• Nightly Roundup #737

    There is a lot of potential for discordy shinanigans in season 4. I'm really hoping we get a good amount of stuff starring him, now that hes all friendshippy with Fluttershy.   

    Head on down below the break for the usual roundup stuff!

  • Video of the Equestria Girls Costumes

    I think we've adorned the front page with images of these enough in the last few days, so have a scared Twilight instead.

    Just in case you were curious on where the Equestria Girls costumes came from, head on down below the break for a video starring them!

    Thanks to Gregory for the heads up!

  • Simple PMV Compilation #42

    A freakish amount of hair!  She can get away with it though, because Fluttershy.

    We have five more Simple PMV's in this one.  You know the drill, nice and basic! Get them all below.

  • Album Compilation - August 11th

    We have six more albums for you all to fill your playlists up with.  This little compilation here includes the following: 
    • Hold Your Rainbow - Ponies at Dawn
    • Second Chances - Metaljoker
    • Dawning EP - Crystal Slave
    • Bust Yo Flank! - HACKD
    • PLAYFUL PONI MUSIC!!! ^____^ - sci
    All of which can be found below the break!

  • MLP Creator Bonnie Zacherle's Thoughts on the Brony Thing

    As many of you most likely know by now, pony actually started way back in the early 80's.   During a presentation with the original creator, someone decided to bug her about what she thought of this new sudden surge in popularity that the characters were getting.  Apparently the original lineup was intended for both genders to begin with.  Head on over here to check out the full response!

    Thanks to Quello for the heads up!
  • Another Mysterious Message from the MLP Facebook Page

    A bit of potentially minor news for you all to ponder over today.  The MLP facebook tossed this up:
    Someone exciting is coming to the My Little Pony Facebook page! Can you guess who it may be?
    Who it is, only time will tell! I'm hoping for Daring Do personally.  

    Thanks to Jason for the heads up.
  • IDW Limited - Rarity Set and Jennifer Blake Interview

    The final of the mane 6 IDW Limited sets has been revealed and put up for sale.  This one follows the same exact template as the others, with a review with artist Jennifer Blake to top it off.  Head on over here for pictures/words, and over here for the actual sets.
  • Discussion: Elements of Discord - Make a team!

    Celestia has her team of six ponies, and Discord wants his own!  Using his crazy chaos magic, he has summoned you, with your infinite knowledge on all things pony, to decide on which characters from the show will be his anti-mane 6!

    Choose one character for each of the Elements of Harmony that you think would best represent their opposite, and assign them an evil or chaotic aligned element.  Feel free to corrupt a background pony or two if you can't think of someone, this is Discord we are talking about after all.

    Hit the comments up with the new Elements of Discord! 
  • Official Comic Events - California Signing and Cincinnatti Comic Con

    A couple of extra events have been announced for the official MLP comic crew.

    First off, if you live in or around Cincinnati, their version of Comic Con has a pony panel planned.  Expect it to happen on Sunday, September 7th at 11:30 AM with Katie Cook, Andy Price, and Tony Fleecs in attendance. Katie will also be attending a sketch duel panel on Friday.   Hit up the Cincinnati Comic Con main page for signup information.

    And for all you Californians out there, Geoffrey's Comics in Gardena California is hosting a signing with Tony Fleecs.  This one happens pretty soon, on the 17th of August at 10:00 AM.   Hit up their Facebook page to follow it!

    Thanks to Candygram and Rian for the heads up!
  • Story: In Quintuple Time

    [Comedy][Random] "Like a maroon Sasquatch tortilla rope with a watermelon sparkle jive." -Pre-Reader Noir Voice

    Author: HoofBitingActionOverload
    Description: Applejack steps out of her barn to discover that her home is gone, and the entirety of Sweet Apple Acres has been transformed into a beach. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash is opening up a juice bar on her front lawn, Pinkie Pie's dancing the hula, and Big McIntosh is getting his groove on. And she soon realizes that her troubles have only just begun.
    In Quintuple Time

    Additional Tags: I honestly don't even know

  • Ponified Trailers: Call of Duty: Friendship is Magic / The Hunger Ponies: Dashing Fire / Twilimitless

    That first one has some pretty interesting effects even if it's only 39 seconds long! We have three ponified trailers today, starting with Call of Duty, followed by The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and finishing with Limitless. Check them out below!

    1.) Call of Duty: Friendship is Magic
    2.) The Hunger Ponies: Dashing Fire
    3.) Twilimitless (Limitless Trailer)

  • Poll Results: Which MLP Antagonist has the best voice?

    I was going to wait until Trixie beat Chrysalis, but that may have taken a year or two based on the rate she was climbing. Poor Poor Trixie...    It looks like Discord completely smoked the competition. 

    NEXT POLL:  Best Non-Personal Fandom Famous OC Pony

    This was a tough one to choose the ponies for.  I asked on Twitter, as well as several different fandom skype chats (fanfic, art, ect).  The ponies included in this list are only OC ponies that are well known throughout the fandom, but not someone's personal OC that they use to represent themselves.  Feel free to hit "Other" if you feel one that wasn't included, including the ones that are NSFEQD. 
  • Music: "Pinkie, Where Did You Go?" by MandoPony

    And here I thought Mando's next song was going to be one in the Element series! We have an awesome new Ska style track dedicated to Pinkie Pie.  I got a bit of 90's nostalgia out of this one.  Check it out below the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #891

    Have a random fire pony. Why a random fire pony? Why not a random fire pony? If you don't want a random fire pony, get some non random fire pony below.

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    MLP: Pony Auction Justice Blaze

  • Story: Maybe

    [Normal] "It takes some solid work to make Blueblood enjoyable and romantically sympathetic while keeping him in character. Heartily recommended." – Pre-reader Bradel

    Author: John Perry
    Description: Some ponies never change. Prince Blueblood is one of them.

    Additional Tags: A history of a snob.

  • Comic: Good Cheer / The Cake / You Can't Rush Perfection

    Comics!  I never know what to write about these anymore.   Usually I can go off on a good paragraph long tangent about something completely unrelated to the post, but comics make that hard for whatever reason.  So here I am going off on a tangent about going off on a tangent.   Click for full!