• Animation Trailer: Fall of the Empire

    Wow, Celestia is a badass with a weapon.   Silly Filly Studios has another animation coming up, and this is the trailer to show it off.  Everything from the animation to the voices straight up rock, so I'm definitely looking forward to this one.  Check the trailer out below the break!

  • Bronycon Panel Writeup: Enterplay, Collectible Card Games, and You

    Trixie and Twilight play Magic: The Gathering

    The wailing sound you just heard was your wallet lamenting its imminent and enduring annihilation. I was lucky enough to sit in on the Enterplay presentation tonight, and let me assure you they have devised insidious new ways to part you from your discretionary income. I'm not joking: a Deadpool in the panel all but threw his wallet at the panelists at one point.

    Prepare yourselves. When you have Dean Irwin and Gail Tilden, president and vice president of the company, coming in to pitch merch, awesomeness is simply inevitable.

  • PMV: Stars

    What is with this song and creating awesome PMVs? And why does Twilight singing it always seem to work out so amazingly well?  We have another one of those winners following the trend of that earlier post.  Head on down below the break to check it out!

  • PMV/Animation: Twilight's Day Off

    High class ponies trotting around Ponyville: The PMV.    I don't know whether to call this a full custom animation or a PMV, but these are defenitly custom models.  It was also the winner at the Bronycon/PMVToday contest.

    Anyway, head on down below to check it out!

  • More MLP Card Game Information Revealed

    A bit more information has popped up for the MLP Trading Card Game revealed earlier on the MLP Twitter feed.   These two surprisingly dark images are the official announcement ads for it.  That is definitely a lot less pink than I am used to.   You can expect to see booster packs and starter decks, similar to other collectable card games once it does release, and those going to gen-con will be able to try out playable demos.  Fingers crossed that this turns out awesome! Hasbro does technically have a hand in Wizards of the Coast, so hopefully that will help out a bit! 

    Update: Head over here for loads more information on it, as well as a prototype card image.
  • Comic: Meet the Engie Pie / Royal Pie / Applejack's Dream / Needs More Pony - Twidash

    Pinkie Pie the engineer, Luna derps, Applejack rides into the sunset, and shipping in the lasts lot for those that love ponies kissing.  Click for full!

  • Bronycon Panel Writeup: Voice Actors Part 2

    The Bronycon coverage continues! I’m Pegasus Rescue Brigade of the pre-readers joining in on the reporting scene this time around.

    All the VA’s from yesterday’s panel returned today for another hour of Q&A. As yesterday, the panel included Lee Tockar, Michelle Creber, Maddy Peters, Nicole Oliver, Brenda Crichlow, and Cathy Weseluck.

    Find all the questions asked at the panel and their answers below the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #884

    Big Doctor Who reveal coming up here.  That's becoming my go-to fandom right after pony lately. 

    Onward to the art!

    [1] Source
    A Midsummer Whooves's dream

  • Legend of Equestria Character Creator

    Interested in creating a 3d version of your OC?  Legend of Equestria has released the alpha version of the pony creator for their upcoming MMO.  It has all three (acceptable oc pony) races (sorry alicorns!), with size sliders for wings/horns and piles of manes/tails to choose from.  Head on over here to check it out!

    (Update: Requires Unity player for those confused. And since you are installing Unity anyway, go play attack on titan too!)

    Thanks to Isaac for the heads up.
  • Album Compilation - August 3rd

    I could see this being an album cover from the early 2000's
    We haven't had an album post in a while.  Need to fill up your playlist? Gave some titles: 
    Nightmare Rarity Songs - Gatopaint
    Under The Stars EP - Wisp
    Harmony's Bond - Joaftheloaf & Megaphoric
    The Epitome of Flight (Deluxe Edition) - ElectroKaplosion
    Derpy's Wings II - Derpy's Wings
    And you can find everything else below the break! 

  • 2013 Pinkie Pie Ornament Pops Up

    Similar to the last two years, we have yet another variation on the Pinkie Pie Hallmark ornament.  It looks like the only change here is the snowflake transforming into a cup, as shown in the previous model: 

    They really need to get the rest of the mane 6 going already! That's not a bad mold/pose at all. 

    Thanks to TwilightNeko for the heads up.  You can find her over here!
  • Walnut Beach Creamery Ice Cream Contest Includes Rainbow Dash

    If you live around Milford in Connecticut, an ice cream parlor going by the name of Walnut Beach Creamery is holding an employee flavor contest, and Rainbow Dash is included. From the description:
    The name of the ice cream is "Dash of Rainbow", and its final ingredients are vanilla colored blue (the base of the ice cream), red raspberry, yellow colored marshmellow fluff, ground candycorn, red sprinkles, and mini marshmallows on top to be "clouds". The ingredients are all mixed around, but are separate from one another to some degree to preserve their individual flavors. I haven't gotten to taste it yet, but I hope it's yummy!
    Outside of the small blurb about the contest, nothing is specifically pony on their Facebook, but it could be fun to take a trip down there anyway if you are in the area. This event lasts until Sunday from 10:00-2:00 PM, so get over there quick!
  • Bronycon Panel Writeup: Writing Pastel Ponies

    Do you see this, M.A. Larson?! No S4 Trixie episodes makes Sethisto sad.

    About five hundred bronies forgot what sleep was and dragged themselves out to the Mane Hall to witness M.A. Larson, G.M. Berrow, and Amy Keating Rogers discuss their experiences with writing for the MLP franchise. Hit the break for more!

  • MLP Card Game On the Way

    (Note: Not the actual cards)

    According to the MLP Twitter, an offiicial card game for the show is on it's way this November. Apparently it's going to be shown off at Gen Con in August 15th on top of that.   This will once again be run by Enterplay.  I guess we now know why the MTG sets were being cease and desisted!

    Hopefully more information pops up soon!
  • Untitled

    Look, I'm just saying, I've told you this for years.

  • Nightly Roundup #729

    How many times have I said I want a flight training episode in season 4? I'm going to say it again right here. That and Rainbow Dash looks good with rainbow wings.

    Have some nightly roundup stuff!