• Fanfiction Updates - November 21

    We've got three updates tonight! Taking a break from the flood I guess. Get them below.

  • Nightly Discussion #1986

    Yum~ Some Japanese cuisine sounds mighty delicious right now, plus it's delivered by Sunset which makes the deal even better!

    Evening guys! Ready for some chatter tonight?

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  • Drawfriend Stuff (Pony Art Gallery) #3167

    Freedom edition, cause flight is freedom.

    Get a bunch of art below.

    [1] Source

    flight by MirtaSH

  • COPPA and Pony On Youtube - Potential Disaster?

    As most of you have probably heard, Youtube has announced new requirements for videos going forward in response to the Children's Online Privacy Protection (COPPA) regulations that recently struck them with a lawsuit. Usually it would be Youtube themselves causing issues for creators with new changes meant to bring on more profits, but this one is pretty much entirely out of their control. It's a government based regulation.

    Head on down below to read about it and find out how you can help crush this nonsense!

  • Magic the Gathering - "Rarity's Loyal Admirers~" EDH Deck and Analysis!

    You got your EVIL "Everyone hates me now" Nightmare Moon deck, and a uhh... "sticks to the theme" Twilight Sparkle pegasus army deck, but what about Rares here? She's not quite as unique as Luna is, but her cost reduction effect is great for a card that only costs three mana to get out there in comparison to a similiar cmmander in Grand Arbiter Augustin IV that costs four. What do we do with her then?

    NOT control. 

    I am so tired of arbiter always being a control deck. I'm tired of anything blue+white being dedicated to control in general. Lets do something else with that color combo shall we? How about we focus on her Rare/mythic reduction via a deck all about BIG ASS CREATURES.

    And generosity. A little bit of that too.

    Deck below!

  • Let's Review: Feats of Friendship

    Deception! Betrayal! Mythical beasts! Hugs!

    There was plenty going on during Feats of Friendship and yet we were more aware than most of the cast. Let's take a look back at this three-part series and see the themes from start to finish.

    Catch the full review after the break. But make sure you've read the series first!
  • PMV: Smoke and Mirrors / Forever

    We got so much Trixie before the show ended. I, for one, am happy about that. Get a pony music video with those scenes, followed by another one from Para Collab. Get em below.

  • Sim Gretina Sets Pony Videos to Private Over New COPPA Changes on YouTube

    As you may have already heard through the grapevine, YouTube is implementing new systems to bring themselves into compliance with a law not many of us have heard about, COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act). This has caused quite a stir in the entire YouTube community, even outside of pony, as not only labeling videos as kid friendly can drastically reduce revenue but also features on YouTube vids, and impose a possible hefty fine of $42,000 for each video on a channel in non-compliance.

    Understandably, YouTube creators have started taking down some of their videos in order to avoid the fine or because they feel defeated by the new system. In this case, a classic pony musician, Sim Gretina, has made their pony videos and other 'childish' videos private on their YouTube channel.

    EqD isn't here to provide legal advice on how to handle this situation for creators, but for those of you who have not heard of what is going on recently we thought it best to warn everyone that it might be best to start backing up your favorite pony vids and music in case more and more creators start pulling their videos.

    One thing to keep in mind about COPPA is that this law isn't new, having been enacted in 2000 and revised in 2013, it's only affecting us now due to a roughly 150 million dollar fine put on YouTube for being non-compliant. With how vague the law is, many different video types on YouTube appear to be at risk and it looks to possibly be the next big thing affecting our viewing experiences on the site. We're unfortunately going to have to see how this plays out.

    For now, as I said, make backups of your favorites before they may be gone forever. It would be a shame to lose so much pony history (and other YouTube history) if videos start to go private or are removed entirely.

    Thanks to Maik for the heads up about the Sim Gretina situation and the number of pony artists who have brought this new situation to our attention.

    Sim Gretina Source

    Update: Sim Gretina has put all his videos back up till the end of the year to see how this plays out, find his tweet after the break!
  • Poll Results: What Do You Think of The Art Style for the New G4.5 Series, Pony Life?

    We still don't know exactly what we are getting, but hopefully it's pretty solid once we see it in animated form outside of the commercials.

    New poll time:

    Which version of Twilight do you prefer most? 

    Vote on the side bar and get these results below!

  • Morning Discussion #1758

    It's still too early for Dashie to be up and about. Give her a couple more hours and she will be ready to go.

    Good morning everyone, sleep well I hope?

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