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    [Romance][Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Ebonmane
    Description: Ebonmane was born an alicorn. Other than that, his youth in Junction Town wasn't terribly remarkable, except for his deep admiration of the hero, Littlepip and the other heroes that he is surrounded by.

    When he becomes a town watchpony, it's business as usual until a series of events puts him on the path to hunt down a kingpin of the Wasteland's sex trade industry. But diving into the dark heart of the Wasteland reveals a mote of light; a chance to rebuild the Equestria to its former glory.

    No one is certain that Equestria can be saved. But Ebonmane believes in Littlepip's light, and what she stood for. Whether those beliefs are true virtues or foalish dreams remains to be seen, but if Ebonmane wants to succeed, he'll be forced to hold true to his convictions or discover just how dark reality can be.

    Intended to be a direct sequel to K-Kat's original masterpiece. Cover art done by my lovely fiancee. Now with end-chapter analysis questions for the deep readers!
    Thirteen New Chapters: "Prologue: Extraordinary", 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

    [Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: AndyTheUltimate
    Description: The Doctor ends up in Equestria, and in trying to get home, ends up in the post apocalyptic world of Fallout Equestria.
    One New Chapter: "Prologue"

    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Riptid3
    Description: "If our lives are already written, it would take a courageous man to change the script."

    Meet, April Showers. A pony determined to make her life that more interesting. How? By abandoning the comforts of her safe home and moving out into the wasteland of course!

    When she learns of a new threat that could end what’s left of Equestrian civilization, April and her friends must travel beyond their home to save it... and discover something even more alarming in the process. But with no real experience or skill in combat, it's going to be anything but easy.

    Of course, shooting guns and beating ponies silly isn't the only way a pony can make her way through the harsh wasteland…

    Cover image by: BurningMyElectronics

    Google Docs Hub Page: The Hub Page
    Three New Chapters: 1, 2, 3

    Author: OnyxGallantry
    Description: Onyx Gallantry never really knew many ponies in the Stable, but when his closest friend goes missing and Onyx is blamed for his murder, he is banished into the wastes and must find a safe haven from all of the horrors of a blasted and dead land. His adventures -or rather his misadventures,- will lead him all across what used to be a beautiful and flourishing land, making friends that may just help him to find his way, and maybe even succeed in freeing Equestria from a tyrannical slaver known as Red Eye.
    One New Chapter: "Prologue: Stable Law Dictates..."

    [Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: ZeroSkymin
    Description: War...war never changes...kinda

    Meet Luxicon, a Stable dweller turned Raider who was supposed to end up finding his escaped lover, but ended up taking some Psycho and...well, one thing was leading to another, which would lead to a shootout with Talon Company, a tango with some Slavers, a panic attack caused by a lack of soda, it's all over the place. But what happens when the Steel Rangers come plot to destroy the Raider way of life once and for all? Will this pathetic sap of pony go the extra mile, or will he forget the whole thing and just fuck with the Wasters? That depends on the amount of soda.
    Before you ask, I have NOT read Fallout Equestria. I made this primarily for fun. :)
    Two New Chapters: 1, 2

    [Tragedy][Crossover][Slice of Life][Alternate Universe][Human]
    Author: Raikage77
    Description: The world wasn't always like this, rather you believe it or not, there was a time. A time when you got help, when you weren't shoot at and killing wasn't an everyday thing. Now all that's changed for the worse ...but what lead up to this, how did it start? Well, I can tell you ...because I was there, I saw the world get swallowed up in balefire and radiation.

    From one world, to another. I was taken out of the frying pan and thrown straight into the fire. The thing was that back then, I didn't even know it, until it was too late.
    Story Theme Song
    Ten New Chapters: "Prologue: The Wasteland", "Memory-1: The Princess's Birthday", "Memory-2: What's Worth Fighting For", "Memory-3: Apple Family Dinner", "Memory-4: To Be Judged", "Memory-5: Come Home Soon", "Memory-6: First Of Her Kind", "Present Time: In Freedom's Name", "Present Time: Ease On Down The Road", "Present Time-3: Through Undead Eyes"

    [Dark][Crossover][Alternate Universe][Human]
    Author: CrystalSeeker
    Description: Isaac Clarke has gone through hell, been broken, and almost dies on several occasions. He lost his girlfriend, Nicole, and destroyed the Red Marker that was mined off of the USG Ishimura. He wakes up two years later after being in a coma, and finds himself in the same situation on a space station known as the Sprawl. He goes through betrayal, and also delusions of his dead girlfriend that is a manifest of the Marker. He escaped, thanks to Ellie Langford, and soon settles down on one of the colonies orbiting around Saturn, expecting to get away from his past and live a quiet life.

    Yet he was still dragged into the Marker epidemic, and ended up learning the truth about the Markers, as well as destroying the Moon. And he expected to die and rest in peace, knowing that he gave Earth a tomorrow.

    But the universe apparently had other plans for him.

    Isaac wakes to find himself on a unknown planet, which was currently a wasteland, and he also appeared to be in a body of a pony. Many questions running through his mind as he stumbles into the new world, and fights for survival as he did so many times before. Will he ever get home? Will he find a safe haven instead? Or will he possibly meet ponies who could be friendly?
    Two New Chapters: "Prologue", "Chapter 1"



    [Tragedy][Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: VisualPony


    This story contains headcanons that are not in line with the original Fallout Equestria, and is set before it's events. (187 years after the war and 13 years before the rise of Littlepip) If you do not enjoy stories about former equestrian soldiers finding themselves in the wasteland, then this story is not for you.

    Desperate times call for desparate measures... or so they say... The war with the Zebras brought out the best in some, and the worst in others... Now that I see this wasteland, I wonder to which side I belong...

    I had always been loyal to Princess Luna, even though I had a record of disobeying orders. It was this quality to think for myself however, that she valued in me. Eventually, I was given command of a Unit that only answered to the Princess, operating outside of the usual chain of command...

    I was proud and scared at the same time, that a being such as the Princess of the night entrusted me with such a task. One night however, it all fell apart, and now only my friend Firestorm and I remain of what was once Equestrias most secret Platoon. Both of us wonder what will happen to us now, where our place in this world is, and if what we did during the war was really the right thing...

    Sometimes I think it is like that stallion on the radio always says: The one truth of the wasteland, is that everypony has something they regret.
    Twenty-four New Chapters: "Prologue", "A rude awakening", "Dreams of the past Part 1", "Picking up the pieces", "Reality", "The monster within", "First impressions", "Deception", "Recovery", "Confusion", "Dreams of the past part 2", "Forgiveness", "Feelings", "Travel", "Dreams of the past part 3", "Home away from Home", "Defeat", "Oaths", "Dreams of the past part 4", "Grief", "Respite", "Memories", "Rainbownomicon", "Parting ways"

    Author: TheImmolatedPoet
    Description: FoE: Emergence takes place in an Equestria that has recently been shaken by the events of the original story. Things are beginning to change.

    There are those looking to nurture this change, leading Equestria to better times.
    There are those who wish to sculpt it to their will, carving out an Equestria better for themselves.
    There are most, who simply try to live through each day.
    And then there's KnickKnack.

    This aspiring little pony has ambitions and the recent changes in his life have allowed him to finally pursue them. His want for freedom, adventure and invention are all within his reach - but it comes with a price. His selfishness and ambition will be the cause of much anguish and death, lives that were not his right to gamble with. Will this lead him down a dark path, or will he atone for his selfishness and emerge a better pony?
    One New Chapter: 1

    Author: baybrony9514
    Description: War. War never changes.

    Through droughts, famines, floods, and invasions, we have survived. We adapted to live where it was said impossible. We did what we said couldn't be done. We died trying. 200 years later, and still, we haven’t learned. Little did we know, our inability to forgive would be our downfall. The alicorns tried to reconcile for there sins, and still we hated them. Still, we feared them. We didn't know that they would be angry. We had no idea that they could be evil. Now we must pay the price.
    Three New Chapters: "into the freezer", "Apples and Ass Holes", "The New World"

    Author: Cyclone
    Description: You don't need to read The Last Wanderer to understand the main plot of this story.
    The story itself will be updated on GDocs first; please click "More" for the link to the Chapter Index.
    War... War never changes.

    The Northern Wasteland is no place for a pony to venture alone. With the fall of the Enclave, and the near extinction of the Steel Rangers, Equestria has began to rebuild itself, in hope of starting a better tomorrow. However, within the Northern Region of the Equestrian Wasteland, nothing has changed at all. Brutality and violence is at an all time high. And with no protection nor order in the gleaming city of Vanhoover, the Northern Wasteland can truly be a test to one's ability on how to survive.

    With a war between two opposing sides raging on within the Wasteland, a young Unicorn mare arises from her home-town of Winter, in hope, of bringing order and hope to the ponies that live within the barren Wasteland of the north.
    **FINAL COVER ART PENDING; if anyone would like to make it for me (for free, unfortunately, considering I do not have the money to pay for a piece of art) then I'll be most grateful. I'd need a talented artist.
    GDocs version can be found here.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter Two: The Cloaked Stranger"

    [Tragedy][Dark][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Ditzy Soldier
    Description: After the war all of Equestria was thrown into chaos. Where one war ends, many more take its place with a violent power struggle across the Wasteland.
    Through a series of unfortunate events inside of Stable 42, two young ponies are ultimately caught up in it all.
    One pegasus, Sane is forced to make a decision that will unknowingly change the course of history.

