• Story: Blue like Sapphires


    Author: ambion
    Description: As the Ursa Minor problem is drawn to bitter conclusion, Trixie finds herself torn by choices - should she carry on down the harsh and lonely road of her life, now with nothing to her name, or rein in her pride and return to Ponyville to ask somepony for help? At that, will she even learn anything?
    Blue like Sapphires

    Additional Tags: friendshipping, considerate Trixie, saucy book, new look, the 'F'-word.


    1. "Saucy book", "The F-Word", "Considerate Trixie"...

      Does Trixie return to Ponyville and do unmentionables?

    2. Jelfes, my head is so full of fuck that i scare myself.

      it took me 2 years to realize i had looking at Pokemon CP...

    3. Those are some odd tags right there.
      I'm far too tired to read anything right now But this looks as though It could be good as far as I could judge like this, im too tired to make sense of it.

      I don't really like Trixie too much but i'll give this a try as soon as i'm awake.

    4. I'll try it, then tell you what I think.

    5. This is strangely similar to Out in the Cold....

    6. Friendshipping and the F-bomb.


      What has fanfiction come to?

    7. This is... brilliant. Although it's not a very original plot, its still very well written and just kind of flows. Bravo, ambion

    8. Some of the descriptions were a little too lengthy at times, but it was a nice little story. I approve of the friendshipping as well.

    9. Friendshipping a considerate Trixie with a Saucy book with a new look. FFFFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

    10. So Trixie goes back into Ponyville and drops an F bomb?

    11. ...The Funk bomb?

      Ponyville dance off?

    12. Haha! Once again, Trixie is triumphant! Away! *smoke bomb*

    13. There is no F bomb; I don't know what the deal with that tag is. In any case, excellent fic.

    14. I like the tags, but I think the f-word was "friend" =P It'd certainly be viewed as such by Trixie, no doubt.

    15. Awww, I want mooooore! >w< Nice story, well written, but I hope there's a sequel!

    16. Excellent story, a nice way to top off the end of my day too ;P

    17. Thanks for the comments guys. I know ambion will appreciate it and will likely reply more directly when he's free to do so.

      As for those confused by the tags, you could just read the story and find out what they mean :P

    18. I pretty much agree with @MagicLlama's comment. It's very well written, and while the general story arc is easy to foresee partway into the story, the specific details along the way make the journey worthwhile. It's also one of the best characterizations of Trixie I've read.

    19. Yay! I'm so glad to see this up. While I've not read many Trixie fics I can definetly see that the story is a touch generic. This story came to be just as this:

      "I wonder if I can write a ship fic... Hey Ran, give me two random, unlikely characters to ship and I'll see if I can do it."

      From there the story kind of took off in it's own direction. Ended up with Friendshipping since shippity ship shiptastical shipwright shipping seemed like a stretch of suspension. I hope I wrote a believable Trixie.

      @jodyjm13 - thanks again for your help in this, and let me say it out loud here, so to speak. I'm really glad Trixie came across well for you.

      @Ran - this story wouldn't have existed at all without your input, and you pretty much kept me going onwards when I was otherwise cornering myself into pitfalls. Big yay for you.

      @Llox , @TheCommander - I hadn't thought at all of following this up with anything. Now you've put ideas in my head. Don't get your hopes up though, I've got other things here and there to do and I'm scattered at the best of times.

      @Otakon17 - thanks for the input. See the usage of "ship" just up there? I do tend to go somewhat overboard (terrible, terrible pun... but I've got much worse in store ahead with another story, mwuhahaha)with my diction. It's something I'm always trying to balance out.

      @MagicLlama - thank you. By about halfway through the story was taking me where it wanted to go, rather than anything I'd originally had in mind. Originality is hard, and I've noticed that when I make it my priority, my quality drops drastically. I've not actually seen other Trixie fics around, so I suppose I'm writing generic style as such for her too.

      As for the unusual tags - Yeah, there's confusion in them, and that's just what I wanted. They all make sense in context of the story, once it's been read. And I just had to use the F-word, how could I not?
      -It's magic- xD

      Appreciation to everyone who reads, comments, criticizes, the works. I really enjoy seeing the responses, and will respond to those that stand out for it, but I'm glad to receieve every single one all the same. I've got a few things steadily coming to maturation for posting (what I write is brain-randomly-selected). Oh, and to blatantly self advertise - read Kickers and/or The Pie not Squared if you'd like to see my other stuff.

    20. I'm going to assume the F-word is Friend, and the saucy book is a cook book.

    21. Hmm. A nice story indeed. However, the ending was a bit to open for my tastes. This could really do with a sequel. Not to mention Trixie ends up stealing from Rarity, which seems odd after everything.

