• Newbie Artist Training Grounds XI: Day 7


    My Little Pony Newbie Artist Training Grounds Author Calpain

    Leave it to Lyra to have such a tasty treat fail so spectacularly. But even though things didn't go eat this time she isn't defeated by her delicious failure, when times get tough she keeps soldiering on. Tonight we've seen a lot of ponies dealing with the hardships of the things they undertake, some of them even struggling with art. Remember, as artists it is ok to be overwhelmed at times as long as you know you need to take some time to do proper self-care. Far too many push themselves way too hard and burn out as a result.

    So while you all are learning and pushing boundaries I hope you are also learning your limits. It is just as important as learning your craft in my opinion.

    While our ponies are digging themselves out of their respective messes and getting back on stable hooves again, I figured tonight we have a more light-hearted theme. While friendship is an important part of the show, love has also played a vital role as well! Heck, we even have a Princess of Love in the show and baddies that feast on the emotion as well! That's why for tonight I want you to Draw a pony in love / Draw a pony ready to take the plunge.

    With the completion of today's prompt, we managed to bring in 94 ponies tonight, giving us 701 ponies in total as we wrap up our first week of the NATG. Nicely done everyone, keep up the good work!

    As always you can find the submitter here.

    For our mobile friends trying to upload, try this:
    Once you have the image uploaded to Twitter, DeviantArt, wherever try this Touch and hold the image. Depending on what browser you’re using, select the image URL by tapping the links below: 

    Chrome: Copy link address 
    Safari: Copy

    If that doesn't work, you can Touch and Hold an image, open it in a new tab and the URL of that tab should be what you're looking for.

    Use that URL in the compiler for your image. Hopefully that works!

    Max Image Resolution is 2000x2000! Resize your pictures to make sure they are the appropriate size, any image software should be able to help you.

    Animations do not animate when sent through the compiler! Include some text with your submitted animation that people should follow your links to the source to see the animation in full.

    Remember, our compiler for the old prompt is up a few hours even after this post goes up with the new prompt so feel free to submit your submission to the previous day's submitter!

    Also, if you are late submitting and the submitter is closed, don't just throw your pic into the next day's submitter. Wait for a Makeup Day to submit!

    Attention Discord Users:
    For those of you with Discord we are really pulling out all the stops this year as we have a channel on EqD's official Discord server called #artist-training-ground for you to hang out in with your fellow artists during the event. You can join our Discord server here.

    Check on after the break for today's gallery!
    Tutorial on First Day on How to Upload
    Art Tutorials

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  • Nightly Discussion #2547


    My Little Pony Nightly Discussion Author Calpain

    I don't think Rainbow thought this through. Good luck, Dashie, you're going to need it.

    Good evening everyone! How did the start of your week go?

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  • Say Something Nice About Noteworthy

  • Radio Plays: Life's a Breeze #6 / News From the Bunker #11/12

    Time for radio plays! WE've got another episode of Life's a Breeze, and two more News From the Bunker. Go watch them below.

  • Drawfriend Stuff (Pony Art Gallery) #3717

    Batto. I love batto.

    Art below!

    [0] Source
    by dreamweaverpony

  • Community Soapbox - Being a Brony, Helluva Horse, Chrysalis and Ocellus, and More!

    The soapboxes continue! As always, these are the opinions of fandom members, not us here at EQD. If you'd like to submit your own soapbox, hit up this post for infos.

    Have some headlines:

    • What is Being a Brony? (My Take)
    • My Helluva Horse. Crossovers possible?
    • Other Zephyr Breeze Ships
    • Chrysalis and Ocellus

    And go read them below!

  • SFM: Remember Me

    This is a SFM video based on the Prince Whateverer song "Remember Me" starring Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst. We don't get a whole lot of these anymore, so it's good to see a new face on the scene!

    Check it out below.

  • Pony Statuettes, Customs, and Crafts #189

    Custom pone time. It's one area of the fandom that keeps on improving even more over time! I'm always impressed with all the new people popping up with amazing creations.

    Get them all below!

    [0] Source
    Thunder Mane (OC Commission) by H1PpezZ on Deviantart

  • Brony Motto Music: One Track Mind - Love & Tolerate [Electro-industrial]

    If, like me, you believe in the original brony motto "Love & Tolerate" and want to spread it around to make this world a better world, feel free to use this new track part of an upcoming EP by master One Track Mind to empower you and make you feel 20% cooler as you listen to it! The Cyberpunk 2077 musical vibes are palpable here, and it's a very cool musical anthem to keep being a brony and spreading the love and the tolerance! Obviously intolerance shouldn't be tolerated though! But only by being a good example we can hope to cause a paradigm shift and change the state of the world! For Equestria!

  • Poll Results: What Do You Think About Guardians of Pondonia?

    Considering how much hype these has been, I',m surprised so few know about it. I sometimes forget that most people that visit here aren't here every day!

    New Poll Time: What Was the Best Cutie Mark Crusader Episode?

    Go vote on the side bar and get these results below!

  • Morning Discussion #2318


    My Little Pony Morning Discussion Author Calpain

    Just Fluttershy being an adorable little bean, nothing to see here.

    Hello everyone! I hope you all slept well! Ready for some chatter tonight?

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