    Note: Yes my description is a tad vague because I do not want to give away to much of the story.
    Also to my followers this is the project that was stressing me out so if it seems a little rushed I am sorry.
    One New Chapter: "Paranoia"

    [Romance][Tragedy][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Dainty Blaze
    Description: "Heed my words ye fools for it will be the only warning ye shall receive. A season after the False End when the Nightmare rises from a silent ruin and the Stars return to this plain for a final time, the very gates of Damnation will be burst open. Fear will reign. The blood of the Wise will run like water. And all will know true horror at what comes. Know this when the sky is split open and the Sun returned unto us by a Lightbringer, the beginning of an age of True Darkness will be marked, heralded by the descendant of those you have seemed fit to forsake this day and the Nightmare will decide the Fate of all."

    -Final words of Azura, last shaman of the Starkattarri.

    Something sleeps within the ruins of Baltimare, a relic of the past. Its awakening will signal the beginning of a dark journey. Follow Masquerade, a lone thief, as she unravels a mystery from the war and long before. What she discovers will not only make her question who she is but also her place in the cogs of Fate. All the while a dark group led by one touched by the stars will seek to open the already cracked doors of Tartarus and unleash every evil and vile thing the ancient prison once kept under curse and rune.

    Darkness comes for the Equestrian Wasteland unlike any it has ever witnessed and on its foul breath is a single lesson. Memento Mori, you too must die.


    A thanks to KKat for the brilliant crossover and world of Fallout Equestria and a thanks to Somber for the gripping story that is Project Horizons.
    One New Chapter: "Of Contracts and Merchant Mares"

    Author: CivilWarPony
    Description: The rebuilding of Equestria has finally started to take shape after the world was destroyed in magical bonfire from Tartarus. Now an old foe and long dead memories resurface to plague this fragile world that is struggling to find meaning again. When old sins that cast long shadows into the present moving forward can be difficult. Airborne is sent to the southern most reaches of Equestria to unlock a mystery of a place that was thought long forgotten by the world and to find what has emerged from the dark there. Join Airborne and his friends in one final journey in the Equestrian Wasteland in Fallout Equestria: Memories Best Left Buried.

    Cover art by Turtledude.
    One New Chapter: "Part Three: Nightmare in the Badlands"

    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: CoffeeRings
    Description: Many years ago Equestria had a holiday celebrating fears and scares under the watchful eye of Nightmare moon. Now one of the artificial alicorns thinks its time to bring it back. With the help of ghoul pegasis, she is determined to succeed

    A working knowledge of Fallout Equestria, Fallout Equestria Hivevmind, and of the MLP FIM episode "Luna Eclipsed" is helpful to read this story
    One New Chapter: "What a fright..."

    [Dark][Adventure][Alternate Universe][Anthro]
    Author: James Vermont
    Description: Sunset Shimmer steps back into Equestria, except that the world has ended and the events of Equestria Girls never happened. Sunset now needs to learn the values of Friendship if she is to survive in a place more dangerous than the Equestrian Wasteland... The Crystal Empire.

    Author's note: So some of the other writers at Stable Tec are making FoE Spin off stories, so being the band wagon jumper that I am, I jumped onto said band wagon with this.
    One New Chapter: 1

    Author: DerpyNate
    Description: Follow Sunbeam as she escapes a fascist cult-like society and is thrown into a harsh and unforgiving wasteland.
    One New Chapter: 1

    [Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: An0nym0us Br0ny
    Description: Silver Bullet is a semi-normal pony, well, as normal as it can get for the wasteland. But, as Silver Bullet is met with his friend, a, unstoppable string of events occur. Read along as you hear the stories of how the the Ministry of Astronomical Study was created.

    This is a spin-off of the Fallout Equestria series that I thought of out of the blue. Hope you enjoy!
    Two New Chapters: "Chapter I: Introductions.", "The Things We Do"

    Author: TheLoneBunghole
    Description: “Vanity made the revolution; liberty was only a pretext.” - Napoleon Bonaparte

    A young freedom fighter is forcefully torn away from the zeitgeist of their victorious revolution and must grapple with the sudden and unexpected betrayal of his friend and leader. It's a race against time to find the truth, whilst facing the shadows that threaten the Revolution from within and without.
    One New Chapter: "Prologue: Our Glorious Revolution or: A History of Bloodshed"

    Author: Iridescence T Wind
    Description: In the fallout of Equestria's destruction, they say that nothing truly thrives, some hid underground to escape the fallout. Some, to the sky. We, however, braved the high western seas, and the stormwall in order to survive.
    One New Chapter: 1

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: FalseCadenza
    Description: 343 years after The Great War ponies from the north spoke of a city, nestled in the valley of a great mountain chain. A city of gems and hard stone that existed before the war. The emergence of this city drew many unwitting ponies to their deaths.

    The Frozen North became a bloody savage place. Where ambient radiation or freezing temperatures sapped the life out of any who stayed too long. The snows ran red with the blood as factions battled for control of the impregnable city.

    What peace the New Canterlot Republic had brought to Equestria ended in the north. Every faction in the wasteland worth a damn made their own plans to own the city. Leading to the inevitable resurrection of dead tensions, and ancient blood feuds.

    Meanwhile... Two Enclave pegasi siblings have found temporary sanctuary in an seemingly abandoned Stable. They are forced to confront the repercussions of a defecting during a forced march north; called Operation Exudes. A plan by the council of elders to establish a permanent colony inside The Crystal Empire. When their uncle returns to ask for their help, a series of events is put into motion leading them into the front lines of a new era of war.
    One New Chapter: "Stable 87"

    Author: Sir Noose
    Description: War... war does change. The pony races fought with sticks once upon a time, but sticks didn't make the world into this, ponies did. So I suppose war doesn't change, only what we use to fight them.

    This war... I supported it with my designs, I contributed to the deaths of countless Ponies and Zebras alike. I was at the root of it all and all I focused on was myself. Selfishness and greed, two of the bases of war, and I practiced both of them. I can't think about that now, I've got my own war to fight. Right here in the wasteland, with my friends. My memories of pre-war Equestria all housed within this nearly indestructible body.

    Why didn't they use sticks...
    One New Chapter: "Prologue: The End"



    [Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: lordlaneus
    Story Mirror Sites:  Google Docs
    Description: Fallout Equestria: Tactics tells the tale of Scouts Honor, a humble stable dweller, who is driven out into the Equestrian wasteland by a combination of superstition and bad luck. His intelligence is matched only by his complete and utter ignorance of the outside world. LittlePip may have never fired a gun before, but at least she’d seen them in books. As a resident of stable sixteen Scout did not have this luxury.

    Tactics aims to explore some of the concepts introduced in the later seasons of Friendship is Magic, for instance how screwed were the Breezies? How did Cheese Sandwich fare in war time Equestria? If twilight never became an alicorn then what about Cadence?
    One New Chapter: "Ignorance"

    Author: TheIrishRave
    Description: Eldritch fire was a regular Earth pony living in vault 005, he had friends, family, loved ones and the like. But that all changed when raiders busted down the vault door and killed everyone who resisted and took El's sister and mother, as the young earth pony filly bled out on the floor he saw his cutie mark. For the First and the Last time of his life...But then again, the Dead are never really gone if you remember them....

    Author's notes: I did not make Fallout Equestria and I have already asked the original author Kkat for permission to write this, I take no credit at all for his/her's works (I don't know KKat's sex) and I hope he/she will like this! This is no way Cannon with the Original Fallout Equestria and I hope You all like it! :3
    One New Chapter: "Prologue: The First and last Party"

    [Dark][Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: The Old Plug
    Description: A militaristic view of Pre-wasteland Equestria. Cloud Fixer remembers the missions of the M.O.A. before the Mega-spells fall.
    Four New Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4



    Author: MrAlterad
    Description: In the midst of the war that destroyed Equestria, a family of ponies sought to change its fate, Equestria's destiny, and succeeded. 200 years have passed, and events are on the rise in Equestria. As conflicting forces begin to move, a mare, separated from her home, finds herself being haunted by a 250 year quest pursued by her family line. Enemies that seek to destroy everything her family has worked for pursue her. Gathering what aid she can trust, she seeks out the answers of her lineage, her family legacy, in the seas of Equestria, and her part in Equestria's future.
    Ten New Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

    Author: volrathxp
    Description: Guard duty sucks. To pass the time between sniping raiders, Night Lock tells the other guard a story. A story of his biggest heist. And boy... is it a doozy. It's just another day in the life... of Night Lock.

    Based on a prompt given by Cross_Wolf for my Patreon.
    One New Chapter: "A Day in the Life"

    [Romance][Sad][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: The Dark Soul
    Description: Rated Mature for Heavy Violence, Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol, and Heavy Language

    Audio Log Begin Recording. Hello, Im Siege, a mercenary turned slave, I have been a slave for four years now and im finally free, but now I have met these Outcasts, whom claims to be at war with the Steel Rangers. Now I must figure out if helping these guys is really worth my life. End Recording.

    (My First, and possibly my last, Fallout:Equestria storie... Hope y'all like it.)

    One New Chapter: 1

    Author: ShootingStar213
    Description: Southern Equestria, far away from most of the royal territory of Equestria, A strange Zebra/Unicorn Hybrid Colt named Alra has not had the best life. As he grows in this wasteland that is Equestria, he joins a raider group and learns how to survive, he even made a name for himself as a Merciless Killer. When one of the targets he was to kill survives, he soon learns something about himself that even he didn't know. Now he must travel with Paulina for some unknown reason to him to find out more about not only himself but the strange creatures known as Zeb-Corns.
    Two New Chapters: "Ch.1 Life as a raider", "A Zebra become a true traitor"

    Author: Yoater
    Description: Coming back from a routine job in Baltimare is usually quite boring. I walk into my tent, drop my normal gear off, get two hours of sleep, and wake up to cook for the town. Simple, boring, repetitive, but nice. So when my boss offered me the chance to do something else, I jumped at it without hesitation. Even if it was doing pretty much the same thing I did every day.

