• Music of the Day #143

    Luna secretly throws rave parties at night after raising the moon.   Luckily the pony fandom produces piles and piles of electronic music for these.

    Head on down below the break for a bunch of music!

  • Comic: Avoiding Hooficures / Twilie To The Rescue / Equestria Girls Alternate Ending

    Not exactly one of Dash's better plans I must say. She is going to have some explaining to do after this one!

    More comics, click for full!

  • Story Updates - July 15th

    Story updates, Twilight locked in a cocoon edition! How creepy.

    Find them below.

  • Comic: Core of the Apple Pt3 / The Last Starfighter / Fizzy Cider Accident

    Considering the possible truth about AJ's parents I really do feel sorry for her and her family. It's tough not having parents in your life, especially from such a young age. I can see why her and the rest of her family are such strong willed ponies.

    Anyhow, time for comics guys. For the first comic, links to the other parts are in the description.

  • Ponylude - Magic the Gathering Set

    After Shards of Equestria's demise a while back, the world of MTG and pony crossovers has been a bit empty.  Luckily, we have yet another 250 card set filled with primarily season one and two characters.   This one has just about everything you would expect in a set, from planeswalkers (that evolve, as shown above with Luna and Nightmare Moon) to counterspells.

    Hopefully this one doesn't explode in Cease and Desists like the last one!  Pony conventions need pony MTG!

    Check out the website here

  • Ponyvania Demo Video Shows off Mark Creation, Cloudsdale

    The Ponyvania team has released another video showcasing what they have completed so far.  It looks like the cutie mark creator set up, and Cloudsdale is looking pretty amazing.

    Head on down below the break to check it out, and hit the description up for information on how you can try it.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #865

    Scratch hasn't had a header in a while, so lets do that. 

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    Vinyl Scratch Button

  • JAPAN TIME - Sonic Rainboom

    Sonic Rainboom was probably one of the most well recieved episodes of season one.  If people were on the fence about pony before it, this one shot a cannon ball and sent them sailing into GLORIOUS EQUESTRIA.   Everything from the Cloudsdale to the sonic rainboom itself were straight up epic. 

    We have some links for those that missed previous episodes and want to catch up for all that Japanesy goodness:

    Subtitled Episodes:
    Winter Wrap Up
    Call of the Cutie
    Fall Weather Friends
    Suited for Success
    Feeling Pinkie Keen

    For previous episodes and more, head over here

    Japanese opening #2 with intro video

    And head on down below the break for the usual embed and Sonic Rainboom!  Show starts at 7:30 Japan time, or 3:30 Pacific (30 minutes from the creation of this post)

  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Make This Pony Mine / ポニーリミックス

    Rarity and Spike shipping! How normal and totally canon. We start off with new dB Pony song dedicated to that, and in the second slot is one of those Pinkie Pie Swear style vocal splicing songs with a Japanese name. It's pretty impressive seeing all of their voices mixed up like that. Check both out below the break.

    1.) dBPony - Make This Pony Mine
    2.) My Little Pony - ポニーリミックス

    And then I forget to page break.  Sorry for the lag!

  • Pinkie Pie's Fashion Boutique Finalized

    Apparently this line of toys will be running with a more gothic style look.   This is the finalized box art and toy that was leaked a while back on Taobao.  Apparently she is already popping up at Target, according to our submitter Loretta.  It should also be pointed out that the black streak in the mane has been removed. 

    Personally, I think Pinkamena would have fit a bit better, but that's just me.  Happy hunting! 
  • MLP At Comic Con Detailed - Season 4 Sneak Peek Expected

    If there is one con out there that I get excited for more than anything in the world of pony, it's Comic Con, and from the sound of this little blurb in a press release from Hasbro, they aren't planning on disappointing.  It looks like Saturday will finally mark the day where we see some solid season 4 goodness, along with the usual panel filled with questions we don't see answered elsewhere.  Nothing makes it easier to get approval for something than a Hasbro exec nodding his/her head 3 feet away!

