• Music of the Day #153

    I don't think there is a blog on the internet that can escape the Attack on Titan crossovers.

    Unfortunately, none of these songs have anything to do with that! We have 14 in this one. Check them all out below the break.

  • Story: It's Elementary, My Dear Rainbow


    Author: bats
    Description: Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash awake to find themselves in a mysterious, compromising position. It's up to the brilliant mind of Twilight to deduce what series of events led them to this.
    It's Elementary, My Dear Rainbow

    Additional Tags: Detective Pastiche Comedy of Errors

  • Custom Compilation #107

    As this post hits the site I'll be on my way to BronyCon, but while us Yanks are having fun in Baltimore we can't forget the jam going down at GalaCon! Hope you all have fun over there in Germany. You certainly have the cutest convention mascot!

    Check out our other customs after the break.

    [1] Source
    Canni is best Mascot!

  • Spotlight Music: Moving On / The Strange World (Sim Gretina Remix)

    We start this one off with a new rap track from a group going by the name of TwentyTen, followed by Sim Gretina's take on The Strange World from Equestria Girls. Find both below the break!

    1.) TwentyTen - Moving On (with Amethyst Glittershine)
    2.) The Strange World (Sim Gretina Remix)

  • Another Mystery Set of Plushies On Ebay

    Some more completely random eBay merch has appeared.   A seller going by the name of befisbags has all of these currently listed up with multiple quantities available for some.  Whether they be bootleg or upcoming official stuff is still a mystery.  Hopefully time will tell!

    Thanks to Cameron for the heads up.

  • Spike Pilgrim Vs. The World

    At first I thought it was an actual planned game, what with all those awesome sprites this guy made for it.  If only the world worked like that.  Someone please make it happen? Go buy the pony/scott pilgrim licences and release it for steam or something! It's only a couple million right?

    Anyway, have some Spike Pilgrim Vs. the World below the break!

  • Poll Results: Would Go to a Theater for a Pony Movie with Ponies and Not Humans?

    I expected something like that.  We really need a pony movie with actual ponies, though hopefully one that doesn't shorten our actual TV seasons! I'd go episodes over movie at that point.  Thankfully season 4 has 26 of them. 

    Next poll: Who has the best voice of the mane 6?  I'll probably follow this up with side characters. 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #882

    Zecora seems to be dominating the art scene lately.  She better have some good moments in season 4!

    Onward to art.  Find it all below.

    [1] Source
    Legends of the Everfree

  • Equestria Girls Site Posts Two More Games

     As many of you have pointed out over the last two days, we have more games, or maybe "apps" available to play over at the Equestria Girls site.   The first is a choreography style thing, where you create a dance for the mane main six to follow.  Doesn't get more basic than that!  The second allows you to upload an image and turn it into an Equestria Girl, which went something like this in my case:


    Find them here!
  • Plushie Compilation #122

    Simply beautiful, perfect lighting and superb craftsmanship. This Rainbow Dash is simply one of the best I have ever seen of not only Rainbow Dash plushies but of plushies in general. Bravo!

    Check out what else we have after the break.

    [1] Source
    Rainbow Dash

  • Comic: A Good Idea Pt 2 / Pull for Fun / Behind the Scenes

    Part 1

    Considering she did start a fan club for you I'd think you would already know the answer to this one Dash.

    Even more comics! So many lately. Click for full as always.

  • Comic: Once Upon A Time / Applebloom's Cleanup Day / You Should Feel Bad

    Sometimes you don't need words to create a beautiful comic, where the artwork and the actions of the characters themselves create a tale out of silence.

    Anyhow, comic time folks. Click for full.

  • TV Guide's Defense of Pony Fans Article

    TV Guide ran a huge article on the pony fandom as a whole, covering everything from the convention scene to why the show is so popular among our completely off the radar demographic. If you want something fun to read, head on over here to check it out!
  • BronyCAN Announces Rebecca Shoichet, Album Release

    We defenitly haven't seen this one before.  Rebecca Shoichet, the singer behind Twilight Sparkle and voice of Sunset Shimmer is heading to BronyCAN.  They also have a new album up to celebrate the event.  Hit the break up for information on all of this!

  • Andrea Libman Announced for Emerald City Comic Con

    Considering how close this one is to all the Canadian show staff, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw quite a few more attending.  Emerald City Comic Con happening in March of 2014 has added Andrea Libman as a special guest.  You can find their convention page over here!

    Thanks to Vee for the heads up.