    Then morning came. I found myself bound and gagged in the back of a wagon by the same ponies I was helping. They say I’m not who I’m supposed to be, but that’s a minor point. A very minor point. What happens when you’re a being who is empowered by radiation and you’re thrust into something that can’t handle that radiation? What if you’re chock-full of radiation when that happens?

    I think I can see my mane falling out.

    (Set in Kkat's Fallout Equestria universe.)
    One New Chapter: 3

    Author: Tempest Knight
    Description: Tempest Knight has a very complicated past, but one thing has never changed, his duty to protect the innocent. His army retreated to a stable under his orders only for two of them to awaken to the Wasteland that was once there flourishing home. Only to be greeted by chaos and death! Only one thing left to do, and that is complete their duty!

    Duty to the People, Country, God! Never forget your Duty to Yourself

    I did not create Fallout Equestria nor do I own My Little Pony Friendship is Magic or the Fallout series!


    I would like to thank my two proof readers who wish to remain anonymous and my pre-reader Donutsforthewin. Also for the help from Interloper, G-man64, and the_Changeling_Prince_2 for character history help!

    Kkat- The creator of the book Fallout Equestria.

    Lauren Faust- The creator of the television show My Little Pony.

    Bethesda Gaming- The creators of the video game series Fallout.

    Delta Flood3- For the use of his OC, Dark Lightning, and the ideas that he put into this book.
    Six New Chapters: "Prologue", "Awake", "Answers", "Treason", "Trouble", "Course of Action"


    Author: Krynnymuffin
    Description: Demi doesn't remember anything from before he woke up that day. He has so many questions and no answers. What he does have is a unique PipBuck and a spell-set that Celestia herself would have trouble mastering. Now he's on a quest to remember anything about his life and learn as much as he can about the Equestrian wasteland before it eats him up and spits him out. The Lightbringer may have brought the sky back, but the wasteland is still as dangerous as ever.


    All my thanks to Kkat for creating the Equestrian Wasteland.

    I hate to admit it, but I'm not sure how often I can write for this story. Chapters may come weeks after the previous chapter, or perhaps months, and I would like to apologize in advance for the irregularity.

    I hope you enjoy yet another Fallout: Equestria side story! :twilightblush:
    One New Chapter: "Prologue"

    Author: Psycho Blizzard
    Description: When Plasma Storm is forced into the Marejave Wasteland to find his foal, he soon realizes that Equestria isn’t as bad as he was told it was his entire life. Nor is it much better. When a very unique and strange pony joins him for an adventure, he’ll not only learn that the mythology he taught in the Stable is fact, but he’ll also delve deeper into it than anypony before him.
    Six New Chapters: "Stable 72", "The Marejave Wasteland", "Rose of Sharon", "Zombie Ponies!", "The Baying of the Hounds", "The Showpony and the Goddess"

    [Romance][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: ComicSansPony
    Description: Clash Coat has endured years of discrimination in Stable 13, a stable focused on genetic superiority. Her own mother, the Overmare, can't stand her because she doesn't fit the twisted Gold Standard for beauty. After a mishap with one of the Desirable mares Clash decides it would be best to leave her unlucky stable behind and face the Equestrian Wasteland. Where the fight to stay alive outweighs the need for good looks.
    Before leaving, Clash discovers an odd ability that allows her coat to shimmer like a crystal and it is tied to her emotional state. What is this mysterious power? Do the answers lie somewhere in the wasteland? Will she survive long enough to find out?
    Two New Chapters: "Chapter One: Unlucky Genetics", "Chapter Two: Beyond the Door"

    [Tragedy][Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Professor Natsirt-Sama
    Description: Long ago, a warrior fought for Equestria. The great warrior was corrupted by the Nether, and disappeared from the face of the world.

    One thousand years later, the warrior returned to heed the call for war. They fought against the Zebra's until the end, when the world was bathed in the fires of the megaspells. Once again, the warrior vanished, when Equestria needed them most.

    Two hundred years later, a tremor shot through Equestria, and the warrior returned. Their mission was clear, find those who could restore the world. Never again would the warrior forsake his home.
    Four New Chapters: "Intro: War and Exile", "Prologue: The Demon", 1, "Scars of the Past"

    Author: DerpyDaringDitzyDoo
    Description: Once upon a time in the magical land of Equestria... Oh who am I kidding, you all want explosions right? Action and catchy one liners? Maybe even a tussle or two? Well then you've come to the right place! In this installment of Fallout: Equestria, the greatest champions of Runeterra tackle the greatest threats of the wasteland! Some will overcome their trials, others may not be so lucky. So if your a fan of unnecessary explosions, technicolor horses, or League of Legends, then this story may just be something you'll enjoy.

    Each chapter will be about one (or in special cases maybe two/three) champion(s) having a lovely day in the Equestrian Wasteland. None of this is to be taken seriously of course, and none of the chapters necessarily coincide with each other. So basically this is just a series of one shots inspired by the question "Why not?".

    Warning: Side affects may include, but may not be limited to, joy, smiles, uncontrollable laughter (when Teemo get's pummeled... repeatedly), a dance move known as 'the cringe', as well as adoration for the one called Draaaaaaaven. Read this story at your own risk...
    One New Chapter: 1

    Author: Princess Woonas
    Description: This story was inspired by Kkat's Fallout: Equestria. This goes through the story of Crimson Starlight and Starbright Ruby, two ponies of Stable L18. Enjoy.
    One New Chapter: 1

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Shyguy6699
    Description: A curious and adventurous pegasus named Curiosity leaves the Enclave in search of adventure, with hopes of learning more about the wasteland down below. After running away from the Enclave government she sets out on a journey through the wasteland, with friends to be made and adventures to be had. Struggling to survive in the horrid Equestrian Wasteland, she keeps on pushing with one major goal in mind:

    Finding her idol, 'Deadshot' Calamity, and discovering why he left.

    My attempt at an FoE side fic. Tell me what you think, any form of feedback is appreciated!
    Four New Chapters: "Prologue: Curiosity", 1, 2, 3

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: future mecha
    Description: When the stable breaks down, Star gets hurt and she will faint just outside the stable. Later she will wake up in a city she doesn't know. When she gets there she will meet a certain pony and they will tag along. Star will try to gain more survival skills. Maybe she will succeed, maybe not...
    One New Chapter: 1

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: regulator133
    Description: This is a trial run at a Fallout story. It's just the prologue to the story I am going to write, but this will give me a good look at what needs work.

    The Great War, ponies and zebras fighting endlessly, killing millions. Even after the end of the war, the war raged. The new zebra army, the Remnants under the Legate, still fought against ponies outside the Equestrian city of Hoofington.

    Almost two hundred years after the war had "ended", the war still raged on in the hearts and minds of the zebras and ponies outside Hoofington, Equestria.
    One New Chapter: "Prologue: Liberty"

    [Dark][Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: The Red Chronicler
    Description: A mysterious red armor soldier finds himself sent into the wasteland that was once known as Equestria. He doesn't last for very long as he leaves behind a gift for the first wastlander that helped him.
    One New Chapter: "Afterworld"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: SoothingCoffee
    Description: Living in Stables weren't the nicest, or even good palce to live out here... considering for being the general, 'helper' in the Stable. But it was safe. Nothing outside could go inside, and nothing inside could go outside.

    Unless, that is, if you got the short-straw.

    And I just got that.

    Kicked out of my own home, I was left to tend on my own on this hellish hole called the Wasteland... to die.

    Then I found myself captured by slavers, ready to be a new play-toy with a madly obsessive Stallion.

    Said stallion saved me from my impending doom.

    Said stallion also believes himself to be a good guy, another word for a hero.

    And perhaps it was the wreck I called my mind, or simply my addled mind. I chose to follow him.

    (Sex will happen)
    Two New Chapters: "Luck ain't just gonna cut it!", "The wreck I called my mind"

    [Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Spymaster Winter
    Description: Years after the Fall of the Known World, survivors and Stable Dwellers rose from the ashes and began to rebuild something in the remains of what used to be Civilization. Some fight the Good Fight to make it a better place and some seek to turn it into a living hell for everyone but them. Then, there are some who don't know what to make of their lives.

    This is a story of one such stallion.

    With no memories of his life except for his name and a few notes on his Pip-Buck, he walks the Wastes trying to make sense of the world and recover his past, helping anyone he can in the process.

    [Author's Note: First fic, blah blah. This will probably update a bit slowly, forgive me. Tell me how much you like/hate it and notify me of typos and goof-ups. Cheers!]
    Four New Chapters: "Introduction", "Prologue - The Last Day", "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2"

    Author: Redunuder
    Description: What do you get when you take a mute earth pony lone wolf plus a talkative griffon and add in a scavenger hunt across the most dangerous location in the world? Fun times.
    Two New Chapters: "One: Out from Home", "Two: Fetlock"

    Author: Pony Leviathan
    Description: 200 years into the future and after a war with the zebra country. what is left of Equestria is forced to live in harsh times. And for an unlikely group of friends, it is about to get worse. Dodge Junction as grown steadily into a small community, trading, selling and buying its way into the future. The Enclave have the sky sealed up, the Steel Rangers control most of anything useful still to be found and the rest of the pony race is left to deal with not only others of their kind but the creatures of the wastes each day to survive.

    Here follows a group of five mismatched ponies, each one with their own history hidden to most and tortured by the memories of their past. Ignoring past demons only slows the oncoming eventuality and something like that is never unstoppable. (On hold due to lack of motivation and inspiration...)
    Two New Chapters: "Chapter One", "Chapter Two"

    [Dark][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: RoMS
    Description: Ten years have passed since the day the sky was opened again, the NCR now needs pre-war tech and help from the outside world to ensure its stability for the years to come. One objective is set: Saddle Arabia, an old ally of Equestria that turned against the Diarchy at the start of the Great War.
    On board of the HMS Canterlot, an old frigate patched up by the NCR, the volunteers will find themselves in the city of Bahrneigh, a city where the war never ended.
    Chapter 1 Expected Publication Period: November 2nd to November 9th
    Three New Chapters: "Introduction", "Prologue", 1

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Enigmatic Otaku
    Description: In the irradiated slagpit once known as Equestria. One pony could have chosen anything as his profession, but instead he went for something a bit 'obscure'. Meet P.I. and just like his name implies, he chose to become a wasteland detective. Will this be a good choice in the long run, or will he end up dead for sticking his nose somewhere it doesn't belong?

