• Nightly Roundup #727

    Tonight is sort of a screwy night as this Roundup might as well be just a merch post considering how many pieces of merchandise are up for sale tonight. News has been rather quiet lately, but I think BronyCon has a little bit of something to do with that.

    Anyhow, check what we do have after the break!

  • Animation: Sweetie Bot - Fear Me

    This animation is sort of short, but it's really cool! Besides, you don't want to make Sweetie Bot upset, do you?

    Find it after the break!

  • Comic: Applejack Vs. Camping / Clean Hands / Night Shift

    Late night comic post time! Seems appropriate as the CMC wander off into the dark looking for Big Foot. Trouble just seems to find those girls doesn't it?

    Click for full!

  • Story: Zenith (New Part 14!)

    [Adventure][Sad] "Heartwrenching, beautiful, and utterly awesome. I'll never look at Spike the same way again." – Pre-reader Amacita

    Author: The Descendant
    Description: Once upon a time, Spike went for a walk.

    While on his walk, he was judged by an ancient alicorn, lodged with griffons, parlayed with air pirates, charmed a maiden of a mystical race, and dealt with the scourges of hate, fear, and racism while deliberately drawing the armies of myriad nations to the brink of global war.

    Once upon a time, Spike went for a walk, and did all of this so that he could keep a promise to the one that meant the most to him... Twilight Sparkle.

    In the first of three books, Pillars of the Sun (Chapters 1-15), Spike is devastated by Twilight's fate and grows more and more despondent as he attempts to understand what has happened to his dearest friend. A gentle nudge from a pony he trusts sends him looking for answers. When that nudge becomes a push he unravels ancient secrets... and risks losing himself before his attempt to rescue Twilight can even begin.

    Zenith (New Part 14!)

    Additional Tags: Spike goes for a walk.
  • Artist Training Grounds Announcement!

    It's that time of year once again everyone! The Artist Training Grounds is ready to start its third year here on EqD this coming month and we'd just like you all to know so that it doesn't come and hit you out of the blue when it starts. Currently we are aiming at an August 16th starting date so get your pens, pencils, crayons, tablets, and lasers ready for another month of drawing ponies! Can we beat the records we set last year? Let's see!

    As to who will be leading the event it'll be me, Calpain, along with help from members of the Training Grounds Alumni group. Unfortunately Phoe can't participate this year and I have asked her permission to continue the event this year in her stead, but hopefully she'll pop in to say hi or drop an awesome prompt on you all!

    Anyhow, that is all. Catch you all for the event in a few weeks!
  • TF2 Fluffle Puff Dancing on Rainbows Mod

    The world of TF2 is completely flooded in mods.  I remember just a few months ago playing it with piles of pony stuff.  No one ever sends them though!  Luckily we have some Fluffle Puff dancing on rainbow to share with you all, because that right there is the epitome of TF2 pony mods if I do say so myself. 

    Now I just need an excuse to get back into playing it. We totally have servers for that too. 

    Anyway, get your Fluffle Puff over at Gamebanana
  • ¿PMV/Animation/Idon'tevenknow? - Second Realipony

    I think I'm losing my mind, either that or someone slipped something into my grape juice.   For those of you aware of something called "Second Reality", this is a remake of it with pony.  If you can last past the first swarm of flashing swirling lights without going insane, I'll applaud you.   A good amount of these scenes are super impressive though videowise.  They even throw some 3D animation in at the end.

    Anyway, check it out below the break! 

  • Flash Sale Tees - Applejack and Pacific Rim Crossover

    A couple of those 24 hour flash sale tee sites have pony stuff available today.  For those of you that are fans of Pacific Rim, Ript Aparrel has a "My Little Kaiju" shirt (and hoodie) up for a few more hours. And over at Teebusters, Applejack is eating cereal. I wonder how these sites get away with selling this stuff? 

    Thanks to Yoshimon and Candygram for the heads up. 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #881

    Alright, no Trixie header this time I promise.  Lets start with something even more controversial! Is that an OC pony shipping with my Rarity?!  Blasphemy I say!  You're lucky that background is incredible!

    And onward to more art below the break!

    [1] Source
    Rare Flowers

  • Story Updates - July 31st

    Story updates! Lets start with some Daring Do.  I'm in the mood for her today.  Find more below!

  • Story: The Sky Is Falling (Update Complete!)

    [Shipping][Slice of Life] Aww, serious dash completed.  What will I cover Story Update posts with now?

    Author: Bronius Maximus
    Description: My name's Rainbow Dash. I'm Equestria's fastest pegasus, I'm the Element of Loyalty, I've saved the whole kingdom more than once, I've laughed in the face of danger, and I'm a coward. That's right, I said it. I'm a coward. I've always been sure I could do anything. Win any race, beat any opponent, complete any job. But this is something I can't outrun, outsmart, or outlast. What's causing me; the most awesome pegasus ever, so much trouble? You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
    The Sky Is Falling (New Part 12!)

    Additional Tags: 1st person RD, Twilight, shipping
  • Everything Wrong With Equestria Girls in 7 Minutes or Less

    The next installment of that Cinema Sins parody series has been released, this time clocking in at a whopping 7 minutes and covering all of Equestria Girls. How many sins did it commit?! Head on down below for it!

  • Random Merch: Dog Collars, Wallet Phone Hybrid Cases, Calendar, and More!

    When I first saw this, I actually didn't realize it was for dogs.  The internet truly has completely corrupted me.  Not that dog collars are bad or anything.  (please don't send me angry emails!)

    Anyway, find that over at Thinkgeek, and more random merch below the break!

  • BronyCAN Announces Vincent Tong

    BronyCAN has announced Vincent Tong for their ever expanding list of guests.  It's starting to look pretty busy up there!

    Head on down below the break for all the information on it, including their extention on the coupon code we posted a while back.

  • Hasbro Singapore Running an MLP Event for Friendship Day This Saturday

    The Singapore division of Hasbro has an event planned for all you people up in the area this Saturday (August 3rd).  On top of loads of friendship, they will be giving out MLP themed stuff to the first 1000 people that attend.  What exactly this stuff is, we won't know until it happens.  Hopefully it's cool though! Hit up the break for the full press release. 

  • MLP Issue #10 Hot Topic Variant

    Hot Topic has released their variant of the 10th issue ofthe MLP main series.  Head on over here if you want to pick it up! Thanks to Dean for the heads up!
  • YTPMV: A Little Traveling Music

    A warning for all those that don't want to be spoiled, this YTPMV here is based on one of the songs played during the SDCC pony panel.

    Disclaimer aside, Unanimous Delivers is back with another one of this unique takes on the YTPMV genre.  Check it out below the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #726

    I probably shouldn't be awake right now, but I never notice steam messages asking me to do roundups until its 6am, so here it is!

    Trixie looks good in a suit ect ect go read roundup stuff!