• Convention Compilation - July 23rd

    Convention season may be slowing down a bit starting next month, but that doesn't stop the flood! Have some headlines:

    Nightmare Nights Dallas - Final Community Guests and Dealers Expansion
    BronyCon |BAMHOOFYAH!| OFFICIAL Announcement Trailer!
    BronyCon Masquerade Talent Show 
    BronyCon - Starlight Studios Teaser Promo  DerpyCon South The Pony Music Compo; Toastbeard Now Featuring Spitfire!

    And full press releases below the break!

  • Flash fiction event #5 - Love me, love my hive

    Does this look like the face of an emotion-sucking monster to you?
         Numero cinco, everybody.  For those of you that guessed Changelings, you win an e-cookie.  Short and sweet here.  I need you to write a fic that involves Chrysalis being happy.  The trick? It can NOT result from Chryssie either winning at the wedding, or taking over any part of Equestria.  Your deadline is 11:59 p.m. local to your time zone, July 31st.

         Since folks have been asking, the requirements are this:

    - 1500 words minimum
    - send completed fics to knowledgeabounds@gmail.com
    - please send your fics in with your author name, relevant genre tags, and a link to your work.  Gdocs or Fimfiction preferred.

         Have fun, folks! Don't get bled dry too much! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a changeling to go snuggle.
  • Story: Sparkle No More (Update Part 8!)


    Author: dastrdlyW
    Description: It is the thousandth year since Nightmare Moon's banishment and she has returned. When the battle with Nightmare Moon goes awry, Twilight's friends and family must cope with the destruction left in Nightmare's wake.
    Sparkle No More (New Part 8!)

    Additional Tags: Nightmare Moon curses Twilight Sparkle
  • Comic: Mare in Red / Home Sweet Home / Friendshp is Magic P3 / Let's Have some Fun to...

    Comics!  We have sun tans, crackers, derps, and more of that anime style humanized comic.  Click for full as always.

  • PMV: Wide Awake / Sleep

    That title is totally asking for another war! We have Rainbow Dash flying around, and Fluttershy being all dubsteppy this time around.  Who is the better PMV pony? Hit them up below the break and decide!

    1.) PMV - Sleep
    2.) Wide Awake [PMV]

  • Discussion: Season 4 Luna (Spoilers after the break!)

    In an attempt to make the top of this post as spoiler free as possible, I'm going to drop most of this below the break.

    If you have watched the season 4 animatics from Comic Con, you probably already know what I'm talking about! Continue below.

  • Five More Preview Pages for Comic #9

    Honestly I was a little worried about the prospect of a Big Mac comic at first.  The pony isn't known for being incredibly entertaining.  It's looking like I was worried for nothing though.  Comixology has dropped some upcoming pages for it.  Head on over here to check them out!

    Thanks to everyone for the heads up.

    Update: 2 more pages here!
  • Story: Unfamiliar Skin

    [Dark][Slice of Life]

    Author: darf
    Description: I've arrived. I can only faintly hear the hive. Mother's voice is gone from my ears. But I know I have a purpose—I just can't remember what it is.
    Unfamiliar Skin

    Additional Tags: Observing life in unfamiliar skin
  • Drawfriend Stuff #873

    I really need to get dual monitors so I can use stuff like this as wallpapers.  Just beautiful.

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    Once upon a time in Equestria

  • Album Compilation - July 23rd

    It's Summer, which means a good amount of you have trips planned. What better way to pass a plane ride than a brand new album? The fandom musicians have released a couple of new ones. Head on down below the break to check them all out! 

    Included this time:  
    Wayward Moon (Volume 1) - David Ketikidis
    Seeking Solace: Volume 1 - Seeking Solace
    One Last Shot - Rainbow & Rooted
    Winter's End - Musicians Of Ponyville
    Winning - Nicolas Dominique
    Sunrise and Night - The Jester
    Crystal Empire EP - Mbulsht
    Rainbow (1 Year Anniversary Edition EP) - Koroshi-Ya & Feather

  • Aurora Plushies Sneaking into Stores

    Picture taken by Taps
    The Aurora line of plushies have slowly started sneaking into stores around the USA.  The ones shown above specifically popped up at Toy Mandala in Thousand Oaks, CA. I'm sure there are loads of other stores carrying them now though.   I'll be snaggin some to review at some point. Happy hunting!
  • Comixology Holding a Sale on Pony Comics

    Haven't read the comics? You have no excuse now.  The next arc is freakin pirates for crying out loud! Comixology is selling each of the micro series and first three arcs for just 99 cents a pop.  If you haven't checked them out already, or just want to fill in your digital colleciton on past issues you may have missed, hit up their sale over here!
  • Australian Xbox Video Posts Season 1, And Rainbow Dash Comparison

    We have a bit of bonus Xbox news since that post from earlier was buried by the Nightly Roundup.   The Austrian Xbox Video store has added season one of FiM to it's listing

    And if you were curious about how Rainbow Dash reacts with your avatar, have a few images sent in from Mark!  Kinda cute!

    Update: And a video of it after the break thanks to Micheal!

  • Nightly Roundup #719

    I went to California for a weekend and never once touched the beach.  How does that even work?  I blame all of you for making me report on pony stuff.

    Onward to news! Check it all out below the break.

  • Pony Avatar Stuff Added to Xbox Live

    It looks like Xbox live has joined the swarm of pony masses as part of their Avatar system.  You can now purchase Rainbow Dash as a pet, or various articles of clothing.  I guess this is what that post from yesterday was hinting at! Head on over to this page to check it all out.