    Proofread by SpyroDragonFlame
    Three New Chapters: 1, 2, 3

    Author: SoilderPip
    Description: Ramona, a normal wasteland pony, and her father and mother wander the caves they call there home every day in search for food, but what happens when they run out? what lengths will Ramona go too to save her family from starving and who else may get caught up in the fret? Only time can tell. (Inspired by Kkat's Fallout Equestria!)
    One New Chapter: "Roaming The Wastes"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Scorch191
    Description: You think growing up in the equestrian wasteland sucks? try being over 200 years old and being thrown into a completely new world. Giga Byte was great at his old job he just stood there and tested stuff and he loved every minute of it, but when a tragic accident costs him more than he thought possible he is thrown into a new world were nothing is the same, but at least he he can try to be normal... If only one pony doesn't ruin that hope.

    This takes place about ten or so years before little pip emerges from the stable and will be around new appleoosa

    Thank you to Kkat for makeing up the FO:E world.
    Secondly thank you to Gamma Deekay for writeing fanfictions that made me whant to try writeing.

    This is my first fanfiction, i am also wanting one or two proof readers if any one wants to help, it would be greatly apreciated.

    Links for any one who doesn't know what is canon in the fallout equestria according to kkat

    the history

    Five New Chapters: "Prologue", 1, 2, 3, 4

    Author: Cascadejackal
    Description: The "Lost" chapters of Fallout Equestria: Wasteland Bouquet.

    What was Rose and Ibis' first time was like? What does Lily do when she's on her own? Just what is Position Number Nine?!

    Find out inside!

    Note: Clop with Plot. Takes place during/between chapters of FoE: Wasteland Bouquet. Reading that isn't necessary, but is highly recommended.
    One New Chapter: 15.5


    [Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Digital Ink
    Description: Twenty years ago, Stable 33 opened it's door to the wasteland. Due to a plague ravaging half of the population, the Stable had to limit contact to the outside world through limited trade. Ember Blaze, a maintenance pony from Stable 33, finds himself leaving the safety of the Stable in search of his only family left and gets caught up in something bigger than a simple rescue mission.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter One - Ignition"

    [Romance][Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: ABronyGamer
    Description: Saddle Arabia, a land where zebras and ponies lived in harmony... for a time. A war started dragging every nation into the war. Saddle Arabia in the war fought against their past ally Roam. Now it is a wasteland, the story follows a young zebra named Terra. Forced by a faction to leave her stable in the mountains, she travels across Saddle Arabia, making friends along the way, and discovering secrets of the past and her past as well. Will she become a hero of a new Saddle Arabian wasteland or it's next victim?
    Three New Chapters: "Prolouge", 1, 2

    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Iridescence T Wind
    Description: Escaped from her stable. Aria Web, AKA Experiment 1993-13, must brave the Equestrian Wastelands in order to survive away from her previous life. But what awaits her in the Wastes when Almost everything is trying to get you killed? Well, she Guess's being a Changeling has its own rewards as well.

    Based on Fallout:Equestria. The untold story of the western side of the wasteland. Where mysterious dangers such as Aqua Lights, The Secrets of The Hole and other things await. Will a lonely Changeling mare survive? or Will the wasteland claim her life before it's due? At least we have good radio.
    Two New Chapters: "Summer Smiles DLC 5: Cats are EVIL?!", "Summer Smiles DLC 6: Breaking Doors And Units"

    [Tragedy][Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Pallydan
    Description: Aria always idolized her aunt, Princess Luna. So when the war began to ravage Equestria she answered the call to arms and joined the Royal Guard, specifically Princess Luna's personal guard. But on her way to her first day as her aunt's protector, a zebra plot is discovered and Aria sacrifices her life to save Canterlot. Or did she? Waking up in Stable 63, Aria is confronted with the horrifying reality that all she ever knew and loved died in an explosion of hellfire two hundred years ago. Now she must leave Stable 63 and venture into ruins of Trottingham so she can try to save the failing Stable and discover why she is still alive?
    One New Chapter: 14

    [Dark][Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: FD Imaginations
    Description: Crossword is Steel Ranger in training. She's known nothing but the steel armour since she was born into the Far South Contingent. Being an initiate for her whole life, her dream like many others like her, is to don the uniform of the Steel Ranger's and bring order the Wastelands of the South. But little does she know that the honourable Steel Rangers of the Wasteland that she had learned about are only a fraction of the story. What will she discover, what will she become, will she follow her heart?

    Expect the same sort of level of gore in the original Fallout: Equestria story, but dulled down to teen level, if there is a demand for more detail, let me know in the comments

    Also go easy on the criticism, I really appreciate those who correct grammar and spelling, but don’t be too harsh, I'm open to suggestions always

    Story inspired by Kkat's popular story Fallout: Equestria. I recommend reading it first before reading the Prologue. It's long, but so worth it :)
    One New Chapter: 4

    Author: Stonershy
    Description: Co-Authored by Pacce

    Two hundred years after Equestria has been ravaged by war, life goes on. Some ponies want to fight the good fight, and make the wasteland a better place. Other ponies want power and complete control over what remains of the world.

    And then, there are some that don't care about any of that, and just want to get rich and famous.

    This is their very bizarre story.

    Part loving parody, part genuine homage; a Fallout: Equestria side-story for people who didn't read Fallout: Equestria!

    We begin with a brilliant engineer and a capable assassin, mutual parasites putting their skills to use in the interest of amassing wealth and fame. It's business as usual until they receive the offer of a lifetime, and quickly end up with more than they bargained for...
    Two New Chapters: 10, 10

    Author: jony555jo
    Description: Lucky Atom es un joven unicornio que nació y creció dentro del Establo 25, el vivió una vida en constante acoso por parte de la pandilla de bravucones del establo, pero esto no impidió ser un joven responsable y llevar con eficiencia su trabajo como poni de mantenimiento del reactor de balefire, su vida cambiara gracias a un incidente que pondrá en peligro al establo.
    Two New Chapters: 11.5, 12

    Better Days


    [Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Gamma Deekay
    Description: It takes a lot of hard work to be a bounty hunter in the wastelands of Equestria, and no pony know's that quite as well as Percussion Cap. She may not be the best, or work the fastest, or even be the most social towards others, but she always gets the job done. Who needs friends anyway when you have the job to focus on? The job has always been the same for her, track 'em, kill 'em, snip 'em, and return 'em. But sometimes you have to take jobs that you don't feel comfortable with, ones that are just too good to turn down. Sometimes you just have to risk it all for the big payout. And sometimes, you don't end up winning at all.

    As a fun side note, this story is technically a sequel to FoE: The Long Winter. Sawyer and I are collaborating between our respective fics, so there may be some similarities between them. It is not required reading, but if you do want to know a bit more about Percussion's story, you might consider checking it out.
    Three New Chapters: 31, 32, 33

    [Dark][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Philweasel
    Description: Seventeen years have passed since the day of Sunshine and Rainbows, and the New Canterlot Republic is stronger than ever. But with success comes greed and ambition, the various factions within the Republic jostling for the right to decide the future of this new civilization. Now their ambitions drive them to gain control of one of the most ambitious projects yet faced by the NCR, a project two hundred years in the making... peace with the Zebra Empire.
    Two New Chapters: "Acknowledgements, news, and general musings.", 3.5



    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Slice of Life]
    Author: Noakwolf
    Description: Neo and Adam are brothers who care about family more than anything, and for them their lives are good. That is until they are mysteriously given an out of the blue assignment leaving Neo crippled, and to top it off their mother completely vanishes without any explanation. Determinded to find her, the two leave their calm life in Stable 142, only to face a war torn province with a mysterious past. It's up to them to find their mother amongst the chaos at any cost.
    *Cover art by Pantzar, go look at him if you get the time!*
    Proofread mainly by LyonAzakura and Wayofthepen.
    Also edited by, Thefullmetalbrony.
    Written by, Noakwolf.
    Kkat thanks for creating the world of Fallout: Equestria. As this story would not have even been conceived without the wonderful story you created for us.
    One New Chapter: 31

    Close Call


    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: ZIAT
    Description: All of his life, Close Call has only ever known the grey, steel walls of Stable 81. That is, until an alternate path is laid out for him: an enigmatic research expedition into the outside world to learn just what has happened to everypony else. What he\'ll find, he does not know. Civilization? Death? War? There is only one way to be certain, and Close Call may find there are more questions than answers in the Equestrian Wasteland.
    One New Chapter: 10

    Author: FireStorm2247
    Description: Nova, a mare pegasus pony, was born and raised in a place of safety and security by a proud and noble family. Stable 181, a Stable dedicated to teaching and preserving the pre-war virtues known as the Elements of Harmony, allowed its residents to live a life of peace, knowledge, and honor. But when the Stable falls under attack by a raider war party, Nova and the remaining residents are cast out into the Equestrian wasteland.

    Without a home, Nova and the remaining Stable survivors must band together to make a living out in the wasteland. They must start from scratch, find a home, learn to trade and explore, and establish a foothold in the wastes. But during her efforts to help her people, Nova comes across strange pre-war recordings and artifacts pointing to a hidden pre-war nation. And when a mysterious pony questions Nova’s virtue and beckons for her to discover what the writings portray, Nova and her closest friends find themselves cast into a war fought to secure a legacy left behind by a secret pre-war society. Nova’s quest leads her to test her heart against the unrelenting force of the wasteland, to discover the meaning of the word honor, and to seek out and unlock a concealed pre-war secret, revealing to Nova that she is a part of something greater than she could have ever imagined.

