• Nightly Roundup #711

    Time for some more AJ as she really needs to catch up with the other Roundup headers!

    Check on after the break for some news guys!

  • Music of the Day #142

    Seems to be a lot of Twixie going on lately. Not so much in music though. What gives guys? Wheres my Twixie music? All they do is try to kill each other when it comes to these!

    Have some stuff!

  • Story: Literary Love, Literally

    [Comedy][Random] "Clever, striking a good balance between over-the-top and subtle, and being exactly as insane as it sounds? Color me impressed." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: alexmagnet
    Description: Twilight Sparkle loves books, but is that even legal?

    When Twilight realizes that she loves books, and not in the way you love your grandmother, she embarks on a quest to discover if her love is legally allowed. Along the way, Rainbow Dash and Applejack try—and fail—to talk her out of her madness. Trixie, upon hearing about Twilight's passion for books, hatches a plan to get the lovestruck mare to fall for her. Shenanigans and absurdity ensue.
    Literary Love, Literally

    Additional Tags: Litigious literature leaves lovers lonely

  • Poll Results: What Fanon/Canon Clothing or Accessories do Ponies Look Best In?

    Socks still? You guys sure do fear change.  Maybe that's why every time I try something new on EQD you explode!  Personally, I voted for armor.  Always did love that PonyKillerX/Equestria Prevails look. 

    Next poll:  Equestria Girls! Yay or Nay?  I think it has been long enough to try that one out. 
  • Wallpaper Compilation #95

    Wallpaper rotator overflowing?  Impossible!  You can never have too many pony wallpapers! Set that thing to switch every second and download them all!

    As always, be sure to click the source link for the wallpaper sizes.  These are only previews.  

    [1] Source

  • Story Updates - July 14th

    I look away for one day and everyone and their mother decides to release a story update.   Needless to say, this post has a ton of stuff in it.  Head on down below the break for all of them.  Try something new!

  • Random Media: Enough To Make My Systems Blow / Twilight Writes a Fanfic 3 / Morning in the 'Ville

    We start off with another really well done PMV, followed by Twilight Writes a fanfic 3, and finish with a bit of SFM. It's random media time! Head on down below for all of them.

    1.) [PMV] Enough To Make My Systems Blow (ft LunaMarex)
    2.) MLP fim: Twilight Writes a Fanfic 3
    3.) Morning in the 'Ville [PMV]

  • Custom Compilation #106

    What always amazes me about customs is the ability of an artist to change one pony completely into another. This Cadence was made from a Princess Luna and you can barely tell! Amazing!

    Check out the rest of our customs after the break.

    [1] Source
    Design a Pony Luna ( Princess Cadence Ver.)

  • All Collection Sets Showing up in Singapore

    The next phase of the collection sets has begun popping up over in Singapore.  In the four listed above, only one is completely new packagingwise from what we have posted in the past. The "Pony Lesson Set" looks to include Cheerilee, Applebloom, and Silver Spoon.

    We have had a few reports of people finding them at random locations around the United States, so you might want to call your nearby major retail chains (Target, Walmart, Toys R' Us) and seeing what is available.

    Thanks to Tan for the heads up!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #864

    This is the second steampunk city thing we have had in a week.  I for one welcome this trend! How many of you would watch a version of pony in this setting?

    Onward to art. 

    [1] Source

  • Plushie Compilation #120

    I've seen many haired plushies in my time, but this has to be one of the best I've ever seen. RD's hair is so perfect here I'd be scared to touch her for fear of messing up that mane and tail. Keep up the awesome work plushie makers!

    Check out the rest after the break.

    [1] Source
    Rainbow Dash No2

  • Comic: Surprise / Where Luna Was / Double Fraud

    Pinkie is all for a bit of fun, but she should really think out her surprises before springing them on her friends I think.

    Comic time, click for full!

  • Overall Review of Friendship is Magic

    This is actually about a month old, but none of you ever sent it... slackers! This tells me that some of you haven't seen it.   Take a completely over the top and really well done review of Friendship is Magic as a whole from Lathan Crowe TV.

    Below the break.

  • Spike Micro-Series Comic On the Way, Other Characters Following

    It looks like ponies aren't the only ones with micro series planned.  Spike will be joining the crew this November after a month haitus for the MLP Annual book.  After that, notable characters including Chrysalis and Trixie have the potential for spotlight treatment.  The best thing you all can do is keep on supporting it so we can get more!

    And in other news, there are no plans to continue the Equestria Girls line until IDW sees the reaction/sales to the Annual in October.  I'll be sticking to pony personally, but if you all want the humans, buy the annual!

    Thanks to Robert for the heads up.  All information found at the IDW Pony forum
  • Game: My Little Karaoke

    The My Little Karaoke team has finally completed their second release of Singing is Magic.  This one is promising:
    • More than 150 songs, both from the show and from the community!
    • Up to 6 simultaneous players (on two screens)
    • Instrumental tracks included
    • High-quality audio and video (when available)
    • Works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and any device compatible with Ultrastar files.
    The FAQ/Guide notes that just about any microphone will work for it, so feel free to use that desktop one you bought for Skype. 

    The installation process is a bit complex for those that haven't worked with virtual drives and the like, so be sure to carefully read their How-To guide if you want to give it a shot.

    Anyway, head on over here to check everything out!