• Simple PMV Compilation #62

    Have we ever seen Luna dance? Or alicorns in general? I can't remember.

    Anyway, we have some Simple PMV's for you all to dance to, or watch. I'd dance though. Get them below.

  • Story: A Grand Day Out


    Author: Pearple Prose
    Description: A man and his dog go to the moon for a picnic. They find a lonely pony, a lovestruck robot, and a incredibly cheesy life-lesson.
    A Grand Day Out

    Additional Tags: Luna meets Wallace and Gromit

  • Comic: Monstrosity / The Keys of Harmony / Down and Dirty / And the Winner Is... / Boast Busted

    Comics! We have Shy stealing, innuendo, Derpy, and keys! Click for full!

  • BlackGryph0n & Baasik - Set In Stone

    I tried listening to the radio today.  I can't believe how boring that music has become compared to stuff like this.  We have another one from BlackGryph0n and Baasik.  Get it down below!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #1053

    Season 4 seems to get better and better with every new episode.  I'm so glad we have ouble what we've already seen remaining too!

    It's art time.  Get it all below.

    [1] Source
    Onward -- Season Four

  • The Hub Posts Rainbow Falls, iTunes removed, Google Play Still MIA

    For all you people out there with iTunes/Google Play downloads that aren't working yet, The Hub has uploaded Rainbow Falls to their website. Head on over here to check it out!

    And in other news, iTunes looks to have removed the episode completely. Hopefully this means it's being fixed!

    Anyway, get it over here
  • (Unconfirmed) Next Equestria Girls Movie - Rainbow Rocks?

    It has been rumored for a while now that we would be seeing a second Equestria Girls movie coming out of the pipeline.  With Trixie joining the crew as an official doll and all of the instruments added to the overall EG lineup, they had to push it with something. 

    A user going by the name of Idlemicheal recently returned from the London Toy Fair with some news in regards to said second movie.  The title would be something along the lines of "Rainbow Rocks" (following the toyline) with a battle of the bands theme. The full quote is here:

    The HUGE push though? The new Equestria Girls movie, Rainbow Rocks. The girls are back and performing in a battle of the bands - each come with their own instruments, and Pinkie has a drum kit! There's a big stage for them to perform on, and loads of other characters will be released for the movie too. Best one? DJ Pon-3, who has a car! With the windshield that looks like sunglasses! That can be removed so you can wear them!

    As a few of you pointed out in the submit box, we will probably see a bit of Trixie in this one too considering her very own "Rainbow Rocks" toy is already a thing.  Hopefully Hasbro gets some information out soon.

    And in other news, he also mentioned a set of "POP" figures with replaceable parts.  Apparently you can frankenstien your own Flutterarityalicorn via removable limbs.

    One thing they're really pushing is their POP range - basically, build and customise your own ponies. You get these pony bodies that come on sprues that you POP out (get it?) and push together. They come with loads of accessories and have holes all over the body to push said bits and pieces into. You could have, for example, a Fluttershy body with Twilight wings and Pinkie hair, that kind of thing. There'll also be a play set for you to show them off in. Oh, and they're teeny - about 2" high.

    Thanks to Rainbow Dash, Masem, and everyone else for the heads up!
    Update: For those thinking he may have drawn that conclusion himself,  idlemicheal has since replied saying two different Hasbro employees said that these were in fact based on an upcoming movie.

    Finally some Trixie, and... shes humanized! LAARSON!!!!!!!
  • National Geographic - Outsiders Aired Last Night

    National Geographic's "Darren McMullen's Outsiders" aired last night, with the pony fandom and bronies front and center.  Why was this not all over the ponynet? Apparently it's only on a new channel called "Nat Geo People" at the moment, which is only in Australia.   I guess we need to count on you guys to let us know how it was!

    You can find the trailer for it over here.  It looks like a much more positive show than the "Taboo" we have here in the states that does a similar thing.

    And if the 8:30 on January 21st timezone confuses you, It's already the 22nd in Australia. It stumped us for about a minute too!
  • Trixie and Twilight Revealed at Hot Topic!

    Hot Topic has revealed the GLORIOUS Trixie toy that will be gracing their stores with her Great and Powerful presence in the near future. Expect to see her and Twilight joining their stock online by the end of the week for pre-order.

    Thanks to Carlo, College, and Amore for the heads up!

  • Story: Unspoken


    Author: OleGrayMane
    Description: In relationships, some things must be said, while others are best left unspoken.
    At the end of an exasperating day, Spike and Rarity camp in the desert and talk.

    Additional Tags: Love doesn't always desire words

  • Spotlight Music: Rainbow's Overrated / Go, Ponyville!

    We have two songs in this one, starting with a parody of "I wanna be sedated" dedicated to Rainbow Dash, and a bit of instrumental electronic stuff in the second slot celebrating Ponyville at the games.  Get them both below!

    1.) Rainbow's Overrated [pony parody] (Vocal - Punk Rock Parody)
    2.) Nicolas Dominique - Go, Ponyville! (Instrumental - Electronic)

  • Gmod/SFM/3D Art Compilation Time!

    Lets try something we haven't done in well over a year.  Way back before SFM took over the world, there were gmod artists who would use the oldschool models to create various still scenes.  Some were funny, some creepy, others made great wallpapers, and we had one or two posts compiling all of them.

    Since then, we have seen the models themselves greatly updated, and Christian sent over a boatload for us to compile. Head on down below for all of them!

    [1] Source
    Let Us Prey

  • Background Music: Rainbow Falls

    Both InfinityDash and Rainshadow have uploaded their background music rips from Rainbow Falls.  If you are a fan of William Anderson's usual stuff, expect the awesome in this one too.  Head on down below the break for all of it!

  • Mcdonalds Pony Toys Invade India

    The McDonalds toys that released years ago have made their way over to India.  The website doesn't seem to list anything other than Applejack and Lily Blossom, though there could be more.  Luckily they aren't too bad over on Ebay if you never got a chance to collect the set. 

    Thanks to Boothnat for the heads up!
  • Nightly Roundup #876

    We totally have cheerleader ponies.  I never thought that would be a thing. 

    It's 5am.  This isn't even a nightly roundup anymore.  I'd call it a morning roundup but people complain when I change the names of things, so we are sticking with that.

    Also cheerleader ponies. 

    Get your usual stuff!

  • Untitled

    Soo yeah, that's a thing.