    (This story is set twenty-five years before the adventures of Littlepip.)
    One New Chapter: 20

    [Dark][Random][Crossover][Adventure][Slice of UnLife]
    Author: Nyerguds
    Story Mirror Sites:  Google Docs,  Pony Fiction Archive
    Description: These are the voyages of the Canterlot ghoul Lemon Frisk. His mission: to find the Meaning of Unlife. His continuing perils: crazed raiders, feral ghouls, overzealous rangers, and a mare who won't stop poking him.
    Two New Chapters: "Day Twelve - Living On The Edge", "Day Thirteen - Life And Unlife Situations"

    Author: Striped Shadow
    Description: Through war, nations are declared victors and soldiers are made heroes. Through nuclear apocalypse, all is rendered mute; for she holds no victors, no nations, no heroes. Only survivors and ruin.

    Iron Sights has been training all his life for the opportunity to make the cut for the Surface Reconnaissance Team of Stable 70, but when he is finally awarded the chance to set out into the wastes, what will he truly find? Information in the Stables, it seems, might be a little out of date...
    One New Chapter: "Wasteland"

    Author: Fallingsnow
    Description: Echo grew up in the relative safety of post-Paragon Hornsmith, trained to survive but protected from the outside. Life in the Equestrian wasteland will always be a harsh one, as she quickly discovers when she leaves town to start contributing.

    --This story is the sequel to Fallout Equestria: Guise of Chaos, so reading that first would greatly assist understanding.--
    One New Chapter: 4

    Fall of Hope


    [Sad][Dark][Crossover Adventure]
    Author: Stormcallerr
    Description: When raiders attack Stable 45 and kidnap his sister, Chief of Stable Security, Shadow sets out to track her down across the vast wastes of the Equestrian south west and, if possible, save her. Along the way he uncovers a threat most ponies had forgotten, or thought long since destroyed in the war. Can he and his friends stand against the gathering evil? Or is the wasteland doomed to fall forever, with no hope of ever rising again?
    One New Chapter: 21

    Author: Newbiespud
    Description: Previously, in Dragon's Maw...

    A place for collecting short stories that occur on the fringes of Fallout is Dragons, a Fallout: Equestria tabletop campaign.
    Three New Chapters: "Dr. Tibbs Meets Firelight (Session 17)", "A Meeting With Pestilence (Session 16) [Spoilers]", "The Hippocritic Oath"

    Author: defklo
    Story Mirror Sites:  EveryPony
    Description: Война. Война никогда не меняется. Даже если она закончилась две сотни лет назад, она продолжает жить в умах и сердцах пони. Когда на Кристальную Империю обрушились зебрийские боеголовки, правительница северной страны, принцесса Миамора Каденция, пожертвовала жизнью, чтобы спасти своих подданных. Однако, ткань мироздания оказалась повреждённой, и часть Севера на долгие годы отрезало от континентальной Эквестрии. Много лет из-за арканного барьера не доносилось ни звука, ни обрывка радиопередачи — и вот правящей клике Империи становится известна возможность проникнуть сквозь лей-линию, и узнать, что же происходило с родной страной все эти годы…
    One New Chapter: 8

    Author: David-Irastra
    Description: Hace un momento mire un correo donde un lector decia que 169 palabras no eran mucho y no eran de importancia, bien entonces creo que podre divertirme con este pequeño proyecto minimalista.

    Historias cortas, compuestas por 169 palabras (180 si contamos el titulo y algunas cositas)
    Four New Chapters: 58, 59, 60, 61



    [Romance][Dark][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: CoffeeRings
    Description: A changeling wanders the badlands of Equestria, scavenging what it can and living from one meal to the next. But when some food becomes something more, life becomes more complicated, and perhaps more meaningful

    This fanfiction is based on Fallout Equestria by Kkat; a familiarity with the source material may aid your understanding.
    You can read Fallout Equestria by Kkat on Equestria Daily

    Edited by the amazing De-Writer!
    One New Chapter: "Out of the Dark"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Sprocket Doggingsworth
    Story Mirror Sites:  deviantART
    Description: A young filly in present day Ponyville is cursed with nightmares of post-apocalyptic Equestria. She finds herself influencing the course of future history in ways that she cannot understand. She must learn to balance her life at home with her life on the other side of the veil, and fight to preserve her own sanity, and her own innocence.

    She discovers that such a task is only possible through the magic of friendship.
    One New Chapter: 14

    In the Dark


    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Relhon
    Description: Fairysong is living the life of your average wastelander, going through the cruel rutin that's the general life in the wasteland. But something is about to happen that will change her life forever.

    This is a story that have taken me way too long to write, but i wanted to get it out so here it is.
    Fallout Equestria: In the Dark is based on the original Fallout Equestria by Kkat. If you haven't read it please do so, cause it's awsome.

    Also since I'm a horrible writer the chapters may take a bit in between. I'm going to try to make it as often as possible though!
    One New Chapter: "Alone?"



    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Appletart Longshot
    Description: Equestria gripped by war and growing more desperate by the day required for more radical means to wage war or to disrupt the enemy. The Ministry of Morale wanted to get a spy into the heart of the enemy to either kill the leader or sabotage them enough to cripple them so Equestria could succeed but the spy would have to be perfect and so a back door project was started. They look into creating their own half machine and half biological spies and come up with the perfect blend of steel and flesh.

    Project Infiltrator.

    But what happens when the fruits of this labour wakes up in a world destroyed by war and discovers that its not what it remembers it is? There is one thing that it knows for certain. It wants answers.

    (So sorry for the lame description, if anyone can suggest a better description please let me know. Editor needed too thank you)
    One New Chapter: 4

    Author: David-Irastra
    Two New Chapters: "Capitulo 21 Parte III Fillies Fatales", "Capitulo 21 Parte IV Fillies Fatales"

    Author: Adder1
    Description: Frost Windchill is known to be a storyteller of sorts. Comfortable with telling the occasional sprite tale or legend, a child approaches him one day and asks for a real story.

    And so Frost tells one- the story of his life. It's not a typical story, and there's more to it- just as there's more to the descendant of a Lunar Guard. It's a story not just of himself but the heroes he stood beside- big and small, legendary and obscure. But there's something amiss, buried lies between the lines.

    After all, it's hard to kill memories when you remember everything.
    One New Chapter: "Reflection Twenty-Three: A Good Buck Goes to War"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Digital Ink
    Description: It is currently 150 years after the Megaspells hit Equestria and the world was reduced to nothing more than a shadow of it's former self. Storm Rider, a simple Bounty Hunter from the Baltimare area, is just trying to live her life and get by on contracts she takes. All that changes when she meets a mysterious Unicorn named Predious and finds herself in way over her head.

    Side note, this story is the spiritual prequel to FoE: Better Days. Gamma and I are collaborating between our respective fics, so there may be some similarities between them. It is not required reading, but if you do want to know a bit more about what happens to Storm, you might want to checking it out.
    Five New Chapters: "Chapter Twenty Seven - Close Calls", "Chapter Twenty Eight - What Friends Are For", "Chapter Twenty Nine - Preparing For The Worst", "Chapter Thirty - Tale of Two Towers", "Chapter Thirty One - Orchard Omega"



    [Romance][Sad][Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Alternate Universe]
    Author: TheBobulator
    Description: My name is Frosty Winds. I was just your typical, rank-and-file Enclave scout. I had an ordinary life, living in contentment among my loving family and good friends. Things were good.
    At least, I'm pretty sure that was the case; I honestly can't say for certain anymore. One moment, I was being recruited to take part in a routine Wasteland scouting mission, and the next moment I wake up as a prisoner of the Steel Rangers.
    On the bright side, I’m not missing much. Just all of my memories. And my left foreleg. Nothing important, really. Pile on a disease I’m not vaccinated against and being a few clouds short of a weather system probably doesn’t make any of this much better.
    As if that wasn't enough, apparently I made a deal before I lost my memories. If I don't complete my task I agreed to within a month, I'll die. Of course, it would be helpful if I could remember what the agreement was.
    So here I am, floundering aimlessly about the Equestrian Wasteland. I have absolutely no idea what happened, what I should do, or how to uncover the secrets that lie within my stolen memories.
    Help. I need an adult.
    Three New Chapters: 21, 22, 23

    [Dark][Comedy][Random][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: thefurryrailfan
    Story Mirror Sites:  Furaffinity,  Furaffinity
    Description: From neighboring stables, a pair of unlikely friends find themselves thrust into a wide, frightening new world, ripe with dangers and exciting adventures in store for them. Between the new friends they'll make on this expedition, and the new challenges they'll face in the irradiated icebox the North Equestrian wasteland is, they have to decide for themselves just how much it was worth it to leave their homes.
    One New Chapter: "Endgame"

    Old Memories


    [Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: dman19999
    Description: Pain and suffering, I know how these feel. But at this point, so close to death, I can't help but feel its all pointless once you get down to it. Ponies will still fight for the same scraps of the old world, the same scraps of food, the same bottlecaps, and the same land, because war, war never changes.
    This is my story. This is my adventure.

