• EQD Music Updates 2 - Random, Redone, Enhanced

    "Am I doing it right?" (Source)

    Hypermark here again with a sizable update to EQD Music! Included is a new home page that will allow further expansions for things like feed buttons and a place to log in. "But I don't like the new home page!" some of you may say. Well, unlike some developers, I let you choose which look you like more.  Just click the "classic" button if you want to use the old layout.

    Something many have ask for is now put in place; a random button! The best place I could think of it was the search page, which has also been redone. The search page will now give you suggestions as you type.

    A personal note: this is my most successful project to date, and for the most part, people like it. I've gotten tons of great suggestions and I do what I can to reply to the emails I receive.

    Bug Fixes
    None this time around- I'm either doing something really right or horribly wrong.

    Next Update
    Playlist function, albums, and we are still looking into user accounts. Maybe artist pages, feeds, oh my, there's so much to do, and school is starting again for me soon.

    I love suggestions and constructive criticisms. Feel free to comment them below!