A whole bunch of PMV makers got togeather and created a massive 51 minute long PMV Covering the fourth album from a mash-up DJ Group called "The White Panda".   Because it was created by several different people, there are all sorts of styles and PMV types mixed within. 

    If you have 51 minutes to kill, or just feel like skipping around for cool parts, you can find it below the break!

  • Equestria at War - Another Massive Pony MTG Set

    Two full sets of cards have been created for yet another MTG Block, 257 in all, with a third set on the way.  One of these days, we are going to need to commission one of those custom MTG printing groups to produce these things so we can actually play with them.  I'd kill for some pony magic.  Red/blue Trixie counterburn sounds fun!

    Anyway, head on over here for all of them.  
  • PMV: Undisclosed Desires / Virus

    We have two more PMV's loaded with custom effects this time around, the first using some Muse as a backtrack, and the second rollin with a dubstep style.  I've been told I use rollin with it too much, so feel free to recommend other ways of saying rollin with it in the comments below!

    1.) Undisclosed Desires (PMV)
    2.) [PMV] Virus (HBD Erin!)

  • Carnival Cat Vs. Ponyville Animatic

    Yet another animatic has popped up, this time based on the creepy song "Carnival Cat Vs. Ponyville" from last year.  I don't see anything on when or if this will be fully animated in the future, but I'm always open for the possibility!

    Anyway, head on down below the break to check it out.  And again, it's pretty creepy!

  • Comics/Voiced Comics: Fear the Future / Things that Go Boop in the Night / Trixie - You're Only Second Rate (Comic Dub) / Zecora - Don't go to the Forest (Comic Dub)

    We have two usual comics, and two comic dubs this time around.  I don't know if I'd really call these music post items, so it seems like a fitting place in one of these instead! Click for full!

  • Short Flash: I'm Goin' Ghost! / BonBon n' Lyra Issue #3

    We have a couple of shorties this time around, starting with a really well done Danny Phantom crossover for those of you that used to watch that show, and another installment of the Lyra and Bonbon clip series after that.  Check out both below!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #885

    Another OC pony header?! Has EQD lost it's mind?!  Seriously though, this pony is straight up awesome.  It's amazing to see how much the artist behind her has grown too.   With the training grounds around the corner, I'm going to have to dust off my tablet and get cracking on re-learning how to do it!  You guys better join me. 

    Onward to art! Find it all below.

    [1] Source

  • Bronycon Panel Writeup: The MLP Official Comic

    It’s the last day of Bronycon.  Everyone’s beginning to get a bit worn out, but that’s no excuse to stop covering panels!  Today, we have the result of a Q&A session with Andy Price, Katie Cook, and Heather Breckel, the artist, writer, and colorist of the official MLP comics.

    Obviously, some spoilers about the released comics are found below the break, as well as a few tidbits of info about what’s still to come.

  • Animation: Vinyl and Octavia - Sunrise Surprise

    I don't know where all these animations are coming from, but I am more than happy to flood the front page with them.  We have yet another from DILeak Studios, dedicated to Vinyl Scratch and Octavia.  Head on down below the break to check it out!

  • Toy Review - Convention Exclusive Derpy Figure

    As many of you who follow EQD know, I'm a huge sucker for molded ponies.  If brushable manes are anywhere in sight, I tend to get it mixed with the swarms of others.  We Love Fine has started up this new line of promo-only figures, beginning with Derpy Hooves (Or "Best Pony" for them) at Comic Con. 

    Since this is a single toy, it won't be anywhere near as extensive as my last reviews.  Head on down below the break for it!

  • Music of the Day #154

    Ponies need to wear shorts more.  And play tennis.  Why haven't we seen a tennis episode yet?

    We have fifteen songs this time around.  Find them all below.

  • Discussion: My Little Pony Generation 5, Which Design Would You Pick?

    With the huge success of generation four, our hypothetical blank check writing Hasbro executives have their sights set on the future of the MLP Brand! After loads of super important meetings across the world, they have decided to once again throw money at the current pony fandom! 

    Luckily for them, they have a countless supply of styles to choose from thanks to our massive fanart community.   Lets assume that they want to move on from Flash for the time being, and more toward a different style of animation.

    Your mission as uber-fan, is to choose an artist from the fandom and pitch why their style would fit best for the next iteration of the MLP brand.  Hit the comments up with a link to their Deviant Art or Tumblr pages, as well as a short blurb on what would make their specific take on the MLP universe awesome. 

    Hard mode: Give them a setting too! How would the ponies work with modern technology? Or perhaps a steampunk world?  Gotta compete with Monster High after all!

  • Hasbro Singapore Event Images

    The other day, we posted up a super last minute shoutout letting you all know an event was going on in Singapore hosted by the Hasbro branch stationed over there.  A bunch of images have popped up from the event, and the toys being given out revealed.  Looks like it was blindbags all along! They did hire this group of official cosplayers though to show off each of the characters. 

    Head on down below for a bunch of pictures!

  • Really Cool Pony Page in Phillipine Magazine

    The submitter (Michael) didn't tell me what magazine this was outside of it being found in the Phillipines and targeted at kids, but I figured you would all get a kick out of it regardless.  It basically points out all the reasons why the show is the manliest thing since Walker Texas Ranger. 
  • Animation: Button's Adventure - Pilot Episode

    Quite a while ago, a new animation was announced from the guys over at Jan Animations.  We finally have an episode one to check out!  Head on down below to watch it.

  • Story Updates - August 4th

    We have a literal truckload of story updates this time around.  Lets give these guys the overnight slot shall we?  Now go read stuff!

  • Nightly Roundup #730

    One of the many reasons why Luna is so popular. Do any of you actually like her real show ponysona? Or is it a swarm of Woonas, Gamer Lunas, and other fanon?

    Anyway, have some roundup stuff! And feel free to talk about Luna too!