• DerpyMail USPS Stamps!

    Purple Tinker over on Deviant Art got the OK to create actual USPS Stamps with Derpy Hooves on them.  Now all we need to do is convince the postal service to ditch that lame bald eagle and plaster our favorite wall eyed Pegasus on the side of their car..thingys.

    You can find all of the information about it after the break, as well as an image of what they look like!

    Hey everypony. My prototype order of DerpyMail USPS (US Postal Service) custom stamps has been APPROVED and is presently being printed! These stamps look like this:
    Yes, these are going to be REAL USPS STAMPS that you could use for ACTUAL REAL LIFE MAIL! I am pondering replacing the design with one in which Derpy is wearing saddlebags and has a piece of mail in her mouth, though otherwise the basic design will remain the same.

    These stamps cost a LOT less when ordered in bulk. (You never just pay the face value of the stamps for these custom jobs.) I am therefore coordinating a LARGE DerpyMail stamp order. Which stamps I order are up to the community:

    Option ONE: Bulk order of 140 stamps total) of standard 6oz Large Envelope stamps ($1.73 each) at $2.11 per $1.73 stamp.
    Option TWO: Bulk order of 240 stamps total) of standard 3oz Letter stamps ($0.78 each) at $1.19 per $0.78 stamp.

    IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BUYING SOME DERPYMAIL STAMPS AT ACTUAL PRODUCTION COST, respond to this post with the following three pieces of info:

    1) Which ordering option you would prefer we ordered. (Option ONE or option TWO as listed above)
    2) Which COLOUR you would prefer the stamp be. (For instance, the prototype stamps are orange.)
    3) How many of these DerpyMail stamps would you want to buy?

    Let's make Project DerpyMail a reality!