• Nightly Roundup #736

    Last night's header was kind of scary so how about a bunch of cute ponies for tonight to make up for it? Don't you wish you just hug all of them?

    News time again guys! Check it all out after the break.

  • Music of the Day #157

    When pony ends in a few years, I'm starting up a pirate business in the Caribbean. I'll  buy me one of those old fashioned style wooden ships, deck it out in pirate insignias, hire a crew of pirate actors, and host pirate tours for rich people. We can have mock treasure hunts and drink rum straight from the cask in island caves while singing pirate tunes.  Who wants in on this?

    ...Uh anyway, it's music of the day time! We have 15 tracks for you all tonight.  Head on down below the break!

  • Story: A Single Step

    [Normal] "A story that touches on chaos theory, maturity, and dark themes while managing to stay true to its genre tags? I can't post this hard enough." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: darf
    Description: Twilight accidentally steps on a snail. This makes her sad. As the years go on, several other things happen.
    A Single Step

    Additional Tags: Twilight steps on a snail

  • Twilight Sparkle Fan Favorite Election Ad

    Is your friendship with Twilight Sparkle magic?  Is she the pony you wanted her to be?  Head on down below the break for Twilights campaign ad.   I think you all know who to vote for. 

  • Spotlight Music: Tough as Nails / The Hour Glass / Flying in the Moonlight

    We haven't had a purely instrumental post in a while. Lets change that! Start with some fast paced orchestral with an excellent use of banjo to back it up, followed by a bit of ambient dedicated to an hourglass, and finish with a Jazzy Fluttershy track. Get them all below!

    1.) Radiarc - Tough as Nails
    2.) Resonantwaves - The Hour Glass
    3.) Flying in the Moonlight

  • Wallpaper Compilation #98

    Remember when Cereal used to run wallpaper posts, and every single one was headered with a Rarity?  I'm slowly starting to agree with him.  She just makes a good wallpaper pony.

    Head on down below for 47 others to go with it!

    [1] Source
    [WOTW] The Horse of Generosity

  • MLP Birthdays:Cathy Wesluck, Anneli Heed, and Raven Molisee

    With a new month comes new birthdays to celebrate and like last month it seems like we have quite a few to enjoy this time around.First up this month is the pony of glamor herself, Tabitha St. Germain, on the 17th of August which is then closely followed by a spurt of birthdays starting with Anneli Heed of Swedish Spitfire fame on the 20th, Cathy Wesluck on the 21st, and finally ending with senior storyboarder for pony during season 2 and 3, Raven Molisee on the 31st!

    Time to get cracking you guys, let's make their birthdays an awesome experience! Send your artwork to submit@equestriadaily.com with MLP Birthdays in the subject title along with who the art is for. Check below for some OC references!

    Update: Tabitha has confirmed her Bday is not in August! Hold off on pics for her for now.

    Raven's OC
    Anneli Heed's OC
  • Story Updates - August 9th

    Story updates! Have three of them.

  • Story: More Than She Could Dream Of (Update Complete!)

    [Sad] [Shipping]

    Author: Melon Hunter
    Description: Heartbroken after being rejected yet again, Pinkie resigns herself to a life of loneliness.

    However, love has a way of sneaking up on you, and a chance meeting leads to Pinkie finding a pony who’s just perfect for her. A pony who may just be a little too perfect for her...

    With her newly blossoming love life causing friction between her and her friends, will Pinkie really find happiness with her special somepony?

    Or will Surprise turn out to be more than she could dream of?
    More Than She Could Dream Of (New Epilogue!)

    Additional Tags: Love is a fickle thing
  • Drawfriend Stuff #889

    So, 74 images took longer to process than I thought. Teach me for scheduling something that isn't complete! At least I know you guys care.  If you have no cue what im talking about, feel free to continue business as usual. 

    Lets start off with a bit of Fluttershy and get a pile of other stuff below! Go look at some art.

    [1] Source
    Nature Maiden

    And a new Breaking Bad banner from Zvn!

  • IDW Limited Fluttershy Set Revealed and Brenda Little Interview

    Can't have the mane six without the best of the mane 6! Fluttershy is next in line for IDW's daily reveal of the limited comic editions.  This one comes with an interview with comic artist Brenda Little.  Head on over here for a bunch of images, and over here for the store pages and specifics on each set. 
  • Artisan Pony Crafts Compilation #22

    Sweetie Belle does have an amazing voice and if she grew up to be anything but a singer I think I would be shocked. But life is good at throwing curve balls at you, so maybe I shouldn't be so surprised if Sweetie's talent actually turns out to be wrestling.

    Crafts everywhere today guys! Check them all out after the break.

    [1] Source
    Sweetie Belle

  • New Dungeons and Dragons Magazine Posts Ponies

    I haven't played Dungeons and Dragons in years, but I'm sure a bunch of you have.  In the debut issue of the new Gygax Magazine (A successor to the old "Dragon" magazine), they have a full on article about an "Assault on Equestria!" campaign, where a father battled it out with his daughter via some pony Vs. monster mayhem.  They even used Celestia's Castle as a setpiece and rolled hit chance based on distance.  Clearly the original target audience needs full on monster manuals at this point.  She looks like she had fun at least.

    Head on over here to check out the full article!
  • Story: Dream


    Author: Cascadejackal
    Description: Hidden deep within a maze, well away from prying eyes, there is a statue.
    The last great work of an artist long forgotten, her time-worn visage
    watches the raising and setting of the sun and the moon as though

    Who created such a marvel, this sculpture of copper and brass, of crystal
    and cog, and why, is unknown, lost to the mists of time.... until now.

    This is the tale of a painter and a clockmaker, and the love they shared.
    This is the tale of a dreamer, who knew only her dream.

    Additional Tags: Sorrow gives rise to joy
  • Comic: Tales From Ponyville / Always Greener / Tasting New Flavors

    Chapter 3

    I've been meaning to feature this comic for quite awhile now, but kept forgetting for whatever reason. Tales from Ponyville has been going on for quite awhile now and is a slice of life style comic series that is quite awesome I must say!

    Anyhow, comics guys. Click for full!

  • Fan Expo Canada #10 MLP Comic Exclusive

    Another convention has grabbed it's very own MLP comic variant.  The 10th installment of the main MLP series gets it's very own moose.  Head on over here if you want to hit Fan Expo Canada up and grab one!
  • Top 10 Videos and Music of July

    Coming  a bit late this time around, most likely due to Bronycon, we have the top 10 videos and Music of July.  Head on down below the break to check the videos out as always!

  • Youtube Pony Easter Egg Expanded

    As if the guys over at Youtube couldn't get any craftier with the addition of random ponies prancing around when you search "My Little Pony", it looks like they took it to the next level with customized header bars for just about everyone.  Each pony from the mane 6 to Doctor Whooves has a theme.  This is the best easter egg ever I think.

    Simply search the pony name and you should get something for it.  Some need to be a bit specific (Princess Luna instead of just Luna).  And a few ponies don't have one (Cloudchaser, Daring Do) 

    I've messed around with a few more well known characters from other geeky movies/shows and had no luck repeating it, just in case it was some automated script.  It could still be, but it's a damn good one if it is: 

    Vader < Ponies apparently
    Anyway, go try it for yourselves!  Thanks to Kenneth for the heads up!