• Episode Followup: Ponyville Confidential

    Cereal had to remind me that this was, in fact, a Cutie Mark Crusaders episode, and not a Trixie episode.   Imagine that!  I swear I'm not biased at all, nope.  That Trixie banner never existed.  Besides, she isn't even a G1 pony.  How uncool.

    So last night I was grinding away at scheduling today's g1-3.5 stuff, and jokingly told the pre-reader chat I was too lazy to do the episode followup and Cereal had a headache.  An hour later they sent me this!

    So without further adieu, I present to you Guest Author: Alextrazsa (AKA that dragon from World of Warcraft)'s episode followup.  This dude loves his screenshots!

    Check out his entire followup after the break!

    Images fixed!

    Look how adorable this new colt is. Jeeze. Featherweight, at this moment in time, is best pony.

    All aboard the S.S. Scootabelle! The best ship since- er, wait...

    I wish I had readily available pictures of myself.

    Somepony forgot to turn their swag off.

    Alright, they kind of work. Halfway is better than none, right?

    I had to go buy a new heart. Seriously. The old one exploded.

    The Nyandash poster returns! And now it's joined by... what looks like a hoof made model of Rainbow Dash? Scoots is getting creative!

    Magnified 6 million times

    And what do we have here? Is that Lyra in the background reading this like any of us would? Sure looks like it!


    This is a quality article if I ever did see one.

     need pictures! Pictures of ponies! Come on, I know you were thinking that.

    Huh, this reminds a lot of my own writing sessions!

    No, Rarity! You’re going down the wrong path! You really picked the wrong girl, Cereal.

    Just look at this. She loves it! She loves it because it’s wrong, and because it’s rude, and because... sigh. Rarity.

    Sweetie Belle, you can’t just go whacking other unicorn’s horns like that. It’s rude.

    Does someone want to explain to me how these typewriters work? They have three buttons and most, and there’s no way to... oh wait, magic *snort snort*

    First off, Dash with those cucumbers on is d’awesome. Second, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE? I can imagine Seth was a very happy man.

    HELL YEAH! -Seth

    I don’t know about you, but this was one of the best parts of the episode. She has at least two cakes there, so Celestia has quite the sweet tooth.

    Whaaaaat? The Scandal!

    Canon: Dash DOES NOT like having her hooves touched. Remember that, writers and artists.

    It would appear that Spike has also forgotten to turn his swag off.

    Honestly, the most interesting part about this scene (other than Twilight’s scrunchy face) is that Spike’s flame burned the paper, then attempted to send it somewhere. The paper rises up a bit, then falls to the ground, as if the magic said “Oh, haha, that’s not a letter.

    Are tail extensions really such a terrible thing?

    This was another gem of a scene. Pinkie’s partying problem made me laugh out loud.

    Actually, this scene made me reconsider. Cereal, you picked a fine choice.

    “Et tu, Gabby Gums?” I didn’t think it was possible to fit that much awesome into a single line.

    Twilight Sparkle: Master of bubbles. She’d make a good Paladin.

    I can safely say that this was Big Macintosh’s Crowning Moment of Awesome™. Who expected this? Be honest now.

    “Uh... they haven’t started yet.” This was a brilliantly executed joke.

    Dash really doesn’t let up with this. If anything, this proves she’s the type to hold a grudge!

    And there’s the classic ending where the antagonist gets what they deserve and everypony goes home happy.

    All things considered, this was a pretty great episode. We saw a lot from the both the main characters and the crusaders, and I thought the pacing was pretty nice. The crusaders definitely pulled through here, and I’m willing to bet it’s on a lot of people’s top five of season 2.
    Hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for next episode: MMMystery on the Friendship Express!

    And lets finish off with some Tiara Jameson!