    Based off of Fallout: Equestria by Kkat
    One New Chapter: "Chapter 2"

    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: NobbleyKyle
    Description: Sortilege Harmony, a young unicorn with extraordinary magical abilities, has her simple life flipped upside down when a mysterious figure places an incredibly large bounty on her head for unknown reasons. Soon she finds herself captured by Scarlet, Skitz and Sugar Cane, a trio of bounty hunters whose lack of reason and sanity is replaced by combat ability and blood lust. Sortilege finds herself being dragged across the wasteland by the crazy mares, who must fight off other mercenaries, bounty hunters and scumbags also desperately seeking the bounty. As she embarks on her insane journey she'll discover there's more to her captors than meets the eye and these three mares might be the only chance she has at surviving the hell that is the equestrian wasteland.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter Four"

    Author: Somethingguy912
    Description: Fallout : Equestria was the best thing that ever happened to me.
    Two New Chapters: "Lacunae Coil", "Scotch Tape"

    Pre-War Nobody


    [Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: biohazerd
    Description: My name is Biohazerd, Bio for short i lived my life like a normal unicorn untill i was kidnapped and cursed with an inmortal body that feels pain but can not die, and made mad when five A.I. programs were loaded into my mined, my life from then on had two goals stop though's who mean to do harm and find a way to end my eternal life.

    I was hoping the mega spells woud do the trick so i could wait for my wife in heaven when her time ends in stabel 'M'. The first time i met her i had lost my memory, once again this happened as i awaken in the equestrian wastland, my life like my work may never end.
    Two New Chapters: "Reset", "Startup AI Program Instinct"

    [Crossover][Slice of Life]
    Author: Cascadejackal
    Description: Changelings.

    To most, they are the creatures that almost took Canterlot, shapeshifters able to feed on the emotions of those around them.
    While this is true, it is not all there is to the story.

    When the Great War began, an alliance was struck between Princesses Celestia and Luna, of Equestria, and Queen Chrysalis, of the Changelings.
    The changelings, natural infiltrators since birth, would become spies for Equestria. In return, they would no longer be hunted, permitted to continue feeding as they had for countless years before their failed invasion, provided they not engage in acts harmful to the equine government or population at large.

    Of course, that was simply the beginning. As the war began to escalate, Stable-Tec, the company responsible for the life-saving Stables, recieved a request from parties that would, as part of the contract, remain anonymous and unnamed.
    They were asked to create something new, something that would allow both changelings and ponies to survive, and promote harmony between the races.

    They were asked to create...

    Project H.I.V.E.
    One New Chapter: "Plans"

    Author: Kurorahk
    Story Mirror Sites:  Google Docs
    Description: Moonlight is a child of two former scavengers turned merchants. She lives in the beached ship Saint Clover that was a cargo ship before the world fell apart and was engulfed in balefire. Saint Clover is considered a safe heaven for scavengers who pick over the ruins of Seamane as well as a port of call to merchants from all over. As always, no place is safe forever in the wasteland. Long has the area of Seamane been harassed by raiders attacking caravans and taking over towns. Worse are the slavers who have started to come from the west kidnapping ponies from their homes.

    Warning, depictions of death, drug use, drowning, rape, strangulation, and suffocation. (Modified original Logo by Dotrook)

    Google Docs Version.
    Two New Chapters: 29, 30

    Author: Nightrein
    Story Mirror Sites:  Google Docs
    Description: Stricken with amnesia after a lead shower, one stallion must face the harsh Marehave Desert in order to discover his past and forge his future. Without even a name for himself, and only one poor lead to follow, can he truly survive? This story will spoil the end of the original Fallout: Equestria right from the start, you have been warned.
    One New Chapter: 7

    Rising Dawn


    Author: Interloper
    Description: When the bombs fell, the North was not reborn in spellfire. It was reborn in darkness. 200 years ago, the Crystal Empire kept at bay the nightmares of the Frozen North. But when balefire scoured their lands, the floodgates parted and an inexplicable, aberrant darkness fell upon the Northern Wasteland.

    As the world above plunged into perpetual twilight, the ponies of Stable 91 slept peacefully beneath the snow. But their sheltered lives could never have lasted forever. Time could only tell when their systems would shutdown, or their water became impure … or … worse.

    In the Northern Wasteland, a broken water talisman is the least of anypony's problems - for outside those doors, only darkness awaits.
    One New Chapter: 11

    Shades of Grey


    Author: Gig
    Story Mirror Sites:  Google Docs
    Description: In this lightless world, the line between good and evil is not as clear as it used to be. I am no hero.
    My name is Spring, and I am a bounty hunter in the Equestrian Wasteland.

    Alternate link: Google Docs
    Prior knowledge of Fallout: Equestria and Project Horizon is recommended but not necessary.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter Seventeen: Black Friday"



    [Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: The Wadapan
    Description: When Firewall wakes up in an abandoned facility, he soon realises something's wrong. When he steps outside to find a nuclear wasteland, he realises something is VERY wrong.

    Welcome to Skyward: an out-of-the-way city in the Equestrian Wasteland. After the apocalypse, a group of ponies built a settlement on its outskirts. Slowly, more ponies came, and the place expanded - up. Using metal found in huge underground deposits, the tower began to grow taller. Bordered on one side by a huge rainforest filled with dangerous creatures, Skyward is now largely ignored by much of Equestria. However, when Lab 2 is opened for the first time in centuries, ancient contingencies begin to come into play. Meanwhile, the Enclave decides Skyward's expansion has gone on for too long.
    Three New Chapters: 12, 13, 14



    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Scattershot
    Description: In the Enclave, everypony has a purpose. In order to sustain life above the clouds every stallion, mare, and foal must do their part to keep the society up and running. Unfortunately for Sleet Gray, she is practically useless. An obsolete special talent, unimpressive looks, and a physique unsuited for military life, she instead tries to develop skills in other areas. She taught herself the intricacies of pre-war technology, specializing in "data extraction." However, there are files that some ponies would prefer remained unseen, and when a practice session has her uncover a top secret military file holding a dark plan, she is forced to come to grips with the terrible reality she lives in. Before it can truly sink in, she is attacked by the ponies she has known all her life and has to escape. Wanted for treason, Sleet flees into the Wasteland, hoping to survive long enough to try and stop the atrocities about to unfold before her demons catch up with her.
    Two New Chapters: "Old Voices", "Honesty"

    Author: Various Authors
    Description: With dangers around every corner and death always on the horizon, life in the Wasteland is never easy and rarely pleasant. But not everypony is a hero or a villain. Some of us are just trying to get by. That doesn't mean we don't have stories to share.

    Join the Good Fight.
    (Authors are linked at the start of each story.)
    Nine New Chapters: "I've Had Worse by TundraStanza", "Objective by Unspokenpaper", "Dread by Songfire", "That Could've Gone Better by Technic_Bot", "Wicked by TundraStanza", "Friends by Defiance", "Wind by Tylertlat", "Earth by Sophos", "Dreams by Songfire"

    Author: volrathxp
    Description: In the north of Equestria, there lies a city. A broken city, filled with everyday ponies, minotaur, and numerous others just trying to fight for survival. A city that lived and breathed popular culture before the war. A city that plays host to numerous factions all vying for control.

    Welcome, to Chicacolt.

    Fallout Equestria: Tales of Chicacolt is a sidefic that takes a bit of a different take on the FoE universe. Set entirely in the city of Chicacolt, Tales takes a look at the various characters that live there. Each chapter is a short story episode, focusing on a different character. Tales of Chicacolt also takes place in the same universe as "Fallout Equestria: Starlight" where Chicacolt was featured prominently.

    Co-authored by Wirepony, and pre-read by McMesser.

    Cover art by the incredible Aerondight.
    One New Chapter: 7

    [Romance][Tragedy][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: unspokenpaper
    Description: War in the Equestrian Wasteland never changes... Or does it?
    This is the tale of Stand Bold, a respected member of the Enclave. Head of Research and Development at Type 40 Industries, and Captain of his Infantry Company, 4/118th, Charliehorse.
    Type 40, the company Stand Bold works for, is the primer targeting talisman producer for the Enclave. One day, a talisman malfunctions and starts targeting things it necessarily shouldn't have been. So who better to fix it than the inventor himself? Stand Bold reports to the vessel experiencing the glitch and begins work to fix the the blasted thing. But he discovers a plot that threatens the Enclave, the Wasteland, and countless lives across the globe. To further compound the problem, he can't remember a damn thing about any of it, and has been branded a Dashite! Can he find his lost memories in time to save the surviving world? Or will this evil plot plunge the wasteland into a millennium of darkness?
    One New Chapter: "A Ship to Sea"

    Author: Hnetu
    Story Mirror Sites:  Google Docs
    Description: Hidden Fortune and her sister grew up in the Wasteland, learning it’s dangers and doing their best to stay out of sight and out of mind of the larger world. During a treasure hunt they discover a Stable, and a chance encounter changes their world. Now the sisters must travel out of their element, learn how to survive all over again, and hopefully, discover the one true treasure of the Wasteland.
    One New Chapter: 22

    Author: Cascadejackal
    Description: The Wasteland Bouquet. Just another bar, in just another town. The same old crowd, even when the faces change. Prospectors, scavengers, anyone that's down and out or just needs to tell their story, get things off their chest. Unicorn, Earth Pony, Pegasus, even Griffon, everyone is welcome. Walk on in, get yourself a drink, and cry your heart out to the pretty mare behind the bar, or maybe the quiet mare with the cold eyes. That's what they're there for, after all.

    Thing is, they have their own story. It may not be heard very often, but here it is. Because every pony has a story, and those stories need to be told.
    One New Chapter: 19

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Doctor Ham
    Description: What happens if you’re just another salespony in postapocalyptia, a blacksmith by and large focused on running your store day by day? Other ponies can fight and die in the "good fight," but for you, trade caravans come and go, random repair work around town keeps food on the table, and every so often you make enough at once to treat yourself. And in the stillness and privacy of the night, the ghost of a smile graces your muzzle as you work at your forge, making your mark on the Wasteland in small ways.

