is no stretch.

    157. @Bombedrumbum

      Well, it was someone around here. I guess we'll find out eventually.

      Now, to sleep. I have to wake up early tomorrow to take scrap metal to a metal recycling place that will pay for it. I expect to make $4.


    158. Things that I feel guilty and awkward of:

      -Not having to work hard. Now, I don't mean that I don't work hard, I'm talking things like physical labor. I went to a site today and long story short (as much as I would love to type the story, but that's for the next point) I was standing in a NICE backyard of a NICE home in a REALLY FRIKKIN' RICH part of town with workers. I always felt sorta guilty around laborers, especially in situations like this. They work SO HARD and it almost seems unfair.

      -Typing these comments and my stories. Seriously, this forum is not my own personal blog. There are other people on here.

      -Talking about the other people on here. I just feel like it's counter-productive. "Oh hey, nobody's commenting, let's talk about how slow the comments are!" "Looks like the majority of our members are gone!" To be honest, I believe them to have moved on. Sure, I'd gladly welcome them back with open arms and act like nothing has changed (and actually believe it after the first day), but we all know that that's not going to happen. Heck, I doubt most of them even remember this place.

      -Posting updates about my music stuff. Let's see here, how many people in this group are productive? Dan does drawings, but does he speak of them? Ravens writes, but does he tell us? Dublio writes some stuff, and I daresay that he's shy to share them. I will, however, say what happened with me, only I dare not do it here. Therefore, I will put it all into a document and hyperlink it here.

      Here’s the document Please, comment.

      -Complaining about anything. ZeroHero’s ominous words come to mind, in that sometimes receiving comfort for woes (no matter how insignificant or important) is almost worse than what is actually being complained about. I really, really want for the old members of this group to come back and comment, but if I complain about it or even make note of it, it contradicts itself. Don’t get me wrong, here. If you want to say something that is bothering you or hurting you, say it. I’m only talking for myself because of my perceived paranoia of how others take my comments, which brings me to the next point-

      -Perspective. This isn’t so much something that I feel guilty of so much as a fear. I worry too much about how things I say get taken, and therefore almost don’t even type some things out of worry. I try to always keep my diction in check, too. Let’s just say that I always think about people who receive my words. Heck, one of the ways I calm down and rationalize myself is by looking at myself from an outsider’s perspective. It’s second nature for me to view things from different perspectives, so I always am on the edge about what other people are thinking. You want proof?

      -The last comment of the first page. I think that you all know what I’m talking about, although nobody’s mentioned it. That’s right, last post, I felt like I was really, really obnoxious with that last comment. I mean, really?! All of the things that I’ve listed thus far are summed up nicely for the most part with that comment. And everybody saw it. Most every time somebody wanted to comment, they had to see it. Literally thousands of times, it must have been seen.

      And that is why I propose this: the last comment shall be a link. Or multiple links. Links to a document or a circle or whatever. We can comment on the document, edit it, change it, whatever. It will be SALT’s official document, easily accessible by all. Not to replace the forum, no, but to add a nice little touch. With Google Docs, it could even serve as an instant-chatroom for us whenever we need it. We could edit the preferences to make it private to only us. And, we will fulfill the Safety Dance. I think that it’s a good idea, we just need to get a link there and then we can fix it to whatever we want, right? Any thoughts on this?

      Took me about 75 minutes of work to make this comment, starting at 1:30AM. It is now 2:48AM by my clock.


      Fixed link. Well, this is something that I had typed about but cut for my proposition. We're gonna have to be careful about that if we do it.

    160. Sheesh that's depressing. Well I know what I'm not doing again.

      Aww, come on, guys, does anybody want to talk about anything? We were blowing through a ton of comments and then we just kinda stopped when we hit the new posts. It was going so well~

      Hmm, so let's see, video games usually give a nice topic. X-COM? Civ V? Fallout? I've seen you guys on Steam playing those things for hours.

    161. I was about to comment about a half hour ago but I didn't have anything particularly interesting to say.

      Well, aside from the fact that I'm leaving for BronyCon on August first. While there, I'll hopefully be picking up a free Alicorn Twilight promo card from Enterplay, and getting one of these Derpy statues from WeLoveFine. They have a pretty limited production run, so I really hope that I'll be able to pick one up. I'm also going to try to get one for a member of Everfree security who loves Derpy, but I have a feeling that they'll have a limit of one per person. I suppose I could tell them the true story about how Derpy is his favorite pony and he's going to get shipped off to Afghanistan with the army in a few months, but I don't know if they'll make an exception. I guess we'll see what happens.

      As for video games, the Humble Bundle just started the Deep Silver bundle, which includes Saints Row 2 and 3, Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide, Risen 2 (a pirate game) and Sacred 2 (apparently a kind of Diablo-esque game about angels or something).