    Anyway, have the blurb, paragraph two being the interesting one:
    The MY LITTLE PONY brand, a massive pop-culture phenomenon from Hasbro, has an expanded presence at Comic-Con in 2013 with a hit animated series, a new feature-length film, and an extensive line of licensed goods. Featuring a unique sense of humor, memorable characters and endearing stories about the power of friendship, the MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC animated series has amassed a fan following as varied as the ponies of PONYVILLE.

    Comic-Con attendees will be invited to join special guests from Hasbro Studios and The Hub Network's "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic" as they share behind the scenes details and a sneak peek into Season 4 on Saturday, July 20 at 10a.m. MY LITTLE PONY fans will also have the chance to get autographs from the "My Little Pony Friendship is Magic" talent following the panel at 11:30 a.m. in the Hasbro Booth. Tickets are required for the session and will be distributed beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday in the Hasbro booth while supplies last.

    To celebrate the launch of MY LITTLE PONY EQUESTRIA GIRLS, fans can stop by the Hasbro Booth at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 20 to receive a cutie mark and a MY LITTLE PONY hair extension while supplies last. The first 475 fans in line will also receive a ticket to a special "My Little Pony Equestria Girls" screening at Reading Cinemas in the Gaslamp district at 3:30p.m. on Saturday.
    Are you excited? I'm excited.

    Thanks to James for the heads up! 

  • Story: Desert Rose


    Author: Golden Vision
    Description: As the prince of Saddle Arabia, Altair wants for nothing, but a chance encounter shows him the one thing that he lacks: love. Desert Rose intrigues and excites him with the mystery of her past and the beauty of her form. Only she can teach him the secrets of the desert: open his eyes to a world with riches beyond gold, and power beyond a scepter.

    The sands cannot be caged, but the desert winds will set Altair free.
    Desert Rose

    Additional Tags: A Thousand and One Equestrian Nights

  • Spotlight Music: Shooting for the Stars / Elemental / Best Friends Forever (BBBFF) Forza

    We start this one off with some orchestral stuff from Dash Dub, followed by some Drums and Bass from Evening Star dedicated to Philomena, and finish with a combo comic and remix of Best Friends Forever. Check them all out below!

    1.) Shooting For the Stars (By TheDashDub)
    2.) Evening Star - Elemental
    3.) Best Friends Forever (BBBFF) | Comic & Music | Forza

  • Equestria Girls Airing on The Hub

    The Hub will be airing Equestria Girls on September 1st according to Hollywood Reporter.  Expect it at 9:00 AM PST or 12:00 PM EST if you wanted to check it out on the TV.   They also have a pony poll popping up on the 22nd of July, though the link is currently dead

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in!
  • Break Reports on Ponies

    Some of you may have run into a random website out there posting a video of the Fiesta Equestria rave that went down a few weeks ago.  Quite a few of them ragged on it, while an entertainment website called Break decided to turn it into a full on article about the show (while still ragging on the video, but making dancing look cool is hard right?).  Aside from some interesting image choices and a few quips, it is overall pretty neutral, even moving into positive territory near the end.

    Anyway, you can find it over here!
  • Useful Pony Soundboard for Android

    It has been almost a year and a half since out last foray into the world of pony soundboards.  Back then, they were extremely basic without any options other than playing a few clips for each character.   Fast forward to today, and we have a much more robust tool for pony sounds on Android.  There are over 450 sounds across 34 characters according to the official description, and the best part about it is the ability to quickly set the sounds to to just about anything on the device (notifications, alarms, ringtones). 

    If you want to drive your friends nuts with "YOUR FACE", or a load of other popular lines from the show, hit up this link with your android device to pick it up.

    My only regret is the lack of season 3 Trixie!
  • Equestria Girls Poll Updated

    Alexstrazse says double facehoof, I say hiding.  Unfortunately I can't run a poll on it.

    Speaking of polls, the one over on the sidebar has been remade as per feedback from a swarm of you.  There is now a middle-ground answer for those that didn't hate or love the movie.  My bad for forgetting it. 

    So go update your votes --->

    (I totally didn't start this off as a blank 4am Trixie post.  Never happened)