    But... you've gotten a bit complacent with this safe life in the Bayou. And all at once, that security drops out from under you. The debt of a pony's life rests on your hooves, and all you've got are the skills that let you earn a living fixing a pistol to pay it off.
    One New Chapter: 6

    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Slice of Life]
    Author: RainbowYoshi
    Description: It might be a wasteland, but kids will still be kids. Even if they live in a town built to help out orphans and displaced foals, and have to still face the difficulties everyone else has out there.

    Wing's You've Earned is set in the main Fallout Equestria universe and follows a group of foals as they experience their lives and go on small adventures through the wasteland.

    Both the Dark and Comedy tags are used because while foals are generally more light-hearted, the wasteland itself is not a terribly happy place.
    One New Chapter: 11

    Zero Hour


    Author: Sophos
    Description: A decade after the day of "Sunshine and Rainbows" San Palimino is the worst piece of dirt in Equestria to some, and the last bastion of freedom to others. Enter a journal that makes its way into the hooves of Booster; "Road Given" at birth by his tribe. With seemingly no rhyme or reason (excluding musical numbers), the journal becomes a documentation of some of the best kept secrets of Ponykind. Just trying to get by without a home, Booster isn't one to try and make sense of things. One thing Booster is sure of: He wouldn't have it any other way, and he'll fight for it too.
    One New Chapter: 4

    Author: lezvion
    Story Mirror Sites:  Google Docs
    Description: Историю, путник, тебе расскажу,
    Да против правды я не погрешу.
    Прикрой свои очи, послушай слова,
    Что до меня доносила молва.

    Был век, что царил круг лишь мир да покой
    И дружно все жили, что стар, что младой.
    И не было воин, печалей, невзгод,
    С тех пор миновал уже не первый тьмы год.

    Тьмы время настало и пал Кантерлот,
    Теперь нет у пони привычных хлопот.
    В скитаниях жизни свои коротать,
    На Пустоши скудную пищу искать.

    Надежд больше нет, все их мрак поглотил,
    Тот мрак, что в душе своей каждый таил,
    Осталась душа ль ещё? Спорный вопрос.
    Убить могут тут за пшеничный колос.

    Ты спросишь мой друг, может есть ещё свет?
    Ответом не будет бесспорное «нет».
    Ответом не будет короткое «да»,
    Почти не несут смысла эти слова.

    Историю, путник, тебе расскажу,
    Да против правды я не погрешу.
    Прикрой свои очи, послушай слова,
    Что до меня доносила молва.

    О сером пегасе-дашите мой сказ,
    О том, кто не принял Анклава приказ.
    Мой сказ о волшебнице, дарящей свет,
    Бежавшей от горестей, злобы и бед.

    О пони, лицо чьё скрывает доспех,
    Не часто услышать её можно смех,
    Тебе расскажу я, исполню заказ.
    Теперь же послушай правдивый рассказ…
    Two New Chapters: 24, 25


    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Relyet
    Description: Two ponies walked across the equestrian wasteland. A mysterious mare behind a mask and an oversized stallion. They aren't there to be heroes, they don't want to make new friends, and they aren't trying to make the wasteland a better place. But just how easy is it to remain neutral in the wasteland?

    (My first attempt at any form of pony fiction, and my first FoE sidestory, and the first bit of writing I've ever published. Here goes nothin'. Cover art 'borrowed' from Lightning5Strike over on deviantart until I can make my own.)
    One New Chapter: 9

    Fallen Angels

    Author: Tetragrammaton
    Description: There're things out there in the wasteland, even the historians didn't know about.

    Whirling Feather is an oridnary pegasus, living above the protecting cloud cover created by the Grand Pegasus Enclave over twohundred years ago and like every enclave pegasus, she has joined the miltary forces.
    But after she had gone missing during a mission on the surface and has to seek a way home, back to the skys, she encounters a conflict that has been frozen in time.
    A confilct from long before the Great War, long before Equestria even knew the word "war".
    And this conflict may or may not destroy Equestria...

    [This fiction is based on the one Kkat created. I do not own any rights concerning the Fallout games, My Little Pony or Fallout Equestria itself]

    [This is my first fanfiction so if there's anything wrong (and there will be something, I'm sure) feel free to comment]
    One New Chapter: 11


    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Ghostmk1
    Description: A simple unicorn with a love of fire manages to find a safe haven from the wasteland. This is how he came to find this island. It all started with a simple note in a safe.

    Raiders, gay Enclave, oncoming hoard of murder. It's all standard operating procedure for our dear unicorn. Candy Apples, but don't call him Candy. A childlike scientist who really, really likes flickering flames. He also has a companion. Lucky Clover, a mare who gets what she wants, but not how she wants it.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter Three: Home Is Where the Money Is"

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Pyro Blaze
    Description: Set before the events of Fallout: Equestria, written by Kkat, Follow Pyro Blaze and his friends as they journey through the wastes around Trottingham, or what's left of it.
    One New Chapter: "Chapter 2"

    [Romance][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Twilight_Sparkler
    Description: There is quite a lot of reasons to dislike the wasteland.

    Espicially the dying part.

    Yeah, that really can suck.

    Truth is, there's nothing good in a world filled with malice, hatred and your only goal is to survive. When Stable 100 is lied to, a pair of ponies are going to learn that the wasteland hates happiness, and It's determined to suck it out of these two.

    It's time to teach the Wasteland it doesn't always get what it wants.

    Cookie if anyone notices the 'special thing' about the writing of this story.
    One New Chapter: 7


    Author: DerpyDaringDitzyDoo
    Description: Updraft, a pegasus from the small town of Desert Springs, never expected much out of life. She enjoyed her easy guard duty, and lived happily despite never knowing her real parents. But of course the wasteland never allows such good things to last, so she adventures through the wasteland to see if friendship really can save ponies from each other, and themselves.
    One New Chapter: 5

    From Stable 54

    [Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Slashwing
    Description: When the main generator breaks, Slashwing is tasked with finding the needed parts. That would be a lot easier if the land wasn't filled with mutated beasts and crazy ponies. But with the help of a grenade lobbing unicorn he might just be able to do it.
    One New Chapter: "Log18, fortune favores a beeting"


    [Crossover][Slice of Life]
    Author: GenericPonyName
    Description: Gunslinger has it pretty good in the wasteland. A nice home, caps to spare, and plenty of tails to chase. He's able to have all this by being a hired gun. Wether it's bounty hunting, mercenary work, assassinations, getting rid of monsters, or just delivering important mail, he does his job and does it good.

    Enter one job where he has to kill a psycho Steel Ranger with a hard on for killing, one of the many crazy people that will become his closest allies and best friends.

    Welcome to the Hellraisers, where we're at least 85% moral free.
    One New Chapter: 3

    Author: cavepony1509
    Description: From a forgotten library, deep within a mountain, to the oceans that swarm with irradiated life, Starwind Solace, an arcane researcher who has always fought to find the best in ponies, finds herself out of her element as she is thrust out into the harsh wasteland by an enemy she can't hope to understand and is too afraid to face. Her story of the discovery of truths long misunderstood unfolds through struggles that only her allies and friends can help her through as they learn the meanings of their lives and the power of friendship.
    One New Chapter: 4

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: BillyColt
    Description: An Overmare has responsibilities. Take care of your stable. Keep order. Make sure the experiment is running the way it should.

    The stable is a closed circle under the stern hoof of its draconian Overmare, slowly cooking away at a sociological experiment two hundred years in the making.

    But the circle is broken by the arrival of a stranger and an artifact that forces its Overmare into the shifting tides of the Wasteland. She'll have to make choices. She'll have to hurt people. And she'll have to find answers.
    One New Chapter: "I Saw it Hang on the Edge of a Cloud"


    Author: CopperTop
    Description: War. War never changes. But it does evoke changes in others.
    The stories go, that before the Great War that ravaged the land, ponies knew harmony and friendship. Ponies helped each other, with no thought given towards compensation. It was simply what ponies did for one another.
    In the years after the day the balefire megaspells fell, that...feeling, was lost to ponykind. Destroyed, tainted by the same conflict that had ravaged the very land itself. Charity was a relic, altruism a weakness to be exploited. Our species had survived the destruction of Equestria, but our civilization...that had died.
    From the ashes of the Old World, a new one rose up. A society born of necessity and a ruthless desire to survive. The strong climbing to prosperity over the corpses of those too weak to resist them. In the Equestira that now exists, there are two kinds of ponies: those whom are willing to do whatever it takes to survive, and the dead...

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: TundraStanza
    Description: A stormy and dark night would have completed the visual picture that was her current predicament. Despite being in complete symbiosis with the multiple minds of the Goddess, she had somehow been overtaken by a mere shotgun. Her horn was flung off and with it any magic that she could cast. Inadvertently, this also severed her connection with the greater mind that did all the thinking for her.

    Her tale begins in a somewhat humble town called Fondsprings.
    Fallout: Equestria was originally thought up by Kkat.
    Fallout and all subsequent games are owned by Bethesda Game Studios.
    I gain no profit for writing this and it is solely meant for entertainment purposes.
    Comedy tag not included due to my inability to keep the story amusing as a whole.
    Four New Chapters: 6, 7, 8, 9

    Moon's Blood

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Slouping
    Description: Long time ago ... 200 years ago ... the Kingdom of Equestria and the Zebra empire were engaged in a terrible war for resources ... And this war sealed them ... both about the end of the Great War, but also in the lost of ethics in the name of a victory which was lost in advance by the two opponents ... In the four corners of the Equestrian wasteland, many horrors from the war remake surface ... but also some forgotten things which are not horrors of the Great War

    Red Sky, a young unicorn from Stable 13 met some of these things, and is driven in a journey which is going to change her, her vision of the world and her world ... Everything unless one thing: War !

    Because War ... War never changes ...