      I bought it, even though I already have Saints Row 2 and 3, and Dead Island. Deep Silver acquired the rights to Saints Row (and Metro 2033/Last Light) from the bankrupt corpse of THQ, so I'm slightly disappointed that neither of the Metro games are included in this bundle. Of course, I already have 2033, and I'd like to play Last Light, even though I felt that 2033 was kind of glitchy and mediocre. Then again, the Humble Bundle is renowned for adding more games to its Bundles when they're half over and emailing me with the pleasant surprise that I have received more games with zero effort or additional expense on my part.

      *Closely eyes the Metro series*

    162. @Bombedrumbum

      Sorry Bombe, it's difficult to comment during the day unfortunately. Busy making shooty things!

    163. @J

      Leaving for the great big Con in two days? Good luck with that! At least you don't have to travel very far, right?

      Hmm, well I got my copy of Saints Row 3 from you the last time it was in the Humble Bundle. Dead Island? Eh, I'm not gonna ask for your spare copy since I know that I won't really play it.

      Speaking of which, Dom laid down a couple of bucks and got me Castle Crashers during the Steam Summer Sale. I only opened it once, and it was by accident. Granted, I haven't played any games in a while due to my workload, but still. Don't worry, Dom, I'll get to the game!

      Hmm, yeah, I would propose a game night, but there's always the two problems of setting up a server (not that much of a problem anymore to be honest, even I've done it) and actually having people available to play. Really, the only person that I've played any games with in the past months has been Dom, and we played Terraria for a bit.

      Dan? Dan. You haven't been on Steam in a looong while.

      With good reason, though. Now go make your death-sticks/hole-makers. Seriously though, that sounds like a nice job, if even for the fact that you can listen to whatever you want during it.

      *looks at pile of classical music CDs with a veritable unknown amount of collective hours* Yeeaahh...

      And yeah, I get that you guys are busy, heh. I'm busy as well, I just come here for breaks. :P

    164. @MyBoyJ
      Having played Metro: Last Light on the 360, I would say overall there's not to many noticeable glitches, I did have an audio thing where unless I looked the NPC talking directly in the eyes, then all sounds ceased.
      Considering getting Skyrim:Legendary Edition and DeaD Space 3
      (That oddly came out "Deaf Space" at first)

      I have been going through stuff, ill leave it at that for now

      Other then that I've been watching an anime series I've never heard of until then,
      Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

    165. @Travis

      Code Geass? I remember seeing an abridged thing of that on Youtube oh so long ago... If I recall correctly, ZeroHero was a fan of it.

      My brother is asking me what game I want. He's been asking me for a month now. I am trying to find something to say that's not Skyrim Legendary Edition, as I just got two huge Bethesda RPGs :P

      Though, in all honesty, I think that Skyrim will be one of those games that will never die. It will endure. It doesn't matter if I get it now and don't play it, it will see MUCH use over time.

    166. Ah, so many games I haven't gotten around to playing. I didn't buy anything this last steam sale since I still have a few dozen unplayed ones. Anyways I just took my driving test and passed with a 96, and it's about time since I'm 21 (I've been able to get by with public transit but still live far enough to need a ride to the bus stops). I don't even have time to get my license yet because I'm getting up just after 3am tomorrow to catch my bronycon flight, where I'll be working AV. Busy busy busy!

      I still plan on catching up on some of my games before the summer is up, though, so I can join in on those.

    167. @Lupon

      Congratulations on passing your driving test!

      Apparently you too, Bombe!

      Lupon, I hope I'll get a chance to see you at BronyCon, but I know that you'll probably be busy a lot of the time. Hey, maybe you can help me with the whole "one Derpy statue per person" thing. If you'd be willing, of course.

    168. I'm here Bombe, I remember. Sometimes I feel nostalgia for my days in the pony fandom, and the comment threads we all used to have. Time is passing and with it I am learning to accept that the past's good times may be replaced by newer things, though I still like to reminisce about them and revisit the fandom occasionally. I'm going to go read a fanfiction, but I'll keep these comments open.

    169. I'll probably just be "around" Bronycon. I mean, I live half an hour down the road, but I don't really feel like going for the whole con, or shelling out for it. I might show up for one day, just to see the people outside.

    170. @amddude

      Hey! It's good to see you again. I hope things have been going well for you.


      I'll be at the convention center tomorrow afternoon to pick up my badge before the convention starts, so maybe I'll see you there.

    171. Well, I need to get up very early in the morning to go to BronyCon. Hopefully I'll see one of you there and hopefully I'll have some interesting stories for the rest of you.


    172. There, 200th comment. You may all now resume normal commenting behaviors!

      Please tell me that this works and is okay/acceptable. Or, better yet, tell me what you actually think, heh.