    22. @Baree it was the book that Trixie was reading and wanted to know what happened, it was mentioned when she was inspecting the remains of her wagon. I thought it was kinda funny lol.
      I did like the story, lots of description which isnt a bad thing though. I do like Trixie more than most and would love a follow up story. Suprisingly Rarity does fit with Trixie, having many of the same tastes for the finer things in life/lifestyles. Believable shipping, or maybe just your talent at making it so!

    23. @ambion

      Being more awake now I was able to give this the attention It deserved.

      I really liked it.
      I don't like Trixie under most circumstances but you managed to write her in such a way I found my usual dislike gone.
      She was still the slightly arrogant blue unicorn I expected but you made her nice and I approved of that.
      I do like seing things like this, her change in behaviour was lovely to read as it progressed and Rarity was very well done character wise.
      It was all very believeable and Rarity and Trixie fit relatively well togther which I wouldn't have expected.

      It was a really nice story and I really liked it. It was well written, funny and heartwarming, certainly worth the read, I don't often like Trixie but I did this time.

      Trixie is going to owe Rarity a book though.

    24. It this a one-shot, or will there be more chapters to follow? Trevor would LOVE to read some more chapters! 8D This was brilliantly written!

      ~ Magical Trevor, Minstrel of Equestria

    25. @Ryllian Dash

      I was well aware of that, but still it bothers me. Perhaps if she hadn't given what seemed to be a very sincere "Thank you" near the end it wouldn't have bothered me so much.

    26. -I'm looking for a few readers willing to help me out with editing and pre-reading various things so as to help me improve my story writing and the products of such. Please contact me at imambion@gmail.com if you're interested in this. Greatly appreciated.-

    27. Really loved this story, it just flows along so well with Trixie conflicting emotions :D

      I really enjoyed reading trough it, and hopping there might be a follow up. But it's not necessary, it work as a one shot but i want more xD

      And its always nice to see my art being used too, really connects well with Trixie sitting in the wreck of her wagon...

    28. Um.
      How can I put this?
      You shot for "poetic", but you hit "pretentious" instead... and that's ignoring the fact that about one in four of your "three-dollar words" are misused.

      I really don't want to sound like I'm calling you stupid, because I'm not; but it's really obvious that you're trying to write beyond your own vocabulary. "Write as you speak" is the rule -- or rather, "write as you could speak". It's okay! You will honestly sound more poetic by cleverly using words you're familiar with than you will by flipping open the thesaurus and grabbing words that convey the wrong connotation.

    29. @silentcarto

      I'll take this lesson to heart. Thing is though, I never use a thesaurus, everything you see is what snags in my head of its own accord.

      I'm not entirely sure how to write as I speak. All the same, thank you for letting me know that my writing comes across this way.

      ...Maybe I'm trying to hard to show instead of tell? I seem to keep telling the stories regardless of how I word it, until I drive myself into ever wilder tangents, ending up with me being pretentious. It's saddening, but something I should admit to sooner rather than later.

      Something worth keeping my mind on. Thank you.

    30. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale. Not only did both characters come across at least to me as being completely believable but I was actually truly surprised to find that Trixie and Rarity were being paired. A good majority of the fics I read involving Trixie are "Twilight X Trixie". The surprisingly well done change up from the "Norm" wowed me more than I thought possible. My only qualm with it was that this definitely needs some sort of follow up even if it's no more than a single paragraph or two epilogue which sums up how her experience(s) with Rarity changed her outlook on life.

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    32. (Sorry, quick edit) This story was great! Once I started reading it I honestly didn't want to stop and I actually forced myself to stay up just to see what was going to happen next. I just read a story called "Spookshow Baby", which in a way could be a follow up story to this one, given that this story doesn't mention where Trixie went at the end of it. What I liked about this story the most was the personal evelolution of not only Rarity, but Trixie of all ponies. Plus, in its own way it did have a slight romantic touch to it without getting out of hand...or hoof. Another thing I liked about this story was it helped me to find a new sense of respect for Rarity and Trixie. Rarity of course for clearly going out of her way to help Trixie when she could have just as easily left Trixie to her pride. And Trixie for actually swallowing her pride (eventually) and letting herself become vulnerable enough to accept help and see that she doesn't have to be alone, although in the end she chooses to be anyway. I also liked how Trixie actually apologized to Rarity after she was being such a pain. Also I found ir rather humorous that both Rarity and Trixie were bother secretly into, as it's been tagged "saucy books". Although "Blue Like Sappires" and "Spookshow Baby" are different stories, and could be considered "sister" stories, I'd like to see a follow up to this story as well.

    33. A minor quibble: Trixie leaves at the end.

      Many redemption stories do this, and I hate it. It's so dumb. You stated that she's happy to have a "pal", so why would she just up and leave? That never makes any sense to me.

      Anyways, it's not important. I enjoyed this.

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