    PS: Excuse me if you see problems in grammar and vocabulary in the fic' , but I try my best ...
    Five New Chapters: 8, 3, 4, "Prologue", "Chapter 0: How it began."

    [Dark][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Zytharros
    Description: A tainted Stable protects a crystal filled with a colt from the past, exposed by accident to an early form of the Impelled Metamorphosis Potion. However, Stable Eighty-Five is no longer safe. A young pegasus named Crusader Candy must find another location before the security detail of the former military base does something drastic.

    But first, she must learn the rules of the Wasteland.

    Set in the same universe as Kkat's Fallout: Equestria.
    With ideas borrowed from Chengar Qordath's The Life and Times of a Winning Pony.
    One New Chapter: "The Fragments"

    Author: Natsirt-Tenenkei
    Description: Set in the amazing world created by Kkat.
    Former General Zippity Do-Dah is awakened to find that the world he once knew and loved is destroyed. Now he travels the wastes trying to restore Equestria. All the while struggling to contain his true nature. Will he succeed? or will he die trying?
    One New Chapter: 2

    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Solowing51
    Description: I was just a simple stallion. Living life day to day with family and loved ones. We lived a generally safe life given the situation of the world around us. That was before the entire world came tumbling down on top of us however. What started as just another simple day of living a seemingly normal life quickly turned into a literal hell on Equestria. Amidst the blazing inferno and smoking ruins of my old life however, rose a being that all would someday know to fear. Amongst the burnt remains rose the spirit of vengeance.
    Three New Chapters: 4.3, 4.4, 5.1

    Snippet Story

    [Sad][Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Windrunner
    Description: Set in the Fallout: Equestria universe, each chapter is intended to be its own self-contained story not necessarily related to the next, tying into each other.
    One New Chapter: "Beneath A Colorless Sky"


    [Dark][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe][Anthro]
    Author: Randmizr-77
    Description: If you could find a word to describe us, the best would be "oddballs". We all seem too different to get along and team up. But in the Wasteland, you learn to put small things like that aside to survive. Radiation, taint, pink cloud, raiders, bloatsprites.. those are just some of the dangers that lurk. And when you throw vehicular combat into the mix? Things get REALLY interesting.
    This is my first story, so please let me know what you think in the comments so I can become a better writer. This story is non-canonical and contains automobiles, anthropomorphic ponies, and 4th wall breaching. Viewer discretion is advised.[tags may change as story progresses]

    I do not own Fallout, Fallout Equestria, My little Pony, or Twisted Metal. They all belong to their rightful owners. The original Fallout: Equestria is by Kkat.
    Two New Chapters: 2, 3

    Author: RainbowSix0326
    Description: War. Its what sent the known world to hell 150 years ago, but it never stops. It sure doesn't stop the Grand Pegasus Enclave when their whole civilization is being threatened by a lack of resources. This story fallows Sergeant Thunder Wing and his squadron of Enclave soldiers throughout the invasion of the Griffin Kingdom of Aldorna.
    One New Chapter: "For Dramatic Effect..."

    [Dark][Comedy][Crossover][Adventure][Alternate Universe]
    Author: Cartwright
    Description: "You have been weighed, you have been measured..."
    Rule Book should have seen the warning signs before taking the job: mysterious stranger, mysterious package, abandoned city, described as an easy trip there and back. Since when does that ever turn out right? 500 caps is hard to pass up, though.
    The pegasus' luck might just turn around when left with a relic of an age long past standing at his side; a combination of devoted worksponyship and imaginative vision, who though just as lost and confused as he is most of the time... might just be his ticket to a much brighter future.
    This is the story of an innocent and a hopeless dreamer lost in a world of suffering and chaos. A strange little robot with a far stranger purpose and a mercenary hired off of 'discount' boards and damned tired of it, fighting for survival against forces far better suited to it, and far more bent on its prevention. Maybe there'll be some caps for them in the end, too.
    "... and you have been found wanting."

    (Note: I enjoy comments! Please post them!)

    FoE Setting @ Kkat
    Fallout @ Bethesda
    Earthgleam setting details @ Cartwright
    One New Chapter: 3

    Author: L9OBL
    Description: What started off as a small favour for a friend turned into a full out month long project Drawn by hand then coloured in on GIMP.
    Eleven New Chapters: 4.3, 4.31, 4.32, 4.33, 4.34, 4.35, 4.36, 4.37, 4.38, 4.39, 4

    Author: SmashCooper
    Story Mirror Sites:  Tumblr
    Description: Because in Stable Two, no pony ever enters and no pony ever leaves.
    Thirty-seven New Chapters: 180, 181, 182, 183, 184, 185, 186, 187, 188, 189, 190, 191, 192, 193, 194, 195, 196, 197, 198, 199, 200, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, 216

    Author: MajorBrons
    Five New Chapters: 2, 2, 2, 2, 2



    Author: BruinsBrony216
    Two New Chapters: 30, 31

    Author: king-koder
    Two New Chapters: "Episode 1 Page 18", "Episode 1 Page 19"



    Author: Zubias
    Three New Chapters: "Page 18", "Page 19", "Page 20"

    Author: David-Irastra
    Five New Chapters: 20, 21, 22, "Epilogo", "Broken Steel Completo Spanish"

    Author: AlexMalkavian
    Description: Колись давно у чарівній країні Еквестрії...

    …настав час, коли ідеали дружби поступилися місцем жадібності, егоїзму, параної та заздрісному захвату простору та ресурсів, яких залишалося все менше. Країни озброювалися проти своїх сусідів. Кінець світу настав саме так, як його й передбачали — світ поринув у безодню зловісного полум’я і темної магії. Подробиці незначні і недоречні. Причини, як завжди, тільки в нас. Світ був практично позбавлений життя. Велика чистка; магічна іскра, викресана копитами поні, швидко вийшла з-під контролю. Мегачари падали з неба. Цілі країни були охоплені полум’ям і занурилися в киплячі океани. Поні були майже знищені, їх душі стали частиною радіації, що огорнула землю. Тиха темрява опустилася на світ...

    ...Але це був не кінець світу, як дехто пророкував. Навпаки, цей апокаліпсис був лише прологом до нової, кривавої глави в історії поні. В перші дні тисячі були врятовані від жахів холокосту, сховавшись в величезних підземних сховищах, також відомих як Стайні. Але коли вони вийшли, їх зустріло лише пекло пустищ. Всіх, окрім мешканців Другої Стайні. Бо в той лиховісний день, коли магічне полум’я лилося з неба, велетенські двері Другої Стайні зачинилися, щоб ніколи не відчинитися.

    Фоллаут: Еквестрія
    Two New Chapters: 9, 10

    Author: MFrolda
    Two New Chapters: 8, 9

    [Grimdark][Crossover][Adventure][Blackjack][P-21][Rampage][Lacunae][Post-apocalyptic][Long][OC ponies][adventure]
    Author: Russian Translation Team
    Story Mirror Sites:  ,  EveryPony
    Description: Давным-давно в волшебной стране Эквестрии... идеалы дружбы были отвергнуты в
    пользу алчности, недоверчивости и войны. В конце концов, и сам мир был разорён пожарами
    бесчисленных Мегазааклинаний; та цивилизация, что была раньше, перестала существовать.
    Однако Хуфингтону, удалось устоять. Даже в таком мире разрушенные,
    зловещие, облучённые башни Ядра продолжали стоять. Ранее центр военных исследований Эквестрии, ныне разрушенный дремлющий город. Он полон отравленных тайн и скрывает в себе опасные сокровища. Один единорог, обремененный чувством вины и неуверенная в себе, решает погрузиться в сеть интриг Хуффингтона. С разношерстной и непутёвой группой товарищей на её стороне, она должна разгадать более чем двухсотлетнюю загадку - если Пустошь первой не распутает её.
    Five New Chapters: 64, 65, 66, 67, 68

    Author: David-Irastra
    Description: Blackjack es una pony unicornio quien trabaja para seguridad en el establo 99. su vida era una constante rutina , asi lo era hasta que un dia tras una serie de sucesos ella se aventura al mundo exterior donde tendra que lidiar no solo con los horrores que los yermos equestrianos tienen sino con sus propios demonios.

    Se recomienda discrecion en su lectura tienen lengua fuerte y temas sexuales.
    Two New Chapters: 70, 71

    Author: David-Irastra
    Five New Chapters: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    [Sad][Dark][Crossover Adventure]
    Author: BronyKen
    Story Mirror Sites:  MediaFire
    Description: When raiders attack Stable 45 and kidnap his sister, Chief of Stable Security, Shadow sets out to track her down across the vast wastes of the Equestrian south west and, if possible, save her. Along the way he uncovers a threat most ponies had forgotten, or thought long since destroyed in the war. Can he and his friends stand against the gathering evil? Or is the wasteland doomed to fall forever, with no hope of ever rising again?
    Three New Chapters: 21.1, 21.2, 21.3

    Author: Newbiespud
    Description: A tabletop campaign podcast set in the Fallout: Equestria world! What was once the southern Badlands is now a cursed caldera known as Dragon's Maw. It's rumored that when the great dragons perished in the apocalypse, they left their treasure hoards behind. These rumors have lured prospectors to their doom for decades. Now, not long after Littlepip's journey ended, six crazy wastelanders brave the Maw to uncover the ancient dragons' secrets.
    Eight New Chapters: "Session 22 - Good Morning Mawlers", "Session 23 - Raider Ambush", "Session 23.5 - Javolt in Cyberspace", "Session 24 - The Fractured Doctor", "Session 25 - Famine and the Hunt", "Session 26 - A Deal With Death", "Session 27 - Super Spies", "Session 28 - From Heaven to Hell"

    Author: EquestriaNarrator
    Story Mirror Sites:  
    One New Chapter: 32

    Pink Eyes


    Author: ThePolishWarlord
    One New Chapter: 6